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  1. The only "future-proof" games I know are community-developed ones. And they're more adapting to new computers by constant modifications than really thought future-proof form the start. I hope Obsidian will release a game optimized for 2014 computers, not for 2032 ones. If high DPI monitors are really the standard in 2014, obviously P:E will be optimized for this kind of monitors.
  2. May be a silly question, but... I thought old-school PC gamers essentially have old-school computers ? I don't think Obsidian should take care of whatever the gaming community will be in ten years. If anyone in 2032 want to play P:E on his Ultra-High DPI Deviceā„¢, it's up to him to develop a mod permitting this. Or to redraw the backgrounds. Or to buy another monitor.
  3. DRM is evil. Steam is DRM. Steam is Evil! I pledged for P:E because : it's GNU/Linux compatible ; there's a boxed version ; there's a DRM-free version.
  4. Please, no distribution-specific packaging (.deb, .rpm and so on) ! A tarball, a README, it can work everywhere, at any time !
  5. You can easily find RTS games with a very good pathfinding (remember Dark Reign 2?), why should it be impossible in RPGs ?
  6. You can't really vote "No." in that poll, 2nd and 3rd options assuming you voted "Yes.". So I won't vote... The loot craziness is something I've never liked in RPGs.
  7. Hey, it's unfair The boxing match in Fallout2 support great experience to me! I promise I'll play through Fallout 1 & 2 before P:E comes to my mailbox !
  8. Necromancer could be a wizard kit, shaman and shapeshifter druid ones. Black Night could be a specific way to play an evil priest. Anyway, technomancer is a great idea !
  9. Where is the "No!" in the poll ? I'm OK for some kind of Modrone Cube, but no arena please... They usually add nothing to the game experience (my opinion, not everyone's).
  10. I'd like a lot of descriptive text... Please use our imagination !
  11. Is really a Paladin anything more than a Priest of a benevolent deity who dedicated himself to fight Evil ? We already have Priests, Paladins would be redundant imho...
  12. My two cents : It's not because you're able to exploit a mechanic that you have to ! I never spam rest in any of the IE games. People doing it are only spoiling their own game experience, not mine.
  13. OK, but RicoSuave was talking about the boxed version itself. I'd like to know too ! I've no Steam/GoG account, and I'm not planning to create one in the next decade...
  14. I love turn-based system in strategy games... But I think in RPGs it's nothing more than an heritage from their P&P ancestors, and has no sense for a non-P&P-based game. That's clearly not turn-based fights that make Fallout great, and Arcanum does not become dull when you turn its fights real-time !
  15. Finish it again, then. =p With a Malkavian !
  16. That's why I never reload ! I'm this kind of guy who will turn on the "Trial of Iron" mode from the first playthrough, and never turn it off... That's probably the reason I like the vancian system...
  17. Remember the Morrowind's system ? By having an unique window for buying and selling, you can trade goods and use gold only to fill the gap between goods sold/bought. Whoops, Adhin just described it better !
  18. Bonus item or not, I don't really see any interest in a T-shirt I can't wear... What I want is my friends asking me where it is from, and maybe convince them to try the game. How could this be if I can't wear it ?
  19. I really like the vancian system (even if I didn't know this word before today), and I think a mana pool should be avoided if we want to keep the magic highly tactical. An alternative I'm thinking of is having some kind of object(s) needed for every casting of every spell (which will be consumed by the use), like for exemple you need a handful of fireberries for a fireball... Anyway, I'd like every spell casting to be a meaningful choice. Please don't make spellcasters some kind of furious killing machine with inifinite power like in most hack'n'slash !
  20. Yeah, sure : fishing, mining, gardening, baby-sitting... I do play RPGs for epicness, not for boredom. I don't want P:E to become the reunion of The Sims & Minecraft ! And, most of all : I HATE minigames in RPGs !
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