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  1. There was a funny moment in the Witcher 2 where you could befriend a troll and eat soup with him. You could also kill him if I remember correctly... I never wanted to do that though. Hopefully Project Eternity will have a lot of non-combat options too.
  2. Haha! Yeah. Like that. Maybe their attitude could alter toward you over time as well, so you would be aware of what they thought of you and your actions.
  3. I said yes. There are lots of cool things you could do with item durability I think. Partially organic weapons that repair or even grow over time. Spectral, Ethereal or Conjured weapons that dissipate over time but cannot be repaired. Weapons that are tied into the Souls of the PC or NPCs. Etc, etc.
  4. If not a bartering system then at least a wide price difference depending upon where you happen to be in the land, as in, prices that fluctuate according to what that trader would want or actually need. Maybe barter could be restricted to poor, destitute areas or nomads with no real use for currency, thus used as a worldpainting device? Maybe its not a good idea, actually... lol.
  5. I would rather have it so that ancient and rare artifacts required identification, and nothing more. Constantly carting around gear back to town for identification is not a good gameplay feature.
  6. If t'were hidden and the player had noticable warnings prior to any NPC event happening then I would be ok with it, maybe. I do not want a loyalty system that 1) Has me min-maxing and reloading to keep my companions around. 2) Punishes me out of nowhere for my Quest/NPC decisions without telling me in advance somehow. 3) Has me running annoying errands and playing psychiatrist for emotionally retarded companions.
  7. Why would clans, tribes, factions, markets and so on all use a single fixed currency? The answer: they would not! Vote yes on Barter System and receive a free internet hug! Barter System Awesomeness in action! Oh yeah, haggle that junk! I had a big long post written out. Then I deleted it. Anyhow, what do you think of a currencyless bartering system...? Hint: Say yes or the kittens get it.
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