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  1. Another one, floating combat text for healing has been added.
  2. I've read on RPGCodex that Gaze of Adragan has been nerfed too but it has not been mentioned in patch notes. If anyone finds any other undocumented changes please post them here too.
  3. Can you give us more exact numbers?
  4. Imposing time limits to increase RPGs difficulty makes no sense. If anything it only frustrates the player and often times prevents from enjoying the game at all. PoE has difficulty issues, but they stem from game mechanics, AI and encounter design. Time limit would not fix that.
  5. For an average party with NPC companions there are few challenging encounters on PotD, the rest is not. So no, unfortunately the difficulty is not right at all.
  6. "Tank" at least has been in current use since 1994 or longer. [ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank_%28gaming%29#Origin ] That's not really.. relevant to what he asked, though. A term can have existed in one context and established in another, and not have been popularized until a third. I never read any real discussions involving these firm roles until the popularization of MMO:s, and certainly not in the discussions relation to the IE games. Whether some people knew the terms or not.. I have no idea. But it certainly didn't come up often enough to be noticeable. The term 'tank' was widely used on ironworks and sorcerer's place forums back in the day when BG2 was released. Funny enough, that's where I've heard of it for the first time.
  7. Awesome! That would definitely make me to install the mod once it gets compatibile with the latest game build.
  8. A million a month based on interviews with Feargus. Hmm interesting, thanks for the info. So either the money raised for Pillars only covered the additional costs of production, not the running costs, or Pillars was a lot cheaper to produce overall. If the former, then Pillars needs to raise at least 30 million to cover the running costs, not counting other games that they produced in this time period that can also go towards paying this (such as Stick of Truth, which did do well as I recall). Makes it harder to gauge whether Pillars is a financial success or not... I think it should be one million for the whole company, not only the PoE team.
  9. This is definitely part of the problem aswell. Certain classes are certainly overpowered due to some mechanics, whereas others are significantly weaker. Prime example: Wizards vs. Chanters vs. Ciphers. Due to the focus mechanic, ciphers are way stronger than the other two. Chanters are basicly just auto-attackers with some slight buffing potential until they accumulated 3 stacks (which usually doesn't happen until the critical part of the battle is over). Wizards have huge disadvantages over the other two: restricted spell uses per rest, restricted spell selection through the spellbook mechanic, weaker stat gains, lots and lots of friendly-fire spells (most cipher and chanter abilities are foe-only!). Ciphers are imho the single most powerful class in the game. If I were to play a game with 6-of-a-kind just for fun, I'd probably take cipher and steamroll everything. It's ridicolous how strong Grieving Mother is, even with her absolutely terrible attribute selection. Other than that, I'd like to copy & paste something I already posted in another thread: --> adjust the XP curve beyond level 7 slightly upwards towards exponential progression (I'd say change the 66.000 XP total to reach max level to 85.000 XP total). --> drastically reduce bounty rewards ... those are just way overtuned. --> reduce trap disarm XP by at least 30%. This is heavily overtuned anyway. You get almost 1000 XP from traps in Raedrics Hold alone. The quest XP reward is only twice that! --> increase accuracy values of all hard mode enemies in act 2 by 5 and act 3 by 10. This will also affect PotD, so that's a pretty elegant solution in combination with... --> ...a rebalancing of all defensive talents granting deflection. Tune down the deflection bonuses awarded by those talents by at least 30%. Because of the way deflection works, the bonuses are way too large (You can get a flat +30 deflection bonus through talents alone! ... this means all crits get converted to hits and all hits get converted to graces... this is just way too much impact). This will also help to reduce the enormous deflection gap between tanks and non-tanks. --> nerf shields and shield enchants. Seriously, they just got way too much deflection on them, especially when enchanted. Again, a difference of 30 deflection means that all attacks against this target get reduced by one damage tier. Deflection is just way too easy to stack with the current OP shields in the game. 16 base deflection on large shields? --> change Constitution to reduce the recovery penalty of armors. This will also help a lot to reduce the gap between tanks and non-tanks, by allowing casters to wear light and medium armor without too much penalty in DPS. --> nerf constant recovery. Seriously, this ability is just way too strong. Fighters should be at least comparable to monks and paladins in terms of tanking capability. Due to the way endurance works, constant recovery is just overpowered. All these fixes together should greatly help to fix the balancing of the game. All those are number changes, so wouldn't be hard to implement imho. I agree with all of this only I'd remove all trap disarm/door unlock XP, because those things are rewarding by themselves and there is no need to add XP to it. Likewise, I'd remove or at least reduce the amount of bestiary XP (but I guess that would be slightly controversial because there are folks who want monster XP).
  10. PotD is painfully hard, but only at the beginning. Once you reach Defiance Bay, the difficulty drops big time. Yeah it is true for most of the content, unfortunately. However, there are few notable exceptions: Altough I had a blast while playing the game, I am going to play the next game only on hard (or wait for a SCS-like mod). I just can't stand the filler trash combat which even on PotD is neither challenging nor interesting, only takes too much time. But it is also the issue of the encounter and level design.
  11. I agree, lack of imunities is one of my biggest pet peeves with the game. It would improve the encounters a lot.
  12. I'd guess 40% to 50% reduction across the board should be ok. Personally, I'd reduce it by 30% for quests but at the same time I'd remove all bestiary and lockpicking/trap disarming exp.
  13. That's just your assumption unless you can source it to a developer saying so. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66073-new-pc-gamer-interview-with-josh/
  14. Because pre-buffing is tedious and if you allowed it you would need to balance encounters around this thus forcing everyone to pre-buff.
  15. The levelling balance is so off that it forces me to skip a large portion of side-content just to keep some challenge in the game, even on PotD. Not bad for the replayability though.
  16. I actually hoped that Withdraw will get nerfed too. Right now I just refuse to use it. I'd suggest that Withdraw should have shorter duration or provide only a partial damage mitigation.
  17. Separate audio volume slider for sound effects and background ambient sounds.
  18. I think it's ok that Slicken got nerfed. So far it has been the ultimate answer to any difficult fight which a level 1 spell really should not be.
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