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  1. It would be cool to have something diffrent then generic wolf /panther animal companion. But to be honest it's hard to come up with something that would fit and woudln't be too silly , too exotica ( or at least exotic just for the sake of being exotic) or too high fantasy. Hawks , and predator birds in general could be interesting but that can open whole new can of worms.
  2. I think all that I wanted to say was said already by people before me. Personally I really don't care about design of one monster, and I never really liked that fantasy creature needs to be familiar to be called by certain name. For the moment I am perefectly fine with PoE trolls it's slighlt diffrent from the norm that doesn't mean that it is not troll . I really like TES design of troll despite the fact that is essentially three eyed ape despite that I woudn't like to have it in PoE why? Because it fits in to the setting , and I think this tends to be more important then familiarity and that applies not only to trolls but to monsteres , armors and so on. Having said that I really need to say that I think that the poll could be structure a little better. What's the point of having NwN 1, 2 and BG separetley if they all are based on one desigin of DnD troll , heck even Warcraft troll is kind of based on DnD troll. It would be much better to just have DnD troll, Earth like troll, and diffrent troll( post example). And because everone posts a troll so I post Drakensang / the dark eye troll
  3. Pools of Eternity Drywoodloft Eternal prophet Eye of eternity Realms of Eternity: Shadow over Drywood Eternity gates Eternalwinter nights Eternalwind Dale Curse of Eternal Bonds Drywood: Eternal Gate Vicitim of unusual circumstances : countdown to eternity Champions of Drywood Eternity: of Blunderbuss and magic The Temple of Eternal Evil Eternal Eternity
  4. To be fair I also noticed that at somepoint , but I really hope it is only a case of shout-out , and not actually twist , mainly because arcanum shtick was that it was generic fantasy that entered in to industrial revolution if you take away steampunk of it , setting ends up pretty bland.
  5. Personaly ( and I know that it's pretty much impossible) I would love if codex work by way of updating, when I read something about event in book for example We have book about one war we read it and codex is update about this war, we read diffrent book about it and codex is update again with something new about it, and if thouse snipets would be tied to some skill I would be overwhelmed as in we get more in-depth description if we have two points in skill then if we have only one , for example if we have one point and get book about orc culture then we only learn that they are war like but if we have two points then we will get in codex more about this culture
  6. Personaly I find achivemnt to be barley working, and complitly non interesting when it comes, to anything other then consols, so pop ups, trophy, and achivements? No , I find them pretty pointless. However if they were in someway integrated in to game, for example as historical feats from NwN 2 then why not.
  7. Neverwinter night 2 had plot arguably even more generic then Baldurs gate , yet for me it is one of most fun cRpg to play, what is really important in story is it's execution then any hooks and twist, you can have awesome generic and predictable story that you will greatly enjoy and you can have story with twists that you never saw coming ,and still be absolutly bored, and interested in it. And besides every story follows monomyth of hero's journey
  8. Not really related to topic, but It would be nice if there were some uniuqe magical/legendary weapons, that have some impact on the world, not necessary that npc would react to the fact that we have such weapon but for example we could find in-game book about some hero were his sword would be mentioned, someone would said when cursing "on (generic magical item name) " and somewhere later in game we would be able to found this weapon.
  9. Barely related but could we call zombies something diffrent then zombie, like walkers, or deathless , I don't know why, and I know this is really stupid but I don't like Z word in fantasy
  10. Now that I think of this praying could be utilized for cleric spells, and sorry if they already said how will it look, I may have missed that update, if so please ignore this post. Cleric could get his spells from praying to god, by praying enough and offering certein sacriface he could either get his cleric mana points ( divine favors) that he would used to cast spells, or make it more alchemical/Ultima like with certein combination of Sacriface and holy words would give diffren spells that could be used .
  11. I would prefer either a much more expanded Arcanum version, or somethin more similar to NwN 2 or BG
  12. I think that if they would implement this then we would have a huuge bunch of players compalining
  13. I do not like this much. If it's not like a dragon, it's not a dragon to me. That's like those orcs who wre not like orcs. Just call the things something else if you want to create something entirely new. My views on dragons are completely conservative: Powerful, ancient, flying reptiles. Either just powerful worldly creatures, or connected to a divine force like the dragons of Middle-Earth. But there is a problem that technicly speaking dragons always were supposd to be some quasi-divine,abominations, it's just that currently in fantasy there is some values disonace, dragons that are greed , and complitly evil are considered shallow , dragons that are good ultimatley end up being just old guy who happens to be scaly , and has wings, divine element is complitly downplayed, and you end up with gigant lizard, who is either bag of exp or so human that why even bother to make him dragon. I don't want them to be cthulhu rip-offs with tentacles and so on, I should have said Lovecraft style, when I see a dragon I want to see terror, something alien that my character, and any other character should fear. Something that is inteligent but doesn't have same values, or same morals.
  14. Three words m, Iron Kingdoms style, complitly alien, maybe not even remotly dragon-like, Cthulhu style abominations.
  15. I would prefer , if they keep rather more modern english, then try to make it sound old timey, let's be honest rarely thouse it improve atmosphere and more often then not it ends up silly. Also if I rememeber corectly, wasn't there supposed to be support for other languages, then english?
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