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  1. Anyone tried bull testicles? Tastes sort of like a fish but better. My coworker used to eat dogs and told me it was pretty good especially smoked. But considering the topic, does anyone know name of the old RPG game where you could eat orc's flesh? When I was younger I randomly read some walkthrough but haven't catch a name, It sounded like dungeon crawler.
  2. Wow, the fact that you spent time creating these stories is impressive. Keep it up and let us know when you are finished so those interested can read them, if you want? If it will be possible I will be honored to, yet publishing your own work in my country isn't exactly easy and since it will be my first work the harder it will be, not to mention it has to be a real hit to be published in different languages, but as old saying says: Hope dies last, and if it wont be successfull I promise I will at least translate some good bits and put them on internet for everyone interested in readi
  3. And yes, let nobody badmouth RPGs as uneducational, for at least this humble contributor learned quite a lot from them!
  4. Well that would be exaggerating, since I never finished it, but yes I hold great love for my language and I was really good in writing works in schools, so when I was 17 or 18 I decided to do something with all those fantasies in my head and because of the RPG influnce I intended to write a book as if it was my own RPG. Well looking back Im actually glad my brothers crashed the PC, because it was a very poor attempt, so at least I had time to rethink it all, tried a 2 years later and again lost all data thanks to computer crash and my backup CD didn't work And I for long time got so frustrat
  5. Well Bruce I have to say that I just fell for RPGs from the very first moment I tried playing one some 12 maybe 13 years ago. All games in that time I was playing was mostly demo versions on CDs from my friend and one day TES: Daggerfall was on one of them, I didn't understand english very much at that age (but suffice to say spending following RPGs with dictionary by hand teached me english better then my teacher did ) so I had not a slightest idea how to create my character of what use are those points and stats and when I finally (after quite few tries) got in game, well that was great
  6. You know who would I like as Voice Actor? Dwayne Knight as some delicious villain he definitely has a knack for it, just watch him in action, enjoy.
  7. Hmmm what about purely easter egg god, who resides on lost Black Isle shrouded in the mists of Avellone, one of his first sons was eeevil Cain, and only one crazed up priest spreads his legend, that priest is known only as Sawyer and to please this lost god you must sacrifice him nice nugget of Obsidian. Just for fun of it, guys this would be nice easter egg, given that you could find it. Or it is all silly idea and I should stop mixing drinking with sleep deprivation Cheers!
  8. I loved old warrior Dak'kon and I'm gonna love this old warrior aswell, don't judge book by it's cover, deep character is all that matters for me, not a pair of nipples (I mean, seriously there realy exist folks who mind that on Forton?? You could aswell censor Arnie's chest in all the movies he starred in bare chested with such mindset, just because he dared to show his nipples, those outrageous things everyone possesses. Gosh)
  9. For me the single most astonishing relationship in my gaming experience was (prepare for big surprise) in Planescape Torment of course, I mean Fall From Grace was brilliant character and to boot just that kind of I love the most, one who stands to whatever is it's usual depiction, not to mention she was the most kindest soul TNO could met, there was no erotical tension no sensual stuff no flat out loud said promises, more like it was in nice and clever conversation and mutual respect, and of course the end was most touching. Annah was just another great example and that nice allegory on
  10. I would like to see some branch of Elves holding on their ancient traditions and mindset. Like, some fraction of elven isolationists, who lives on piece of their own land, which they defend wildly, aggressively even from any outside threat or merchantile contact, who remember times when humans was a cave dwellers and refuse to see them otherways, but in the same time they consider themselves the only true descendants of their race who upkept all their traditions and didnt make a single step back, nor bended their backs to adapt, they stayed truthful to what they were, kinda like grandparents c
  11. Character-wise my most favourite character is Jigo from Princess Mononoke and his entire rant he has with A****aka while sharing fire and food with him is my favouritest monologue in the movie (closely followed by lepper Osa's rant). I dare to say he was most fleshed out and layered character in whole movie, at first bitter but not unkind, with opinions on life withouts illusions, seeing how harsh life around him is, knowledgable and resourceful, but still with edge and possesing imposant physical prowess and other talents, all that while following his own agenda, while siding with whoever he
  12. To be honest I actually gave up playing DA:O before final battle by that time I had lost interest in finishing story and no amount of blood splatters and fatalities could prevent me from it. What annoyed me most (aside incredibly annoying first two followers, who just gave me bad first impresssion sadly, it can't be helped Ali and Morri was for me just a pain) was construction of story pieces, like you must visit three different racial places solve their damn problems and cotinue on (the elven/werewolf might have been interesting story-wise but the way it was built bored me to no end sadly). W
  13. I'd be happy if the story will not be about killing evil wizard to save the world, and in meantime save dragon and kill princess... or is it kill princess first then save dragon? (heh if they actually pull this one though I will be in heaven, once just once I want this cliche in reversed roles). After all even FF7 story in cube is about "saving" princess, killing powerful evil figure and saving the world on a last minute, I think folks in Obsidian will pull something daring and original and can't wait to see it.
