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  1. Pre-buffing was such a tedious activity in IE games and NWN 2 that I am really glad it is gone.
  2. I agree, circle spell effects are not needed unless the spell is stationary, like wards or something. But it is probably too late to change this.
  3. [Description of the issue] After playing a while I noticed the character panel is all messed up showing exactly same (and wrong) stats for every character. Screenshot attached below. Trying to reproduce it I loaded up a save game without this bug. I played until my party was ready to level up then I took them to Dracogen Inn. I saved the game. After levelling up a first party member the screen went all black. I force closed the game, then start it and reloaded the last save game I have made just before levelling up. Character panels got all messed up again. I tried restarting the game, but the savegame still contained that bug. [uPDATE]: The location where my party stays when levelling up seems not to matter. Also, it looks like the character panel can get corrupted even without the black screen. DxDiag.txt
  4. [Auto-Pause] After playing the beta for some time, I came to conclusion that it is not possible to play combat efficiently, especially when I want to chain spells or actions. It requires far too much micro managing and manual pausing and constant observation of what is everyone doing = and this all becomes quite frustrating after a while. I know there is the action bar but in its current form I rather play without it as it clutters the screen too much and adds to the overall messiness. I severely miss the option to auto-pause when a party controlled character casts a spell (currently there is such option only for enemies) and possibly other auto-pause options (for an example when a character is idle) as suggested in other beta threads. It would allow me to use a "fire & forget till ready again" approach, especially when controlling 5 characters concurrently. For example, in IE games, I was able to set auto-pause not only on spell being cast but also when a combat turn ends. I did not use it every time, but it helped me a lot in difficult fights and allowed me to feel that I play optimally. I started enjoying combat in NWN 2 only after I installed Tony’s AI mod and turned on its auto-pause options for the very same reason. [Enemies status effects] Another aspect which hampers the ability to play tactically is a lack of an overview of enemies status effects. I simply can not tell if and what enemies are affected by my debuffs, or if they have any buffs. Thus I am unable to concentrate fire on a debuffed enemy for example. As suggested in another thread the solution could be adding a mouseover popup tooltip showing status effects (buffs, debuffs, modals) of enemies (similiar to what the "Show Relative Defenses" is doing now).
  5. I don't like that the status effects icons above party members icons are too tiny. Also, it would be nice to see status effects of enemies. Suggestion: Add a mouseover popup tooltip showing status effects (buffs, debuffs, modals) of player controlled characters and possibly enemies too (similiar to what the "Show Relative Defenses" is doing now).
  6. Description: According to tooltip the game should auto-pause only when an enemy casts a spell. But it sometimes triggers also when a player controlled character uses a certain ability. Example: 1) Start a new game with a barbarian. 2) Turn on Auto-pause "Spell Cast". 3) Select BB Fighter and attack nearby Cowled Man. 4) Select the barbarian character and activate "Frenzy" 5) The game pauses, combat log shows "Auto-Paused: Spell Cast [name of the barbarian] Expected: The game should not pause. Comment #1: Related suggestion> Adding an auto-pause option also when a player controlled character casts a spell or an ability would be really nice.
  7. As suggested in another thread I'd like an autopause at the end of any action (spells, class abilities, moving) to be implemented. Also an autopause when a party member is idle. That way we can chain actions without any delay - essential in heavy combat scenarios IMO (at least for those who play with the autopause). And it helps alleviating the problem of tracking cast duration of various abilities and spells.
  8. Also autopause after ability cast and autopause when party member is idle. I see these auto attack triggers as very important because now I don't even know how to tell what everyone is currently doing. I.e. are characters still casting their ability, did they already finish it, is anyone idle etc. Also, in heavy combat scenarios these autopause triggers really help to play everyone to their max. I know there is that action bar combat tooltip but I'd prefer not using it. Will this be impemented?
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