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  1. Wonderful! Give these RPG giants free hands and a let them loose and nothing less then a masterpiece of game medium will once again arise! Fresh new world with some serious twist/quirk/angle on it and the dumb-dialog is making grand return, just another dreams fullfilled, thank you Obsidian I am not getting this excited not even on my paydays
  2. Oh my,that was almost too much of excitement for me to handle! I just went totally bananas . Gosh... must hold...onto... sanity Well today's a payday, time for one more pledge.
  3. Anachronox, Wizardry 8, Jagged Alliance are among my most beloved of games, so Im gonna pledge once more to PE and then definitely send my money their way for sure. As long as I can remember Might and Magic 7 or 8 had a plot with space aliens, but that was pretty much it. I see more Wizardry in their project and I dare to say a bit of Albion perhaps?
  4. The Void had astonishng soundtrack aswell as Ice Pick Lodge's previous game Outcats main theme still lingers in my mind after all these years Hope you enjoy
  5. I always found medieval Turkey very interesting, and what would be absolutely amazing, the implementation of Cossacks. I hope creators will pull satisfying balance between magick users vs arcane less heavy enviroment and population. From my viewpoint humans always tended to evolve the foremost in develpoing more and more ways how to kill one another in 1000 ways. What always strucked negatively in RPGs was that like almost everywhere the mages was guys who coul literally wipe out small army with snap of their fingers, but most of them didn't because... well, probably had better things to do,
  6. In case you haven't notice chief, these are my teeth, This ceremonial Zerthimon armor is a symbol of a the Zerth, I will not part with it. Lines party members in Planescape was saying when TNO tried remove their default weapon or armor was such a great (and often funny) touch, which gave them extra bit of personality, because after all no matter how much I would like my boss there is just no way I'd let him take all my belongings and leave me in some tavern... naked and whatnot. I would so love to see this feature's return, also I liked behaviour of companions in Arcanum, who waited for main c
  7. I always loved these from Revenant game, sorry for small resolution it's bloody hard to find decent screenshot from this game. http://www.rpghry.cz/Img/Games/Screenshots/498/498_4.jpg http://gamereviewgroup.com/scrImages/revenant_1_orig.jpg
  8. If I will be able dual wield two morningstar flails (hugely unimplemented weapon in Fantasy games) It will be one more dream fullfilled!
  9. Yes I agree with the above, having choices that makes you think, makes you feel uneasy in context of your own conscience and morality views versus given issue in place with different views on subject is great spice to things, but what is most important for me is to see at least some sort of resolution in that matter, I just can't stand it when no matter what choice or way you decide, in the end it makes you feel down and looking like fool, the outcomes should be varying not just bad or worse. As for good or evil, the fact that people tend to justifie everything they do no matter how messed up
  10. Which sounds pretty much like a copy of what Fallout 1 & 2 have, where injuries are a byproduct of combat and need to be taken care of either by a Doctor, or if you invested in the Doctor Skill enough you could then fix the problem yourself with the use of a Doctors Bag or First Aid Kit etc... Or a copy of negative status effects from (name pretty much any PnP ). It is a good idea. Well memory mabe doesn't serve so well, but Im pretty sure getting rid of serious injuries was more difficult in FO 1+2, at least I never collected huge supply of Doctor Bags, while in Dragon Age s
  11. I was never fan of animal-like races (nevertheless I secretly wished to have some sort of centaurish party member). I am sorry but yet again I must mention Arcanum because I really loved the way racial portraits was handled here, be it elves, dwarves half-ogres and others they all had this huma look mixed with few characteristical features and thus all the races looked pretty believable (after all they were supposed to evolve from two or three origins) and not typically flat out outlandish to look as much distinctive as posible. To the playable races, well I can't recall if I ever had a choice
  12. I must admit in my imagination I always liked the idea of grappling in combat, for example warrior putting a bear hug on enemy giving a rogue opportunity for few more free backstabs(while being exposed to sneak attacks aswell), or similarly holding foe in place so he'll be opened for few clear arrows shots, with option to throw opponent away on ground or such, and there is no way I would try to grapple ooze, gelatine or advesaries the size of mammoth, as for animation I wouldn't need anything complex, probably just avater with his hands reached on. But since this feature will not be included,
  13. Sure why not, playing on easiest difficulty could disable criticals.
  14. I'm pretty sure that in the end we will like final form of character creation, I can only hope that low intelligence stat will actually give me again my beloved chance to play Idiot character, I would so love to see return of this feature!
