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  1. I watched the documentary - enjoyed it a bunch. The video had me chuckling a bit when the music composer stated Josh was multi-talented genius and was the tenor for the choir. Standing a few years after backing this game I'm glad I did it. Keep up the good work. Cheers.
  2. The gold plate NPCs are the backer fan fiction included in the game. Feel free to ignore them.
  3. I've already received my box and it still says "shipping soon" in my login products page. Figure it's likely already in transit for your there Skater. Cheers
  4. Priest of Magran is much better; their well received in the Drywood - not like the Eothians being purged - who are literally some of the people hanging from a tree in the beginning of the game. I changed my Priest over to Magran after the Eotho's Temple. What your character's faith is doesn't matter that much in the game dialog - only if you are a priest. So it works much better if your PC worships any god but Eothos. I really think the game would have better if they omitted the Eothian faith altogether. Just like you can't worship Woedica.
  5. I was bothered by the Eothian Temple. If you play as anything but a Eothian Priest you learn more about Eder; the whole part at the end with the candles. He has a whole lot to say if you don't know about his faith; how much it meant to him. But by George if you are a member, no need to reminisce about what's lost to both of you - course not. It's literally a case of if you share a large part of what defines his character it gets omitted. Instead of it being something to strengthen the two characters friendship. Really jarring, only reason I noticed was due to me restarting with the priest after playing for a few hours with a cipher. Literally change your character concept, it's can only get worse Luckmann. One of the few big gripes I have with this game.
  6. I really hope this whole memorial mess doesn't make it into the Making of documentary. This is going to fade away... eventually. People need to realize the Backer Memorials are a wretched hive of scum and villainy and move on. (Literally there is a memorial of "Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy"; yes that's my metaphorical head shaking.)
  7. Doesn't google analytic's use your sign-in? By that your Google account, like gmail to phish for usage stats. The first party cookies as one of the ways they gather information seems to bear that out. https://developers.google.com/analytics/resources/concepts/gaConceptsTrackingOverview
  8. I'll admit, this confuses me. I don't see putting your starting stat points in Perception and Resolve as min-maxing. You don't even have to dump any stats to do that. If you object to putting points into Perception and Resolve then that's fine, put them elsewhere...but you will have to adjust your tactics, playstyle, ability selections, and talent selections accordingly - or your character won't be pulling its weight. That's true of any class, not just Monks. It sound to me like you are saying that you want to be able to make any available choice in terms of character creation and advancement and have all possible sets of choices be equally functional with any playstyle you might choose to adopt. I'm not sure it's even possible to design a game system that will allow that to happen. You'll have to either build your character to match your playstyle, or adjust your playstyle to work with the way you build your character. The only possible alternative to that I can see would be to lower the difficulty to easy; maybe the game will be sufficiently forgiving at that setting such that your build and your playstyle won't need to be in harmony. snip* As I've said before, it's important for me to emphasize it: the current monk class doesn't fit how I picture them, and in my opinion the wounds mechanic doesn't fit with the class theme. It can work, but it can be much better for player experience and balance if it was changed, or the class changed to be able to absorb hits in a decent manner without having to resort to a higher constitution build with heavy armor, or just remove it completely and go for max deflection and end up not using wounds because I don't get hit and risk an RNG event that would one shot me. The monk is more of an archetype of a western monk. Or a D&D/Pathfinder monk mixed with heavy western influences. The class is supposed to appear more like Friar Tuck in Robin Hood rather then Jet Li in Shaolin Temple. What we imagine the Monk to be is immaterial; the game world doesn't have Eastern monks as popularized by Hong Kong action films. They more resemble the flagellant monk from The Da'Vinci Code. This was how they were designed from day one. Apparently they do work, and are decent tanks. The class theme is to basically "gain soul power from enemies attacks. Turning the attackers aggression, and soul energy back on themselves." What you or I want the class to be is beside the point, the class achieved it's design goal of being very different then the pen&paper monk that's for sure.
  9. Yeah, the hired guards always fail as far as I can tell. Every time I auto-resolve I lose 1-2 buildings.
  10. From my experience the hirelings are paid when you return to the stronghold. I saw the notice and assumed I had to talk to the "Steward" or the hireling themselves to pay them. After I traveled to the stronghold; I got a green notifier that they were paid on screen transition.
  11. Hey figure I'd share the portrait I'm using. Found a few great Legend of the Cryptids(android app ccg) images over on Pinterest, I credit the artist in brackets. One is a Priest of Eothos and the other is a Cipher. Images work great as one wears a breastplate and other wears brigantine. Anyone else have trouble getting the smaller portrait image the right size? I usually have to fiddle around with the image for awhile to ensure the PC face isn't larger then the companions when it's in that off-screen bubble. (Young-june Choi) (justice wong) Bonus; considered these before I decided on my Priest. God over at Deviant art) (Crow God over at Deviant art)
  12. Hello Noer, The problem could be that your image is to low resolution; causing blurriness. Otherwise could be the image editing program your using has a terrible resizing algorithm. Either way post the source image and I'll see if I can do better with Photoshop. The artist or where you got the image might be useful as well; to see if a larger resolution image can be found. Edit: For some reason the forum not letting me image post; just pm me the file if your having the same problem friend. Cheers.
