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  1. Ooh suffice to say I wouldn't mind good old sprites, but you guys, you just HAD to overdo yourselves
  2. Just finished Eric Van Lustbader's Floating City which I randomly stumbled upon in Library. I have to say that this author has fairly unique talent, I need to check more of his work, anyone has recommendation?
  3. Sir you have some crazy great ideas! As much as I like this to be implemented somehow or at least hinted at, I don't think it will make it (we can't safely say how much complex P:E will be)unless P:E will be more text-heavy on these subjects, it would certainly be cool to read what crazy punishment could mr. Avellone come up with (btw that monkey thing is fabulous). On a side note if the criminals could get punished like this in fantasy settings with this kind of magic, then crime might as well be wiped out, when enough culprits would return with severe incontinence for life or as babbling lam
  4. As great as this idea sounds, I can't see how this could be possibly implemented, even if the punishment was for example temporarily crippled limb for fighters or muteness for casters, probably only the most hardcore players, would try to that once, reload is is just so easy. I remember in Gothic, that when you got caught, you got humilitated by getting your hide beaten and while you was lying KOed, opponent freely robbed you for all they wanted and let you get up, walk away and lick your wounds. That was one way to punish player for crime that I really liked.
  5. My, my this is a tough one. But if I am to choose based off of my own personal tastes and preferences instead of umm... emotional attachment?(Planescape Torment! Planescape Torment!!) Then I would point out these, since I love characters who are, well more humane level, and not traditional experienced adventurers. 1) Mortimer "Morte" Rictusgrin: Who after very first meeting and introduction of this special litle fella, would have thought, that this floating skull with pair of eyeballs and razor-sharp sarcasm, perverted spot for females be they alive or undead and who's sole weapon is his mout
  6. Ah yes Wheel of Time, with recent re-release of original trilogy in my country, I can finally start reading it, would you believe that since I got first book of Shadow Rising to my birthday(and after reading through it ), I started to buy rest of the series, book by book, so once I obtain original trilogy I can start reading from the very beginning? Untill now I didn't peek in any of them to avoid spoiling the plot, Im just this sort crazy fella I am . On a slightly different note, those of you who know Thorgal series, how did you like it? Aside Jules Verne books, this was one of my ch
  7. I cant pick one from poll because all of these are valid and great and choosing only one instead multiple, is too limiting for me. Arcanum for me was the one game I always wanted to see created, mix of classless anything-you-can-be character creation, fantastic art and style (being fan of steampunk myself that was real blessing), astonishing soundtrack, open world which let you pursue your own goals without forcing you to progress through story, world that was deeply thought-through and was actually very believable and had own logic, huge array of ways how to complete goals or deal with enem
  8. Interesting, this has strong resemblance to part of village where my grandparents live. Very nice.
  9. I go for death animations all the way, Aside FOs, Immortal, some bland ones in Arcanum and rather stylish and gory in Revenant, there wasn't any other old isometric RPG with them as far as my memory goes. Attack animations for me are just that - attacks you will see them all countless of times anyway by the time you finish game and it's not much of difference for me if there will be only one or four types of swings, I didn't mind it in old games I'm not gonna mind it even now. Death animations was rare and satisfaying and was for me sort of reward for a good fight, so Im gonna personally trade
  10. Actually I remember reading a part of Covenant book when I was younger (well actually around 12 or 13 like you was)I don't remember much except stumbling on part where he forced himself on some girl and that turned me away. Some snipet I read somewhere stated that Covenant's author is cruel toward his characters, so if that was only the beginning I can't imagine what other stuff there must be. But actually you incinerated interest in me, maybe I'll give it a try some day.
  11. Finishing David Farland's Runelords saga, Earth King serie was exciting from beginning to end, first two books from Scions of the Earth didn't impresssed me too much at first but now I'm looking forward for final book. Anyway really great series, I'm enjoying it a lot.
  12. 1984 movie, so raw so truthful, It left me speechless.
