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  1. Happy to say I finally got a key yesterday a few hours after sending a message to support. If you're still waiting, I'd highly recommend doing this. Thank you, support!
  2. I'd check the Backer Portal again. If you're at the $140 tier, you should have both a Kickstarter Royal Edition key and a Kickstarter Hero Edition key now. As for the $65 peeps... I don't know why you guys got left out, 8( What bothers me the most is the guy who originally posted the thread was a $65 tier and yet the rest of us haven't been addressed at all.
  3. Doesn't seem like it unfortunately. Other than $140 tiers and the one $65 tier who posted the other thread, I haven't seen anyone else getting a key and I've been keeping an eye on my portal. Still no shipping notification either :/
  4. Yep @-@ I'm in NY and still no shipping confirmation or anything so I'm just stuck waiting unless we get a second digital key for my fiancé so we can play together.
  5. I'm hoping other $65 tiers get the additional key soon Other than the person who posted the other thread, there doesn't seem to be any change to anyone beyond $140 tiers--even just an update would be nice.
  6. Really sad that I can't play yet due to having to wait for my fiancé's copy of the game to come :/

  7. I'm using the... blue cloak portrait in the game at the moment. None really fit for me--either its a different skin color or wrong hair color. Light skinned, dark haired, Aristocratic Priestess (Not even going to try for a ponytail as this seems hard enough) is not something that really comes up. I may try playing around in Photoshop, but not sure if it'll end well.
  8. Even though the disc version is DRM free, that's not a license to pirate the game. You still only have 1 software license, which you would do well to respect. As a software engineer myself, I have a real problem with the mentality that DRM free is tantamount to "please copy this floppy." The focus is more on "they already said those with physical rewards would get a digital version so they would not miss out on playing at Launch"--the rest are just other things people have mentioned. I doubt anyone would do it to get around that, but my point was more that people are stuck waiting for no
  9. No, it looks like they're working on it. Darth Trethon noticed he has an extra copy in his account and posted about it just a short while ago. The thread's titled "Two copies of the game in backer portal? Mistake? " That is also about a $140 tier though ^^;
  10. It will probably take them some time to get all the 65 and 140 backers parsed so they can add the game to their accounts. Yeah, I know and am prepared for that, but it's mostly because his post only mentions the $140 backers that posted and not any other tier who has posted here or the other thread.
  11. Nice to see some getting them :D But the guy who posted this was at the $65 tier and besides higher ones, many $65 tiers are still waiting as well :/
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