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  1. For the classes I have narrowed it down to one combat tank and one stealth striker. unsure of the last of the three.
  2. It is mostly a personal thing, really. If I want to play, say a barbarian, I would like that class to fit the race I choose for it.
  3. just got the game and need hep picking good characters. Not in terms of actual in combat effectiveness, as I know that I would do strikers with might and dexterity as high as possible, tanks with whatever is best for them, etc. what I want to know is which classes fight best for each of the races: Humans are tanks? Dwarfs seem like fighters and barbarians maybe? Aumaua seem to best fight the barbarian Elves uh magic? rogues and rangers? Orlan seem like less melee types Godlike are unknown right now.
  4. @Longknife: I actually agree with I personally like the romances in bioware because I feel they were integrated into the game much better recently. If you romance Sera as a female elf mage in inquisition, the companions pick up on it, Solas bringing up the elf thing and Dorian does the same with the mage thing.
  5. I am new to the forums, and am thinking of getting Pillars of Eternity. I honestly do not care that much about romance in general (except for Bioware games' romances). For me, romances are more engaging when you can imagine it happening. like in new vegas, I can imagine my lesbian couriers and Veronica getting together and making love without the need for sounds. romance is good for RP, but I do not need to see it for it to happen.
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