  14. No worries there fellows, Black Isle titles had always original and hilarious humor, I believe they will continue tradition, in fact I would not mind actual living man-eating Brahmin as secret encounter
  15. On a side note I hope this can really be helped somehow by the look of our character, like wearing leather jacket in Fallout or Barbarian Clothesmade folks in world look at you with resentment and unwilling to speak with you. I would so love to see common folk or bandit being nervous at sight of summoned demon by your side.
  16. Yes please take your time , this is very important feature which made your game even more athmospherical. Even after all these years when I replay P:T, or Fallout 2, I just get sinked in when hearing Arroyo theme and characteristical lvl up beep, when hearing voices of streets in Hive be it at night or day and many many others, thats how strong this feature is.
  17. From my simplistic point of wiev all these religious texts have all one goal in common, to teach folks to live and pass away as good person, only their ways differs depending on culture. In my opinion I didn't need religious book to teach me what is wrong and evil and what is good, good parents and years of life can teach many that. Don't take me wrong I am not throwing faith out I just don't like the faith with rules which orders that only this way is the right way, why? All faiths have imho same goal in the end so there's no need for disputes, I don't force my believes and faith on you sir s
  18. Common bits of texts describing various surroundings always added extra flavour to visual look of map itself (descriptions in Mortuary of corpses on slabs for instance). Since this isn't purely P:T spiritual successor that should be heavily focused on meaty texts and dialogs, I see no reason why creators should shy away from their usual writing. In my humble opinion Fallout 1,2 had just that right healthy amount of text be it for descriptions of items, surroundings and dialogues which was long winded when necessary, but casualy spaced and not on every third NPC you swapped chant with.
  19. Combat-wise Im kinda casual player, but from my experience, probably biggest complain I want to point out was that extremely easy way how to dispatch Trias, by simply hiding Morte in corner, use his taunting and then simply make meelee wall through which our enraged Deva cannot pass but ignores the damage he takes in futile atempt to squeeze through to slap that skull.
  20. Hormalakh sir, you nailed it. And since mr Avellone and whole rest of the crew has now free hands and don't have to hold back, I believe we will get exactly that. In all honesty I personally hope that creators will implement that healthy amount of humor and little jokes, oh secret in-game list of their memorable funny quotes during the work, plenty of those from Fallout or Arcanum are legendary hilarious.
  21. Ywerion


    I don't know if I am allowed to send one more but worth a try. For those who remember epic beat from one very old game.
  22. Ywerion


    for starters and great artist who passed away sadly WAY too soon
  23. Oops sorry for my previous post, I accidentaly posted it here instead of thread it was supposed to be, sorry my bad. I can't delete it now.
  24. I totally feel you on this subject, variety, if implemented within reason, and not just for "adding variety for variety" has been always welcomed feature in every RPG I ever played. Naturally when I saw bunch of screenshots with TNO and party members from Planescape: Torment for a first time I was blown away, and that was just from the looks of it, the best part was yet to come . I have fond memories on few companions from Arcanum, while they sadly wasn't so fleshed out as they deserved to, still you had some nice variety from races you personally could not play, like (my personal favorite
  25. I want to thank YOU, all the great folks in Obsidian who gave me and so many other devoted fans this astonishing opportunity, and just as much I want to thank to you all fellow backers and RPG lovers for making this dream come true. Well now, I have not a slightest clue how this choosing reward tier works and whatnot, but I can't care less, for me personally the greatest reward is fact that in two years I will get just that kind of RPG I gave up all hope in ever seeing again. As for mr Avellone, just make sure to patch Arcanum with unofficial patch and Drog Black Tooth's latest unofficial pat
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