  13. The best you can do about them right now is the IE mod; created by Bester, Sensuki, and Karakrov. They included an option to change all the backer names to lore friendly ones, and a console command to remove the fanfics. Frankly couldn't endorse those guys enough. The mod is over at the nexus. http://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity/mods/1/?
  14. Hello Osvir, Hope your enjoying the game as much as me. If any of the production crew need ego stroking, I have a few thanks to give out as well. Just wanted to say thanks for keeping a tight lid on this game Obsidian. No game leaks on any torrent sites before release or other such rigamarole. Been quite a few games I pre-ordered that damn pirates got to play before me, and I'm quite happy with how things turned out with Pillars. Cheers, and keep up the good work!
  15. Damn, you have one awesome internet connection. Best I've ever had is like 3MB/sec.
  16. Figure the delay with the keys is linked to GOG. (Where backers can choose between either GOG/Steam; this is a likely complicated process.) Still very much disappointed.
  17. People quoting on the male gender being "default". The logical assumption is the programmer was either male, typed first then coded the female option second. Alternate viable reason is that dialog trees(simple coding) are created with a external program; where trees are branched by adding alternate choices; in this case player variable is female. The external coding program actually makes a lot of sense, so writers can easily edit code.
  18. Howdy, found a better source image. Pictures' of Alexsandre Duma's father I believe. Used some photoshop filters. Noticed someone else posted one, but figured you could use some choice. Also alternate of thumbnail.
  19. I fully intend to see if there's a way to mod them out. Being someone who backed enough for a memorial stone, I found that it was immersion breaking and basically said "No" to the stone. So don't expect any grand stones with my lymric "Thanks for the offer to have a memorial stone, but I must decline." In retrospect that may have been a funny tombstone... oh well.
  20. I was honestly shocked when I tried to theorycraft a half-orc pugilist together using Pathfinder. The idea was that I wanted to fight like a monk using gauntlets while dressed in armour. Not necessarily using the base Monk class, mind you, but still. I could not find a way to do that. Like. At all. It felt weird as hell, because I knew that 3.5 had this odd discrepancy between Unarmed and Armed and Natural Weapons and I thought that'd be a thing Pathfinder would fix. But nope, still the same deal. All of my whats in the world. You haven't seen the new brawler hybrid class. Using the pummeling style+pummeling charge feats in pathfinder as written; allows a character to lump all attacks(pounce) together on a charge, then if any critical they all do. Playing a character that punches is one of the most powerful builds in pathfinder. Same combo also works like the clustered shot feat on morphine, so all the attacks count as one for DR.
  21. I've been running the beta on Windows 64 bit with just 4 GB RAM. It runs just fine. EDIT: And that's with a 2.60 Ghz i5-3230M and a GT 740M so I'm not exactly running it on a top of the line computer... Hello, I've also been running the backer beta with 4GB ram,Q9400 2.66Ghz Quad CPU, GTX 750ti; Windows 64bit. Haven't noticed any slowdowns while playing the game. Cheers.
  22. Being one of the guys that ordered a Signed CE; I never thought the game would be sealed. Isn't the box signed? Not on the plastic wrap but the package itself? Was Obsidian supposed to re-wrap the boxes in plastic after the developers signed them? Figured it was always going to be just pop open the box and put the disc inside after delivery; type deal. (Am I wrong?)
  23. Having played the ranger in the Backer Beta, it's the weakest class of the lot. A ranger shares his Stamina/Health pool with his animal companion. The companion can't equip any magical protections so it's defences lag behind a full character. Arguably the ranger's companion has one excellent defence; for instance the Stag has good saves, but woe be the player that let's that companion enter into melee. (As other defences suffer for high saves. Low deflection) In my experience playing with an animal companion is just allowing your ranger to be hit from two locations, to the point if the animal is within range your character can be hit twice from an AoE.(Instant kill ;o ) In practice the animal companion is "decent" against it's strongest defence. (Bear can tank against physical strikers.) Playing the ranger class, there were encounters in the first forest against the savage druids which AoE a Lightning attack. First time killed Bear and Ranger one hit. After reloading a few times only strategy that worked was making the Bear not participate in the battle at all. So look forward to removing your animal companion from encounters that it's weak against. Otherwise your ranger will be defeated as well. Dont' expect a pathfinder ranger; that's as good a damager as a rogue without the squishy-ness. It's not a melee fighting class and sadly it's companion is designed to melee. So your ranger pittling away with arrows suddenly dies because your bear/wolf/etc was just downed by big bad in melee.
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