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  1. I agree completely, I think it should be harder to get high stats, and they should be more rewarding. To be clear, going from 18 to 19 might only gives you 1.5% more damage(EDIT: for comparison, going from 18/00 to 19 in D&D with a D10+2dmg weapon would give you 14.5 average dmg from 13.5 so +7.4%), so you can basically suffice with around 12.. Also, I think it is an important point for immersion that stats feel both rewarding and hard to get. I realize maybe I'm not clear enough in the poll though, what I mean with uniform stat effects is not that all stats are useful for everyone, no
  2. I have to disagree here. First off, its a beta, you're not supposed to be happy with the way things are. You are supposed to find the negative things and help the devs make as good a game as possible. I for one read most of the different topics to see what people are talking about and if I can help replicate (if need be) the problem my self. We are supposed to be testing the game not "enjoying" it (all though I do enjoy playing the beta...). And as to the vote it self, I find that the ones who are passionate (for lack of a better term) about beta testing will vote on these. Whether or
  3. depending on what basic toolkit they are using for development, there should be a flag for the window object that locks the cursor to only move within the window. I concur that doing this for both fullscreen and window is a good idea, alt-tab to break the lock works good enough when you want to move the cursor out of the window/to another monitor.
  4. The counter argument is that no human can look at a 30 pages long threads of ppl making granular suggestions and get a feel for what the general opinion is.. Do you count how many ppl agree with a set of different statements? and what would that actually mean? With that considered wouldn't it be better to try to make an as good as possible poll? Atm. it seems like: more ppl like uniformity of stats than dislike. If it is made non-uniform, more ppl would like to keep it simple and only have differences between melee/ranged/magic, rather than make spell/weapon differences. More ppl would
  5. I understand that the game isn't maybe really in the state were you can get a feel for exactly how the stats work. If it's too complex, please elaborate on how it could be simplified while still allowing a large range of opinions, and if your opinion is not included, please tell me what kind of options you would like to see. To be fair though I don't think it's possible to make a poll for what granular changes should be made at this point because it would have to have too many options that would probably become void really fast during changes in the beta.
  6. I was gonna add more questions to the poll to allow for those kinds of opinions, but it was limited to 3, maybe I should make question 2 into question 3 and add more options to the changes you want to see.. Would you feel that stats that feel less useful in combat could be balanced by making them more prominently useful in "adventure promts"/dialogue, as in finding some hidden switch with perception, or using will to convince a NPC of something?
  7. I just want to clarify that the "whatever" options in question 3 roughly equate to positive vs offset zero scale, but not necessarily linear or anything. Personally, if I wasn't a proponent of an complex original style, I'd go for yes to bad builds.. To me there is nothing as immersion breaking as a puny wizard having even 50% the intrinsic survivability of a tank character, even if the tank has tanky skills.
  8. I made a thread about stats in the backer beta, and realized a poll would probably be better to get the opinions of the testers. Old thread: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67059-stats-in-backer-beta/?do=findComment&comment=1482954 If I missed any opinion please tell me. EDIT: I just want to add that I get the system Josh wants to make, with might helping magic too, as might is an aspect of how powerful your soul is, but I feel that the template solution on all abilities leaves a bad taste. I also get that the system to a certain degree needs to be easy to understand, but I also
  9. This is the main point I tried to make, that it deters from immersion, it doesn't feel well. It feels like all that stats are is a modifier matrix that is applied in the same way on all things. Also, even if might is the "might of the soul", which is a new and good concept doesn't have to mean that the mechanics for the different abilities are all the same. I mean, why can't the "might of the soul" contribute to cast range or area etc? And concentration(as in not losing spell cast) could also be based on all three of mig, con and res.. It would certainly be more immersive for me. This might
  10. That's not entirely true. Becoming better at something often requires a mental breakthrough or revelation, and that often happens through reflection. For example, in my martial arts training I've often found that some new technique or skill eludes me the entire training session, but after having a good night's sleep and some time to go through it in my head I can immediately do it the very next day. Furthermore, if that breakthrough happens with some fundamental skill, it can affect everything you do, so that discrete chunk can sometimes be a rather big one. Granted, that can also happ
  11. I just started player the backer beta, and I guess feedback towards game mechanics go here. And since most stat discussion threads I found were regarding older stat systems, and or slightly convoluted, maybe it's time for a new stat discussion, at the moment of writing regarding the stats might, constitution, dexterity, perception, intelligence and resolve ranging from 3-18. I think the stats and the way they are spent (3-18) is fine and easily understandable, however, I am very much not sold on the mechanics of them. At the moment, might does damage, regardless of weapon type, melee/ran
  12. I really don't get the problem with calling them Health/Stamina. And I really hope it's not renamed into endurance. Because endurance sounds much more like a trait, as opposed to a reserve. I mean, if you take a lot of hits in battle, you *have* endured them, and it's not like they have decreased your endurance. Semantics aside, If people are confused, my guess is because the system is not that common, and that people do not understand it intuitively. Maybe the green bar is kind of small, and doesn't seem important, maybe the "problem" would be fixed by making it more obvious that there ar
  13. One overlap I found was clock tooltip overlaping the time shown when hoovering over the clock. At 1080p the overlap barely occurs, with increase in overlap when lowering resolution towards 720p, at which the second row is unreadable.
  14. if this is true I concur, if not blank line in front of new conversation items, the minimized log should be focused 1 line up from bottom.
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