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  1. I made a quick search, and found no mention of anything like this. Maybe I just suck at searching. Either way; Since it's pretty certain Bethesda won't let Obsidian make another Fallout, and since Fallout isn't really Fallout anyway under Bethesda, in my opinion, why not just collaborate with InXile to make Wasteland the new Fallout, the way it should be? Make a New Vegas spiritual successor and set it in the Wasteland franchise. New Vegas had a lot of Wasteland-ness to it already. Thoughts?
  2. Oooh, this old thing! It always shows up whenever a new game involving swords is being developed, doesn't it? I love the option of dual wielding. I hate when dual wielding is restricted to dual daggers (a la Dragon Age 2). As well as hate when in order to dual wield, you have to invest loads of points in dexterity or the equivalent ability score. Thus creating a "duelist" kind of character. Meaning he's very precise and deliberate. Usually when I play a character which dual wields, I typically use a sword+axe combo. I don't imagine the character as a duelist who slowly wears his opponent down with quick, light strikes, but rather puts weight behind the swings. He swings his broadsword with the intention of shattering the chainmail of his opponent and cut deep into his abdomen. He swings his axe towards his opponent's head with the pure intent of cleaving the helmet and sinking the axe-head down to his enemy's teeth! A ferocious, brutal combat style. Not friggin dancing around with a rapier and dagger! /end rant I also hate when it is poorly implemented. I would like to see a system where rather than doing more damage faster, it instead offers tactical flexibility. If you can gain advanced combat moves based on what weapon is being used, this could be very nice indeed. Especially if, like previously said, different weapon types would be effective against different types of armor. For instance, an axe might give you a "hooking" kind of special move, which lets you hook shields and maybe weapons and pull them aside, leaving your opponent open and extremely vulnerable to attacks for a very brief moment. A sword might give you a special attack which lets you swing three times very swiftly. Or (depending on sword type) a powerful thrust ability which ignores all armor except Plate. Give a warrior a sword and axe combo against a sword-and-board opponent, and combine these two abilites. Of course, just an example off the top of my head about roughly what I'd like to see. Lots of balancing and stuff to be done for it to work right. Dual wielding is such a difficult thing to get right in a game. Especially when ALL styles should be balanced and equally useful. The following is... not really ideal, cause the idea of a weapon doing less damage because of fighting style is stupid. But anyway, here's how I see it balanced.... I think: 1h weapon + shield Low Attack High Defense Average Flexibility 2h weapon High Attack Average Defense Low Flexibility 1h weapon + 1h weapon Average Attack Low Defense High Flexibility Bah! In short! I want it, but I want it balanced!
  3. Horror/Terror/Dread = Yes please! I'm in the camp that wants Lovecraftean stuff. Or any kind of horror that's based on atmosphere and subtle stuff rather than in-your-face gross-out stuff. People keep citing the Ocean House from VtM: Bloodlines. That's a good one. To clarify, I don't want P:E to be saturated with horror throughout. But I would like there to be a lot of horror and fear of the dark unknown, whenever you travel into dark places. Even exploring an old, abandoned house. Creaking floorboards. Maybe hearing floorboards creak from footsteps even though your party is standing still. Sudden gust of wind making a window slam open. Descend into the basement into complete darkness, (unless you have a torch), investigating a strange sound which seems to originate from there. There are plenty of ways to make a game have that feeling of dread and horror. Hah! I remember the first time I played the original Alone in the Dark at my uncle's place. That game freaked me out back then. Of course, I was around 10 or something. But although I haven't played it since, I clearly recall early in the game when I opened a door, and there stood a friggin zombie! It slowly raised its' arms and walked towards my character. Freaked me out. As for P:E... walking through the marshlands could be a good opportunity too. As the sun sets, mist rises, more or less covering the ground. Maybe make it cover your characters in a light haze too. And you start hearing strange, muffled noises from *somewhere*. Could there be weird, unnatural beings skittering around below the mist's surface? I love sh... -stuff like that. I know some people would have a problem (especially in a game like this) with an enemy you simply can't beat. I would like to modify this to "an enemy you simply can't beat through conventional means". Meaning, you might run into something in the marshland mists, stalking you. You can't stop and fight it, because you can't see it. Stay around and wait for it, and it will pull your characters down under the mist one by one. So you have no choice but to outrun it, taking refuge on small, elevated "islands". Later on, maybe you have a means to dissolve the mist. Or recieve an item or charm which lets you see the unseen. Now you can go back and face the creature/s. Maybe you can kill it if you can see it. Maybe it turns out you need a special material to harm it as well. (E.g silver weapons or sanctified ones) A different creature, demonic or undead, maybe you cannot beat either. Later on, maybe you learn it is because it is not fully in the material world, but learning its' true name and uttering it will draw it fully into the mundane world, where it can be fought. The point is, that at the time these creatures (which should be encountered in a horror-like, dreadful setting) will seem invincible, making you feel helpless and terrified. But later on, you might gain knowledge which would allow you to go back and make them pay for making you feel weak, should you so choose. Sometimes, it could be part of a quest to return to beat them. Umm yeah... bit chaotic post again. *shrug* Just some spitballing.
