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  1. Pre-2.0 saves should be compatible with 2.0. It has been officially stated a couple times.
  2. We need additional infos to be able to help you. What is you OS? (Windows? Linux? OS X?) What game version do you use? (1.04? 1.06? with or without hotfix?) Which installation medium did you use? (GOG? backer DVD? Steam?)
  3. Looks like we’re both firmly camped on our respective positions. Do we agree to disagree here and let the thread go back to The White March? (yep, I know I’m the one who derailed this thread in first place)
  4. I don’t care for these "improved cuscenes", even if I understand some like them. I play StarCraft for strategic gameplay, not for some interactive movies. That’s news for me, and it’ll help me moderate my future critics. I tried a couple missions (my brother buy any Blizzard game at launch), but didn’t want to invest myself too much in a game I have no incentive to buy. Still, it’s far from the "one campaign for each race" of StarCraft & Brood War. You agree that’s totally subjective? In my opinion Blizzard games were of damn good quality for their cost until WarCraft 3 (Reign of Chaos & Fronzen Throne) (included), since then I wouldn’t buy any of their modern games, even at half their actual price. Not even speaking of the mandatory client they turned Battle.net into, which is just a "no way" from me.
  5. Night Stalker pretty much summed it up for me (points a. & c., I don’t really care about b.). If you just need to buy the first part to get access to both when they release I have no problem with it. But if you need to buy the expansion "twice" to fully enjoy it, it’s no better than the way I view Blizzard choice for StarCraft 2 (see my previous posts for this).
  6. I love when I’m told that playing single-player only is the wrong way to enjoy my game… Bah, I’ll do as if I read nothing about this here. The original StarCraft campaigns were a pleasure to play through, playing as each race in turn, then the expansion added a new campaign allowing you once more to play with each race. If I want to have the same experience with StarCraft 2, I need to buy *three* games. Of course you might be okay with this, depending on what you like in this game, but *I* feel like Blizzard is trying to rob me. ----- By the way, I’m not really happy to see The White March coming in two parts either. I could have waited longer for it if it meant it would be published as a full expansion.
  7. (…) *cough*StarCraft 2*cough* When is a game finished? The IE games had expansions added to them. Many games since then have had DLCs and expansions added. Sequels continue the previous games or are at least theoretically built on the previous game. IE games were sold as full games, then expanded upon with expansions. StarCraft 2 is sold from the beginning in three parts (each one coming with the campaign for one race only). To have a comparison, it would be like BG2 was first published with the class-specific questline and stronghold for Fighter and Paladin only, then they would sell an "expansion" adding the same for Druid and Cleric, then another one for Mage and Bard, etc. You see why I’m okay with one (expanding an already "complete" game) and not the other (selling a game in parts, you need all the parts to play the complete game)?
  8. I’m with Anagsa on this one. It’s now been a month without any news, and it’s a bit saddening to see that balance changes seem to take priority over missing features. Yeah, it’s a minor feature, nothing game-changing. Of course, only a relatively small demographics experience this. But we paid full price, as your Windows customers, so don’t we deserve at least to be kept in the loop? Please tell us you’re really working on it. An ETA would be great but I’m not even asking for that much: just a confirmation that you’re still looking for a solution would make my day. I backed this game happily the day Linux support was confirmed. Nowhere was it written that it was actually 99% of the game supported on Linux/OS X, and the last 1% exclusive to Windows.
  9. Looks like it’s common practice nowadays… *cough*StarCraft 2*cough*
  10. And my new map arrived today, far better looking than the previous one! It took some time but I can understand it: they where in the middle of sending the DVD, plus the map has been sent from USA to Europe. Overall a good customer experience. Yes, Paradox can screw up, suffice to browse these forums to notice it, but they seem to be quite good at fixing their errors too.
  11. Both collector box and DVD box arrived in very good condition here. (France)
  12. Each platform (Steam, GOG, DVD) uses its own packaging system, and needs specially tailored patches. You *might* be able to use the DVD patches on the Steam version, but the Steam client will just go crazy about it. You probably can use these patches on the GOG version without problem. I’ll probably run some tests with DVD patches + GOG version, as it would avoid me a lot of work on my unofficial patches for the Linux GOG version. ----- Arf, just realized it won’t avoid me any work at all actually: I guess only backers have access to the DVD patches, while the ones I build are intended to be used by *any* GOG user, backer or not. ----- Looks like I was wrong: DVD patches are publicly available. Now it’s time to find some way to have them work with GOG version, so I might find a way to use this to improve my patch building process.
  13. DVD arrived here (France) something like a week ago, in a perfect state.
  14. Official DVD patches have gone live: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/80465-dvd-patches-are-live/
  15. That’s great news! Now, it’s time to enjoy PoE on your new Xubuntu
  16. Funny that you don’t mention it: what makes me really happy about this expansion is the companions of the base game having things to say when travelling the new zones at your side, as the companions of the expansion do when going back to the vanilla zones. It might not seem to be such a great deal, but it helps to see them as something else than tactical meat shields.
  17. That’s the best option in my opinion too, and by far the easiest one
  18. You’re trying to run PoE, which is a 64-bit game, on a 32-bit OS. It just won’t work. If your CPU does support 64-bit instructions and you don’t want to go through an OS reinstallation to switch to 64-bit (despite the fact it would be a good idea), just tell me and I’ll guide you through the process of enabling 64-bit applications support on your Ubuntu. If you don’t know if your CPU does support 64-bit instructions, post its model here and I’ll try to guess if it does. Anyway, if you bought it in the last five years it probably does support 64-bit instructions.
  19. My DRM-free DVD copy hit my home today. That means that if Obsidian keeps delaying the publishing of patches, I might start to build and share some unofficial ones like I do for the GOG GNU/Linux version: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76561-linux-unofficial-patches-for-the-gog-version-of-the-game/ Of course, I’ll share a link here when the first custom patches go live. Keep in mind that they will not have any kind of official support, so if you get some bugs while using them you probably won’t be able to get help from Obsidian.
  20. Looks like I can’t edit my posts after some time, so there you should go for up-to-date scripts and instructions: https://www.gog.com/forum/star_wars_knights_of_the_old_republic_series/linux_turn_your_exe_installers_into_deb_packages By the way, I added support for KotOR 1 Restoration 1.0 to KotOR 1 script, and dropped support for KotOR 1 Restoration 0.9.
  21. Thanks for easing my worries at the sight of "Part 1". Do you have any link to an official statement about this?
  22. Looks like I can’t edit my posts after some time, so there you should go for up-to-date download links and instructions: https://www.gog.com/forum/pillars_of_eternity/linux_turn_your_targz_archive_into_a_deb_package
  23. 1.06 hotfix has gone live! 544KiB instead of 6.5GiB, let’s say people with capped bandwidth will appreciate
  24. We could debate for a long time about this But of course you should use the tools you like the most to develop your "pet projects", or frustration would come quite quickly. (I’m more of a POSIX shell guy myself, and don’t know *anything* about GUI)
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