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  1. I didn't play Tyranny. Why does it matter? Pillars of Eternity and White March had plenty of interesting weapons that are fun to use. The real question is. How many of those interesting soulbound weapon did players miss out on because of the focus system? The point is to reduce that conflict of "do i try this weapon or do i stick to my +15 bonus?"
  2. * Soulbound weapon. * Not Skyrim. * Tactical challenge. Not "wack a rock for 10hr." I wish people actually read the post before commenting. It'd actually lead to more fruitful discussions. Sigh... It seems people's brain turn off after they see "usage-based" then goes off hating it. Then people saying it'll take 30 hour when I already said in the post that nobody wants skyrim's 3-hr-grind of crap. Soulbound weapon. I thought RPG forum had people who can read, but... oh well. I guess I have to use the keywords system and not bother forming complete sentences since that req
  3. tldr: * Soulbound weapon. Not stuck with 1 weapon. Can keep training weapons even at max level * Not Skyrim. Not 30-tier journey for each weapon. Just same 3~5 tier of profeciency like in D&D, maybe level capped so you can't get to tier 5 at level 3. * Tactical challenge like Soulbound weapon. Not "wack a rock for 10hr." Pillars's take on weapon focus by grouping things into categories was a step forward. It reduced the damage. Level-based Proficiency system ENTRAPS the player and deters future opportunity of fun with cool weapons they didn't anticipate getting.
  4. The original Pillars of Eternity told a fantastic, self-contained story with no obvious hanging threads to build an expansion upon. So, we thought the expansion was going to be just random side story like Tales of the Sword Coast or most of Bioware's 2nd-class DLCs. Thankfully, we were wrong. The White March makes us care with great character development and a story that will leave a big mark in the world. Basically it's more of a top-tier DLC like Lair of the Shadowbroker, not just a forgettable tangent like Jaws of Hakkon. On the side of combat design, we thought the increased level
  5. Well storywise, my NPC (Hiro in Dyrford Crossing) and Item had the intention of being tied together. My NPC was to give you something and you go off to gather 4 components and bring them back to him to make a sword. However, the developers said no to my initial submission. I then let Obsidian write the background to my NPC so as far as I'm concerned, the NPC is part of the story as they wrote it. My first item was a sword but it was too OP. So I changed it to a cloak (Hiro's Mantle) and let Obsidian come up with what the cloak would be. your cloak is still pretty OP when stacked with 2
  6. well they buffed fast weapons. also if these nerfs cause you trouble, use the opportunity to explore the other options and combo.
  7. I hope they allow us to quit a faction rather than being locked for life. Its fine that these pricks are prejudices but if I slaughter the leaders of the Dozens, it should be clear where my allegiance doesn't lie. Lol
  8. Cheers this works great, also If you don't want to redo all the areas I think you only need to delete the area that you can't access: Int_02 - Top Floor with the clerics Int_01 - Main floor where Raedric is. Int_03 - Dungeon Ext - Outside I deleted just the .fog and .lvl files of the exact map that was crashing (Main Floor). Then when i go back in there the map is reset, but only that map, so my quest progress didn't get affected. I can exit and go back to that area without crashing after that and I've progressed to Act 2 without further crash issues. Bump this if it works
  9. Cheers this works great, also If you don't want to redo all the areas I think you only need to delete the area that you can't access: Int_02 - Top Floor with the clerics Int_01 - Main floor where Raedric is. Int_03 - Dungeon Ext - Outside nice!
  10. So I downed druids and crew, got their exceptional weapons. I put a bunch of them in the stash and equipped the exceptional axes. I quicksaved, did some damage test (perma-killed BB wizard. oops). Then I quick load... Then all the exceptional axes disappeared. lol The items in the stash are still there, and the fine weapons are all still there. Just the exceptional axes disappeared. i would try to reproduce, but... i don't have another save game. haha. GL
  11. Overall i like this so far. I want to play more. Bugs need to be fixed, but here are some things I feel can/should be addressed quickly for maximum benefit to the game. Character Creation: 1) Don't zoom in on the low-poly character model. Show concept art and portraits for each class and race or something. Then when customizing the model detail, show the model in the size and angle that players will actually see in the game. 2) The 50 attribute points just make race choice feel less relevant. Instead, start each stat at 11, then allow player to decrease to get points back a
  12. Yes the real problem is the D key being bound to DOUBLE SPEED mode and it doesn't notify the player that they are in double speed. lol Hit D again to return to normal speed. S is half speed.
  13. I like concept personally. Choosing between offense, defense, and utility is good. But the other 3 stats are kinda lame. Dexterity: Maybe movement speed and recharge speed would be better for dexterity. Accuracy = RNG, no real strategic value. Perception: Free interrupt by just attacking is really lame. Maybe something like DT penetration would be more interesting, so you spot the weakness of the enemy's defense. Will: Concentration... lol. if i'm a caster, i'm going to avoid getting hit in the first place. Instead, maybe reduce duration of CC cast on the character (basicall
  14. I think people gave Double Fine money because they want to see what adventure game they will make. People in the commens here seems to make Obsidian's kickstarter to turn into "fulfill my disillusioned fantasy game and I give you $10." This needs to work the other way around. Obisidan should have a game that they really want to make, but can't because of risk and lack of unconditional funding.
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