  13. Wasn't there some controversy when it got released? Something about only a censored version being available in the US (sort of a "reverse" fallout 2 stunt, where Europeans got the gimped version) Oh yes the character of Delphi (sort of rusalka or water nymph with great martial prowess) was originally supposed to be bare chested but US censors can't stand women breasts, so it got censored out and she was given extra piece of cloth, only for modders to make patch that restores her original look.
  14. I don't know, don't take this offensively please but if someone wishes to create fully sneak party just so he can avoid combat for no other reason but to neglect combat just to progress through game faster, not for challenge but to avoid any combat that stands in way of completing quests, then it is dunno, laziness? If that option is there available fine it's your choice to trade fun in favor of speed, but since PE is class focused then having any character be able to sneak, thanks to overdose of some spells and charms throwing out meaning of thief class entirely. And honestly would you reall
  15. I don't see any problem with that , in fact as was somewhere stated already: There are many others stories of Torments to be told. If The Numenera will be story of tormented individual/s just liken in P:T vein, then it is perfectly justified for me.
  16. On slightly different note, I know what I will not play for a really long time if ever and that is Hitman Absolution, just what the bloody hell have they done to my favorite antihero /stealth franchise?
  17. It would seem to me personally useless to tag along on adventure with some extra pack mule without much personality or at least story/character impact, but to individually hire the likes of crafters, cooks smiths and other servants for your own keep to maintain would not be bad idea, since you would have some choice in choosing your staff instead of having automaticaly assigned group of random employees.
  18. Right now replaying old hits which was catching dust for some time Armed and Dangerous and Giants Citizen Kabuto, humor in this game will never get old, it's one of kind and I would go as far to dare call their developers Monty Pythons of video games (don't hit me). Also planning to replay Omikron Nomad Soul right afterward along with Dark Earth.
  19. Big agree, I dare to add to your list few of main suggestions: - memorable and original main protagist - exciting story of tormented souls and their journey to final resolution - no matter how bitte, reasonable and satisfaying ending - 800,000 (at very least) words of quality texts - philosophical depth - of a personal wish, Mark Morgan to create atmospherical outworldish music in his good old style, And maybe new symbols, tattoos scars and Arc Words, or anything just as much distinctive Now New story about another wrecking torment of different character in brand new biz
  20. Thogh I already post a suggestion aswell, I just must point out one more character (not sure if he wasn't mentioned already) and that is Ashur from Spartacus series. Probably the single most entertaining character I could relate the most (before he took over too much level in evil). To put it shortly not only was he brilliantly casted and even better acted, he went through several appereance changes (rare thing if you ask me),but most of all he was helluva proven survivalist who not matter in which position he was at he always found his way up and benefits from doing so, all thanks to his wits
  21. That is certainly a fair point Andhaira and I agree, but from what I understand from the way Obsidian plans for classes to be, i.e. not bound to one particular stereotype and allowing freedom in their playstyle, I think there will be way to build just that exact Paladin you are describing, after all PE is supposed to be beaten with single character just aswell as with full party. So don't put your hopes down yet As for me, so far I like PE Paladin concept, especially since PE world isn't all high and goody setting, the palladins will not be stereotypical shinig do-gooders nor necessary rel
  22. Believe me, I sincerely wish those bull orbs was the last ones I must have ever eat (it was matter of courtesy toward a host) it tasted alright, but man, I could feel my own eggs shrieking in pain :biggrin:The host on the other hand was totally enjoing his "meal" and was 100% straight for sure.
  23. Oh no I mean only blood itself just fried. Also swollen hulled grain mixed with pork blood (then you bake/roast it) is traditional pork dish here. Blood sausages are great we used to make them occasionally at my family.
  24. Oh gosh! I think there are some brains in that nosebleed I just had!
  25. What about pig ears, tail, and snout? Unpleasant to look at but tasty nevertjeless and when my grandpa was kid they used to eat fried goose and pork blood.
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