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  1. This topic is been discussed on the inXile forums too: https://forums.inxile-entertainment.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=12777
  2. This issue has already been brought up in the "tech support" sub-forum: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73339-bug-flavor-text-the-describing-part-of-a-conversation-doesnt-work-well-with-the-voiced-parts/
  3. I experienced this with the GOG Linux version. game version: GOG archive version: I’m using a Debian Sid amd64, and you can see my full hardware setup on the following page: http://www.dotslashplay.it/extras/lshw.html
  4. This issue has been reported multiple times, so far the following thread has the most answers: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72428-dialogue-sound-issue-glitch/
  5. This issue has been reported multiple times, so far the following thread has the most answers: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72428-dialogue-sound-issue-glitch/
  6. This issue has been reported multiple times, so far the following thread has the most answers: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72428-dialogue-sound-issue-glitch/
  7. I’m another one to find this rather disturbing. I think the solution you’re proposing is the best one: ensuring voiced dialogue is alone on its "page" (or at least there is no flavour text before or in the middle of the dialogue), event if it means the same dialogue will have to be split in more pages.
  8. Any other disparities between platforms we should be aware of? This one is minor (at least in my opinion), but I *really* don’t like the idea that my Linux version could be "castrated" in some way…
  9. The ambition to be a spiritual successor to our beloved IE games is what got me interested in the KS in the first place. DRM-free Linux version is what really got me to back this project. Now to find some time to actually *play* the thing…
  10. On this one, you are actually wrong too. (…) No, I was correct in saying that the Steam subscriber agreement and the GoG terms of use don't hold any influence over the ownership or use of the game licenses which a person purchases through those 3rd-party distributors. The EULA for games are specific to each individual game, and are written by the publisher of each game. They are not associated with a digital distributor (except for MMOs) and their conditions have no requirements for avenue of play. (…) Looks like my infos were either outdated or plain wrong. Thank you for t
  11. You’re wrong on this one. A game bought on Steam gives you the right to access and play the Game *via Steam*. Same goes for GOG. That’s part of the license nobody reads and everybody accepts anyway You’re not in any way legally allowed to get the game from *any* other source than the one you bought a license from. That you’re morally okay to do so is your choice, but it is still out of the law. Owning a game on disc doesn’t grant you the right to download it from GOG nor Steam (or any other platform for that matter). Same goes the other way around for a game owned on any platform.
  12. True. Here in France I’m legally allowed to share my entire GOG library with my family (close family: father, mother, brothers and sisters only).
  13. Must be an error on the page. Be it on GOG or Steam, the game will be playable under Windows (don’t know which versions), GNU/Linux (at least "popular" up-to-date distributions) and OS X.
  14. You’ll be able to download every bonus you’re entitled to from the backer portal. They should go live soon, maybe a bit before release time.
  15. It’s one key redeemable on Steam or GOG, and one coming with the disc. If you go with GOG you will be able to share the same installer (including playing at the same time) while waiting for the disc to come to your door. If you go with Steam it *might* be possible to do it, but I don’t know how. Just wait for some Steam wizard if you need details
  16. I’m quite sure it was intended as a joke, but I plan to publish a few days after release a Shell script to turn the GOG .tar.gz archive into a .deb package. If you’re interested, be it by mere curiosity or intending to turn it into an Arch PKGBUILD, just give me a heads up and I’ll keep you tuned
  17. On release day. I feel sorry for those who’d like to preload, but it is not a GOG feature… yet ----- If due to your country of residence you happen to pay more than the US price for a game, GOG gives you back the difference as store credit you can spend on any of their products. Try a search with "gog fair price". I can’t think of any other retailer doing something similar, but feel free to prove me wrong.
  18. I understand it as: a key is included in every physical tier. On this tier, the key was already part of the deal, so nothing added. If there was a physical tier without digital download, a key has been added to the tier so that the backers would not be stuck waiting for the DVD to be delivered. So no, no additional key for us, we were already given one in the first place. Our second key will be for the boxed version, and will come with the box itself (with no ties to GOG nor Steam). You’ll have two keys in the end, when we receive our physical stuff. PS: My answer is based on
  19. Well, to be honest I don’t care about any version but the Linux one, so no way I’m getting mad at you for doing the same with your own OS My knowledge of the Windows installers comes only from the games that I own there that are Windows-only. Actually I’ve written small scripts turning Windows installers into Linux ones for around 100 GOG games, so my study of the said installers was mostly for my own interest… Okay, now that I’ve destroyed hope for preloading on GOG I’ll leave all of you in peace
  20. Yep, that would work. But a new problem arises then: Linux archives (and maybe OS X too, I didn’t check) are not split. They’re uploaded as one whole .tar.gz file (or .deb for the ones allowing an easier install on Debian-derivative distributions). I for one would have no problem with preloading being offered to Windows users only, but I think you can guess as well as me what kind of a storm it would spawn on their forums from Linux and Mac users feeling treated as "second-zone" GOGers I could think of a couple ways to allow preloading on Linux too (like stripping only the binary from
  21. Sorry, I wasn’t clear enough in my last post (I’m never clear enough when writing about technical bits). GOG splits its Windows installers in two parts: a bunch of .bin files providing the game data, and a small .exe which sole purpose is to decompress the .bin files. With the right tools (actually any RAR unarchiver) you don’t need the .exe to access the full game data files. What I’m saying here is that preloading can not be done by GOG without modifying the way they split installers. So it *could* be done, but at the cost of implementing a new dedicated method to build Windows instal
  22. Actually, that wouldn’t work. I don’t need the small .exe to extract the game data included in the .bin files. For some time they used password-encryption on the .bin files, but their password generation algorithm has been found and published quickly. So they decided to just dump the whole password-encryption thing.
  23. Yep, it has been officially stated a couple times that the patches for the DRM-free disc would be downloadable from the backer portal. Sorry if I don’t take the time to look for the said official statement, buried somewhere on the forum, you just have to trust me on this ----- GOG patches are compatible with GOG installers only. More specifically each patch is compatible with *one specific version* of the GOG installer for your game.
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