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  1. Galdur‘s Bate...somehow remind me Gillbert Bates of Arcanum................. I immediately saw the same thing haha! Do you think that was an Easter egg that everyone missed in Arcanum? Also if you talk to someone in Arcanum about the "Isle of Despair" they'll respond with "You mean the Black Isle? Sorry can't help you" Cain and his team are brilliant dudes. xD
  2. Perhaps the food mechanic could be a preference before starting a new game, specific to different game modes. On that note, I remember the food mechanic from Might and Magic 6: Mandate of Heaven; the food was simply a number for "per person, per day" and was only consumed when "resting and healing", you could restock all your food at a tavern/inn/etc just by paying some gold. The only time that ever felt like a chore was when you wanted to keep exploring a dungeon but your party was too beaten up to try. Perhaps this could be prevented or remedied by adding the ability to procure food/rations with appropriate abilities for characters. Maybe even an option to consume /more/ amounts of food before entering a dungeon, for some slight STR/CON bonuses that last longer than potions or effects, but are no where near as potent.
  3. Hello Eternity people! I'm a huge fan of RPGs and such, those like the original Fallout and I'm a diehard fan of Arcanum. I was nosing around, and I came across a few topics that have asked about 'Arcanum 2' or similar. ​I know PE won't be an official Arcanum 2, since after Troika fell, and Sierra was bought out by Activision the publishing rights would fall to them and Blizzard (I read that on House of Lords I believe.) But none the less; I look forward to PE. Loving Arcanum so much, and reading into both Eternity and Arcanum, whilst fiddling with the worldmaps, I came to an amusing discovery. It seems that if you rotate the Eternity worldmap by 180 degrees, you can start to make out some similarities between both worlds, albeit slight ones, but still interesting. Here are some images I've taken the time to comprise: "StoneWall Mountain Range": http://i.imgur.com/cB4uB42.png "Vendigroth Wastes": http://i.imgur.com/K10Kujx.png "Thanatos": http://i.imgur.com/D9pVQal.png "Shrouded Hills' River": http://i.imgur.com/Nmpq5n7.png Though I have unmeasurable love for Arcanum, there are more inconsistencies than similarities between both maps, but I thought I would share this with the forums, perhaps to amuse fellow Arcanum and Eternity fans alike. Who knows... maybe Eternity is what its name denotes; maybe Eternity is a prequel to Arcanum or something, perhaps set before an extinction event, millions of years ago before a polar reversal and great landmass change. Otherwise perhaps we can at least hope to see a 'Virgil' Easter egg. xD
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