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  1. I’m glad to be a backer, because nothing would make me buy a "Steam-locked" game. Even if it turns out to be The Game of the century. Actually that’s not against Steam specifically, I boycott in the same way every platform using a mandatory client. More on-topic, I’m amazed by the amount of things you can pull from such a little box
  2. Bad news: your post is pointless But it would be a good idea to raise this issue on the GOG forum, it has been discussed there for quite a while.
  3. For one, installer size is never counted in these requirements, so GOG and Steam announced sizes should be roughly equal. I’d guess one of the two sites just made a mistake in the requirements. I’d be wildly surprised to see the Steam version bundling ~6GB of exclusive stuff. ----- EDIT: Quadrone hypothesis sounds legit.
  4. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, the Arreat’s Summit. I’ll come back with a screenshot soon ----- There is a perspective effect when you move around giving the impression the background you see is really far below the point where your character stand.
  5. You obviously didn’t read the article I linked. Well, suit yourself, if you don’t want to understand what "Trial of Iron" is, nobody will force you.
  6. That’s how Trial of Iron is supposed to work, not a bug. You can learn more about it (and other difficulty modes) there: http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Mode#Challenge_Modes
  7. I never tried NWN2, but I know Mask of the Betrayer by reputation. So yes, I was referring to Hordes of the Underdak (and Shadows of Udrentide to some extent), which is a huge leap from NWN vanilla boring campaign.
  8. I want a NWN-like expansion pack: something that in itself is even better than the base game.
  9. Boxed Collector Edition of Pillars of Eternity is priceless. In the near future when the game is the reference of "good ol’ RPG", this box will be the only way to tell your grand-children: « I was there, and helped make it a reality ».
  10. I am not partaking on the beta, so I can’t try to reproduce it. But I noticed the exact same bug with Wasteland 2, using Unity3D too. I’ll try the last version of WL2, and if it is fixed there I’ll ask inXile to share their fix with Obsidian. Here is what has been found about it so far: https://forums.inxile-entertainment.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=11412
  11. I asked about this awhile ago. The answer was vague. I suspect they'll just make manual patch files available for download via the backer portal. Yep, it has been officially stated somewhere on this forum at some time (sorry, can’t be more specific, memory at fault) that the patches would be available on the backer portal.
  12. You can count on me for that And I have a feeling I will not be alone on that task…
  13. Good idea! I guess if there's enough demand for that we might be able to accommodate Nice to know you’re open to the idea This kind of journey into the composer mind is something that truly adds to the way you enjoy a good soundtrack.
  14. Justin: If you can find the time after the release party and the following hangover, I would *love* to see an article where you speak your mind about each track, telling us how you came to write them, what inspired you, how you find them successful (or not). I’m thinking about something similar to what Matt Uelmen did for the Diablo II soundtrack there: http://diablo2.diablowiki.net/Sound I understand I’m asking you for more work, none the less for free, but the article I linked here was a very interesting reading about a soundtrack I love.
  15. I didn’t have the opportunity to listen to it yet, could you please tell me which kind of loop is used? 1. track plays *fully* (including intro/outro), then loops back to the beginning 2. intro plays once, main "meat" loops while combat is ongoing, then outro plays once I would be perfectly fine with 2., while I understand how 1. would be a bit disturbing. I’ll have to check, but I think Baldur’s Gate (I & II) used something similar to 2.
  16. But why? If you play a lot of "old" games supporting only 4:3/4:5 resolution, it’s far more comfortable to play them with a square screen than a wide one. My screen native resolution is 1280x1024, because most of my games are from that era and don’t look good on wide screens, even with mods (old IE games are a good example). I would be pretty pissed off if PoE were designed to look good on 16:9/16:10 only. I don’t keep this screen for gaming nostalgia only: Web browsing, office work, all this kind of stuff implying long texts are far easier to do on a square screen. You just can’t
  17. Wow, I didn’t realize my laptop was that old! But now that I think of it the model has been discontinued long ago. Well, it wouldn’t be able to run PoE anyway
  18. Because there is absolutely no reason not to use an instruction set optimized for your architecture. Higher RAM limit is a mere by-product of 64-bit architecture.
  19. Welcome in 2015, creature from the future. I’m not in a hurry to reach your timeframe, when I won’t be able to play games on my laptop anymore. Unless you’re planning to give me a new one? In which case I thank you, a recent Thinkpad would be very nice
  20. This is what I have difficulties to understand. If I don’t like the way a game is distributed (DRM is such a thing I disagree with) I simply don’t buy it, neither download it from whatever third-party website. Why would you friend *support* those bad practice by giving them money (buying the game) and recognition (playing the game)?
  21. Lephys pretty much summed up what I think. I am going to play in Path of the Damned mode because I see an increased challenge as a reason to replay a game I’ve already beaten, and for me it is its own reward. Adding in-game bonuses for this game mode (extra XP, loot, whatever) would waste the fun by decreasing the challenge. If you don’t see an increased challenge as its own reward, then PotD is just not your cup of tea. It is not a problem for me, neither should it be for you Hey, it’s pretty much like achievements: to some it adds fun to the game, some sort of accomplishment fee
  22. So it’s a cosmetic-only thing? A small critter following you around and doing nothing? (might sound as I wouldn’t enjoy it: on the contrary I hope it’s a cosmetic-only bonus)
  23. No need to worry, it’s already clear that Obsidian has decided to follow the right way: beautiful hand-drawn 2D portraits for everyone!
  24. Well, the poisoning quest is more or less part of the main quest… (at least it’s tightly connected to it) And I can’t think about "plenty of quests" being really thrown at you, most of the side-quests you get require you to find the quest-giver first, not the other way around.
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