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  1. Hello, is PoE using databases for storing text, game object names, traders item lists etc? or is it coded in the game in arrays? How is it possible that game is multilanguage? are all the text translated from database or some other way?
  2. Hello, I am trying to launch Pillars of Eternity single player game. (I am going to use IE mod as soon as possible) but for pure install on Linux steam I encounter this bug: 1. I launch steam->pillars of eternity or pillars of eternity via menu/games. 2. I click start new game and choose difficulty etc. 3. Game starts loading 4A. Game crashes my computer totally I can't use mouse, sound is stuck, no keyboard shortcuts are working, one of my monitors goes totally black like if I just closed my system - I have to reset my computer. 4B. I can create a character and continue and then happen
  3. not relevant; i want a global solution (for all actions ; castin spells, movement of enemies etc.) or via game files (to set walking speed at value1 and running speed at value2) not in-game
  4. hello, is it possible to tweak game speed overall or movement speed via game files? when is multiplayer coming
  5. so its not good to create such a game in unity engine? what engine would be better?
  6. Why does it take so long to load map in pillars of eternity vs (baldurs gate or planescape torment or icewind dale or arcanum)? Is the map a 2d isometric view of 3d modelled world or is it made other way? are the characters 3D? is inventory screen recreated each time (i mean memory consumption + new thread) or just hidden and reloaded?
  7. can someone give some insight how does the loading occurs? I mean we have game temporary memory: we put here a map that is loaded, we must store the changes applied to other maps, but do we load all the adjacent maps too? if yes - is it simple thread running when the map is played or how is it managed... does it occur only on map change?
  8. which file is responsible for % of char speed in slow mode and fast mode and normal mode? can it be edited by notepad?
  9. Hey why the games are so linear? Why they do not use more randomness in games? why poe uses a lot of resources compared to other old - school games who needed only 32 MB RAM (and poe start with 1 GB RAM)? i mean its easy to implement roll = rand(1,6) // random from 1 to 6 switch roll case 1 dmg = 2x case other normal dmg it could be used for everything - spells, random loot, random encounters on map generator and etc etc why its not so common?
  10. No, he is not talking about modding. "The original release of Neverwinter Nights includes the game engine, a game campaign that can be played as single player or in multiplayer mode, and on Windows releases, the Aurora toolset used for creating custom content that would run in the same engine." He is talking about the toolset given with the game that allowed players to create custom content. Why do you come up with "I think I know what you mean - you mean THAT" thinking? If you do not know what he is talking about then why do you even start any discussion? You are right on modding it is b
  11. Thank you, that gave me a nice idea for some basic algorithms like; timer = 60 ms each 1ms timer = timer - 1 if timer = 0 choose new action, set timer = 60 ms thread 1: while(1) { timer = 60 ms while(1) { time.idle(1ms) timer = --1 end } if timer == 0 time.new_action_for_all_objects() end } thread 2: while(new_turn) { object.perform_action() function perform_action: { switch conditions_table (int []): case [0,0,1,0,-1,50%,0,0]: object.attack(target) case [0,0,0,0,0,10%,1,1]: object.heal(object) end } } end this is actually heading towards easier i
  12. Hey, can anyone give me examples how are the scripts for fighting written in unity or pillars or baldurs gate or other games you know for example? Any tips on language and things like that? Is it possible to write a 'fighting script' for an character with threads in c# (not in pillars but lets say in my own game) or what else is used for such things?
  13. I hate the "no buffing before combat" for one simple reason. It is fuc illogical. Imagine a party of experienced adventurers lurking through deep dungeon and smelling burnt bodies and seeing wrecked animals. There is no power in the whole universe that would stop them from drinking potion or two before moving towards just to jump on a surprised sleeping dragon. And for the enemies it shoudlnt be particullary hard to implement things like spell sequencer (see bg2 creature: lich) or potions which are drunk by enemy and giving them multiple bonuses at the start of fight. Example: The invento
  14. I just finished the game (skipping most side-quests etc, because im in a hurry) but this game is beatiful and the story is amazing. Of course its not perfect but every minute played was enjoyable! Thank you guys
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