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  1. As the ranger class seems to be a bit underpowered (the same with bows), it should be slightly redone in the next patches, as this class is chosen by lots of players...
  2. B. Adler was present recently on the forum and he didn't deny that there'll be no update, so it must be a good sign
  3. What we can see on this pictures is that wurms and drakes definitely can fly, but dragons can't... If it's true, it really (really) makes me sad. Hope I'm wrong - look at that beautiful wings!
  4. I noticed something strange. Here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1101898232?ie=UTF8&tag=randohouseinc7974-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1101898232 we can see that there is 400 pages of collector's edition guide, but here: http://www.randomhouse.com/book/249568/pillars-of-eternity-by-prima-games it is stated "This Comprehensive hardcover tome weighs in at 512 pages and is your ultimate guide to Dyrwood". Quite a big difference huh. I'd prefer the bigger one please!!
  5. Also wanna see Justin Bell talking about his inspiration in creating soundtrack for PoE
  6. Sorry for stupid question but...what are this thin strips (indicators) over team heads in the game? and is it possible to block this option somehow?
  7. Justin can you tell us, how many different battle tracks is currently (or in plans) attached to the game? or is it a mystery?
  8. I'd definately like to see some children playing, more beaters, beggars and various races/species dressed in different fashion! (but I bet there is not enough time for such a combinations, unfortunately..)
  9. Totally agree with Gordon. It is highly needed to have somehow bigger kind of penalty for falling, to try not sacrifice anyone in the team "just like that". Please devs take this into consideration!
  10. Maybe we can't get the straight answer yet, but knowing all inconsistencies about that issue and that time is close, I'd like to ask BAdler here: Considering current progress in finalizing the game, is the release term "late winter/ early spring" still in force? (I'm not asking about any specific date)
  11. Strange thing. As poedevtracker.net shows, there was no devs activity here at the forum since 23.12 (I know that they had a christmas break but since 05.01.15 the probably should be back?) Waiting for some great, fresh news.
  12. Did you notice any particular physical differences between human and elf races? It seems there are even less in PoE than it was in BG series... where practically the only one was slimmer body and longer face/eyes. Why no different height, ears etc...
  13. Thx Shevek for your part 6. That was a very educational series. After all, don't you think that selection circles are still slightly too big? (both team and opponents) Hope, they're gonna change this in next builds.
  14. Any chances of your play-through part 6 Shevek? (Especially due to the fact that they postpone a release of a new BB build)
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