  4. @Karranthain Love those! Don't like the head of the second one, but the overall vibe is great! First one is absolutely spot on for how I hope barbarians/berserkers (the traditional ones at least) are realised in the game. Not sure whether to bother replying to Darth Trethon or not... Is he trolling or is he not? Ah well; I think those barbaric images are epic as all hell. I wouldn't want to see them all over the place in P:E though. Only in more remote wilderness areas, being removed from the civilized lands. But that's the point. Maybe even have some nice, healthy, Howardian "Civilization vs Barbarism"- themes. That would make my day!
  5. I could get behind that much easier than an unarmed, typical DnD Monk.
  6. Was looking through his art there. Definitely a very talented guy. ............. ................... ............................. Damn it! Now I want a Trudvang pc-rpg...!
  7. Hmm, not much to add to this discussion that hasn't been said. And the dev quote puts my fears to rest. They did say there will be more primitive cultures in the world. As primitive as bronze age, I think was mentioned. I hope we will be able to adorn our characters in such gear too, and nicely designed such. This isn't really bronze age, but found this great bit of art some guy did for one of his characters in a PnP RPG. I hope there will be armors of *roughly* that style in P:E. Of course, tied to one of the more primitive cultures.
  8. Agree with your views on the matter! That said... Even though I'd *rather* not see asian influenced stuff, it wouldn't ruin the game for me. My main problem with the typical RPG Monk, is the whole unarmed thing. As FlintlockJazz said, there needs to be a good reason for it. Were the P:E Monks supposed to imbue their fists with soul power? In that case, why not give them the ability to imbue weapons made from organic material, like wooden staffs, with the same power? In effect making their wooden staffs be as durable and damaging as iron staffs, but lighter. That would give them more reach and make sense. By all means, let them be able to imbue their fists too, in case they lose their staff. Or if someone simply wants to specialize in unarmed combat. I messed around a bit with my own concept art of a Forton/Monk I would be ok with. It ended up looking, I think, a little bit like a mix between an asian and a european monk. Maybe others will think differently. I also played with the thought that, maybe this particular Monastic Order had dedicated themselves to the mysteries of chemistry. (This could tie into Forton's whole drug addiction thing, I just realised) As such, maybe the Monk could have a class skill to create things like thrown weapons, like P:E equivalents of gas grenades/bombs and other such effects. Which is why in my little piece of concept art he holds some weird vial thing in his left hand. I know, it's very blurry and unclear. Nevermind the crudeness. I made it fairly quickly and couldn't be arsed to be too neat. But at least it conveys the general idea. Of course, only my own, highly personal preference.
  9. Jade Empire wasn't ancient China, but I still didn't see any european medieval-inspired Knights in Full Plate or ANY sort of european influence. To me, an obviously eastern-flavored Monk in a setting like P:E sticks out like a sore thumb, just like a western medieval knight would have felt out of place in Jade Empire. actually yes, yes you did, one with a firearm Honestly? I stand corrected then. Damn it! And I thought it was such a damn good point to make! That's what you get for not playing through a game all the way through! I will get around to it some day...
