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  1. So, if I understand this correctly, you want to change a known curse word to a new made up word that has the same meaning? How does that change anything? Where are these kids at that are dumb enough to fall for this?
  2. I just tried this again today and still didn't see any burn damage increase on fan of flames. Anyone else have any insight into this? I may have to go back and reroll because I don't want a wasted talent.
  3. For those of us that prefer physical discs, it is more than "just a steam key". It is a cloth map, silk screened discs, box art, etc. I personally always buy physical editions if possible. Luckily I backed for a collectors edition physical box on kickstarter which is not a Steam key and has no drm.
  4. "SWJs want to censor backer created content." I'm assuming you mean SJWs ?
  5. You can modify your starting stats with your chosen race (racial modifier) and cultures give an attribute bonus as well. For example, my Death Godlike Wizard has: Might: 18 Con: 8 Dex: 18 Per: 7 Int: 20 Resolve: 7
  6. That's pretty much what mine look like as well.
  7. I guess this is where we fundamentally disagree. The whole fun of an RPG for me is the engaging story.
  8. This question pertains to Scion of Flame, Heart of the Storm, Spirit of Decay and Secrets of Rime. Do these talents only affect weapon damage? I took Scion of Flame with my wizard and Fan of Flames lists the same damage as before.
  9. Why not just change the difficulty back to hard and continue on your way?
  10. I started with that but switched to a death godlike with: 18 Might 8 Con 18 Dex 7 Per 20 Int 7 Resolve +60% aoe, + 50% duration vs +48% aoe & +40% duration on the dwarf, but only +24 damage vs +33 on the dwarf and +16 Fortitude vs +22 on the dwarf
  11. Or, you know, they could just kickstart another one the way this one was funded.... Or they could have enough finances not to have to resort to fundraising to even stay open. Maybe I am not getting your connotation correct, but what is wrong with crowdfunding and after the great response this time around why would they not "resort" to it again?
  12. We've both sat down with the game and the strategy guide working out characters we will play. That in and of itself has been a process
  13. You can use Steam's Family Sharing and share your libraries with each other. Your wife can play games in your library and you can play games in hers, just not at the same time. Kind of takes some of the fun out of playing together
  14. Buying one key on GoG does not license you to play the game on as many machines as you want for as many people as you want at the same time, they just don't stop you from doing that.
  15. I try to keep enemies locked down with a fighter before I use single target cast on them, but yeah if you are trying to alpha strike them from range before they get to your melee guys it can be a pain.
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