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  1. I would love to see the blend of BG 2 pre-rendered bodies with option to change skin and hair tone and Arcanum array of portraits for each race, I personally dont need anything else. Nice touch would be also having weapons colored like in the Planescape Torment, like rusty dagger actually looked rusty, wooden club was wood brown, hammer with acid damage was green, and so on. Each weapon of certain type(hammers, axes) had one sprite/model/whateverisitcalled but with colour swaps it got immediately more lively and recognizable and put the weapon in character so to speak, not to mention it looked
  2. Definitely Panescape: Torment Style with paused dialogue windows and floating text above the NPCs in real-time.For example Arcanum style of dialogues in real time got sometimes too messy.
  3. I actually had similar experience with Fire Elemental, combined with Magelock, in Arcanum oSaMO, good times :-D. Sorry for offtopic.
  4. In my humble opinion, I see no need for adding such level of complexity, one weightless type of common coins is all I need, it's simple tested out and working model and that suits my needs, From a role-play aspect, of couse there are multiple races and nations, who of course would surely develop their own currencies, but I gladly leave that part for my imagination and will accept for example idea that my pack of adventures had changed their money for some widely accepted coins.
  5. I admit, I was never huge fan of wizards and spellslingers in general... until the Planescape Torment, that is. I try to make the list as thin as posssible. Shooting Force Missiles like a crazy was a pure joy because from where these came there was still more , Blacksphere and Shroud of Shadows looked so cool and of course seeing the Abyssal Fury, Meteor Storm Bombardment or Fire and Ice for a first time was just... outstanding and still there was plenty others to choose from. Special note goes to Fanged Mirror of Yehcir Eya, while not a regular spell I say thiis piece with its effect of gre
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