  10. Jade Empire wasn't ancient China, but I still didn't see any european medieval-inspired Knights in Full Plate or ANY sort of european influence. To me, an obviously eastern-flavored Monk in a setting like P:E sticks out like a sore thumb, just like a western medieval knight would have felt out of place in Jade Empire.
  11. That, my friend, was a clip from Peter Jackson's (you might recognize the name) pre-LoTR film Braindead, or also known as Dead Alive. Brilliant horror comedy, though very very sick and disgusting at times. Not for those with weak stomachs. I should point out that I don't judge Forton prematurely, as others seem to do here. I am sure Obsidian will give him an interesting personality and story, and that's the main thing. That said, I'd really like it if they reconsidered his appearance. Not the face and hair or anything, but rather clothing and fighting style. I guess you could call me pro- Forton, anti- Asian-influenced-Monk.
  12. Here's proof that a european-style priest/monk can work with eastern martial arts! Also, Forton should be designed after this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rC6WAAlNHt4
  13. Oh! Make them customizable! Color/type. A barbarian (yes, I am fond of that topic) would never be seen wearing breeks, but rather a simple loincloth. A noble knight, on the other hand, would probably prefer breeks over a simple loincloth. Now this is serious nitpicking.
  14. Eh. What with the top-down view and all, I don't think too many slots are necessary. - Head = hats, headbands, helmets, circlets etc - Body (includes torso, shoulders and possibly legs) = Armor and clothing, naturally. - Back = cloaks, if implemented, mantles, scarfs etc... and SHOULDER FURS, for the barbarians/berserkers! - Hands = gloves, bracers, gauntlets etc, etc - Feet = you know.... shoes... and.... stuff... Depending on resources and such, I wouldn't mind it if pauldrons were in too, as well as legs being separate from Body slot. Not a major deal. But mixing and matching bits and pieces to create your own look is always fun. NOTE: I would love a "toggle visible/invisible" for pauldrons and sleeves, if they end up intergrated into the "Body" slot. I sometimes like to play a bare-armed char. And sometimes not. For weapon slots, I would like to see a system based on where weapons are sheathed on your person. Full list of weapon slots would be; - Right/left hip = in effect, can carry any 1h weapon at each hip. - Back = another weapon. Any 1h, 2h or ranged. - Back (support) = ammunition or a shield, for instance. You could switch between these weapons quickly and on the fly in combat. But going into your inventory to swap out gear would take longer, and not be viable in combat. Also, putting stuff in every slot should encumber you somehow. Not unlike how it works in ME3, in fact. And of course, a shield in the utility slot would encumber you more than a quiver of arrows, naturally. The more encumbered you are, the harder it would be to sneak, maybe decrease movement speed, add penalty to stamina regen, etc. You get the idea. Oh yeah, and I've never really been a fan of rings and trinkets. I'd rather a ring didn't somehow, even magically, give you a bonus to armor class. Rings and amulets etc should be completely optional. A warrior wouldn't wear loads of trinkets wherever he could fit it. I would prefer if they had more... subtle and unreliable effects. A necklace with, say an amulet connected to the War God, could perhaps, if your favor with the God was strong enough, have a small chance of making enemies fumble their attacks, while maybe sometimes enhancing yours. It should be fickle and unreliable, but still be a nice little bonus. Maybe the more the War God favors you, the stronger the effect, (though, at highest favor, it should still be very minor next to your character's abilities.) Just, you know.... subtle stuff like that. No "+50 Fire Resistance" or "+5 AC" or any such drivel. Just my thoughts.
  15. Ehh. I don't think pure evil creatures have much room in P:E. Give them different mindsets and ideologies that might make them seem evil to others, but to themselves make perfect sense. As an example, cannibals in remote parts of our world might seem horrifying and evil to most "civilized" people. But to them, eating their opponent is a way of honoring them, and showing a wish to gain some of their strength by eating their flesh or heart, or what have you. (I am in no way an expert in the field, but I know some remote tribes hold that belief at least) Misunderstood races/enemies is more interesting that pure evil ones.
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