  15. I have a nice example of my own from Arcanum, it was one of the earliest quest in this game and it already showed how the things works there. It was in Shrouded Hills village, where there was following premise: certain gnome alchemist offered you reward if you destroy steam machine the mayor owned, because it was disrupting and weakening his magic and thus threatening his priviledged position. You can tell the mayor right away and be done with it or accept. The catch? Said machine is guarded 24/7 by its keeper,a harmless mentally deficient dwarf, who just would not move and inch nor goes to sl
  16. I had a pleasure to play Drakensang game, where there was great implementation of your suggestion, when party killed lets say Giant Spider for a first time, they was rewarded by fittingly huge amount of XPs, yet after getting more of these slain the XP reward was lesser because party got more used to this type of enemy. Which simply meant that with higher skill became killing known enemies rutinous and less rewarding, which was a nice touch and I loved the idea and I would not mind to see something similar in PE.
  17. I always loved how various enemies in Fallout 2 first buffed themseves with Jet and then rushed to attack like mad, thats and example of good implementation of drugs. Also on Gothic 2 note, there was a quest in Gothic 1 where you had to run an errand and offer swamp weed to various miners and mercenaries, you could also smoke a swamp weed anytime you wanted and if memory serves me well first time smoking that stuff caused some graphic effect and few EXP gain, later there was some guy who was selling weed with buffing effects. I have a rather foggy memory about Quest for Glory 3 where you could
  18. Agreed. In Risen2, there was a quest where you had to outdrink someone in the pub in order to get a map ... or something like that, I don't remember the quest details. But it was amusing/cool to have to sit down at a table and have drinking/going Let us not forget drinking game quest in Gothic 2, where our hero could undergo this quest to help a guy who got broke from playing drinking contest, with some other fella, who turned out to be a cheater who is mixing in his opponent's beer some booze or gin if I recall correctly (who ever mixed some hard liquor with beer surely knows how fast
  19. Arcanum of Steamworks and Magick Obscura AND Planescape:Torment. When I finally got my hands on P:T I was blown away and like next devoted fan of this gem I can longbreathed on and on about it, so why I am not placing it on a first place at the beginning of my post? Over the years after played P:T through and through, entire gameplay kinda shrunken for me on focusing to get those three most important stats on value high enough so I get all the important pieces of dialogues available in time and collect all the free obtainable stat points from NPC to boost them even higher or in case of playing
  20. It would definitely add more depth if added to. Just big NO to modern insults(f-word and... others). For A) We have a Witcher for constant f-words and grittiness, for B) In my humble opinion its just so unfitting. But, and that's a FACT, look at guy WHO is in charge of writing and narration, AND what level of brilliance in their narrations they always upheld in their games. So with slang/cant or without, it will be of purest of quality and I have no doubts about it.
  21. Agree, I say weightless coins, but a treasure thingies like golden bars, various valuable stuff (statuettes for example) should have weight and bite at least a bit of inventory space depending on the size. So a single thief just cant plunder huge treasure chamber in a single run.
  22. I admit I am a sucker for the Warrior Priests of Warhammer universe, and let us not forget Robin Hood's memorable Friar Tuck, and those crusading priests I think swored to not shed blood so they was swinging some sort of clubs or maces I think. These are types I would love to see, now the asian type of monk, well as long as it is in character - it is not forced and, it feels like part of that part of the world I don't mind. But I totally do see what you mean, it is fact that this type of old shaolin-like monk in fantasy settings is there for too long and it got stereotyped and also sorta annoy
  23. I dont think it would be even proper hugging her after such tragedy, more proper would be just "No time to sob now, run for it!" On a similar note I really enjoyed Annah character, that slow development from, starting rejection (terrible attitude) to better understanding her chaotic personality as she displayed much more layers beyond merely another one dimensional selftough thug with you-better-keep-your-distance-I-dare-ya attitude. -SPOILERS- She wouldnt WANT any hug after seeing her stepfather corpse nor after witnessing his punishment in death, she just wouldnt, because she is strong enoug
  24. What kind of RPG would that be WITHOUT these I say. For me it was always a spice of the combat itself (particularly in Fallout and Arcanum), be it on the receiving or causing end, it kept me on edge to see what will happen, what will it cause. Getting injured one arm? no more swinging that two handed hammer for you buddy, hope you have at least a dagger with you, see how well you hit me with an eye out, and so on. One of the fondest memories I got was in Arcanum when I shot from a great distance with a Looking Glass Rifle one orc guard to head, that single shot caused critical hit, knocked dow
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