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  1. http://eternity.gamepedia.com/Armor Doesn't have a source, but the wiki might as well be official at this point. There aren't any restrictions on armor or shields that characters can use.
  2. I would really love too see this implemented (time & money permitting of course) in a manner similar to the first Diablo. Every time you start a new game it determines which of the random events you would see in your playthrough. I think they had a total pool of 5 or 6 for each area (cathedral, catacombs, caves, hell), 2 or 3 of which you get to experience for any particular playthrough.
  3. I think Zelda Wind Waker did a really great job with the fishing. Albeit, that game pretty much took place entirely in a body of water, but the fishing was totally optional and never really punished you for ignoring it. I really liked how you could find items as well, since I'm sure there's bound to be some great loot in PE buried in the depths. I also totally agree with nikolokolus in the respect that this should in no way be a priority or mandatory feature. Just something fun if time and money permits.
  4. With the ocean sounding somewhat significant in PE, how would you feel about a fishing mechanic being implemented? Nothing super in-depth like different rods, lures, or lines, but rather just a simple iteration like that in Torchlight or something. Fishing could be a source of income for the player or a means of obtaining crafting materials. I could even imagine that some of the more advanced factions/regions (or even some crazy old hermit) would be interested in hiring the player to catch fish for research purposes. Remember, there's apparently huge sea creatures that can take down armies. I'm sure someone in the game world is interested in learning about them.
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