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  1. According to my testing and tweaks I made to progressiontables gamedatabundle, it is indeed the case - AdjustedLevelAmount 1 increases character level by 1 etc. I was able to raise the AdjustedLevelAmount values to +4 levels max in the progressiontables game bundle. Then it appears there is a hard cap which is set for every character individually in the character gamedatabundle. For example, let's look at Naga Sea Shaman entry:
  2. According to the progression and character gamedatabundles, you are correct that characters scale in a range of levels and that there is a hard cap. The level range is usually between -1 to +2 for regular characters and -1 to +4 for named characters relative to their base level. See this thread for details: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98843-level-scaling-difficulty-compilation-thread/page-6
  3. Good find, I'll try to make a quick mod and tweak those numbers, seeing where it goes. Btw. I am not sure the levels are intended to scale all the way to player level. It seems they should scale only within a min/max bracket.
  4. Just a heads up, beta patch 86 aiming to fix the level scaling has just been released. Did a limited testing and scaling seems to be working now.
  5. Sadly, they are not at the moment. Source: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/96968-can-we-mod-potd-difficulty/?p=1998989
  6. You're right, I just checked. Was expecting an actual island chain as in the Fig description, but it seems those are just individual islands scattered over the whole map.
  7. From the Fig campaign: "Explore the sights, sounds, and smells of the Deadfire with Fulvano's guide to the archipelago. Fulvano's Voyage is our new, backer-unlockable Island Chain that players can visit and explore, and which grows along with the number of backers we get! For every 1,500 additional backers starting at 20,500, we are adding or expanding another leg in Fulvano's voyage. After 10 discoveries of new islands, including a pirate hideout, a three level dungeon, an island of slavers, and a ship graveyard, Fulvano's journey sadly has come to an end! He encountered one of the deadly creatures of the Deadfire and is now headed to a new adventure. Thank you to everyone who participated in making Fulvano's voyage possible!" I am 40 hours into the game and haven't found it yet. Has it been gutted?
  8. I've been testing this on various encounters with different party levels and so far I have made the same observations - bonuses from enemy levels don't change.
  9. Yeah I am not sure about the optimal values yet, but given how fast I got to level 8 I felt like halving would be a good start (for a completionist run) and maybe tweak it to 0,75x for lategame.
  10. Not actually a mod but a simple tweak to values found in the gamedata bundle files. The file you’ll need is in the gamedata folder within the game directory (e.g. \steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\exported\design\gamedata). The file is called global.gamedatabundle. Backup that file before you modify it and open it with any text editor (Windows Notepad works just fine). Search for the entries "QuestXPMultiplier", "CombatXPMultiplier", "ExplorationXPMultiplier" and "TrapLockXPMultiplier" and tweak their individual values. For example, I wanted 2x slower levelling, so I divided all the values by 2. I.e. "QuestXPMultiplier":0.675 etc.
  11. I made similiar observations, so yeah I'd say it is bugged. (PotD, Scaling all, only up).
  12. Intuitive (Tier 3 PER Inspiration) has been nerfed to 25 % Hit-to-Crit only but other than that it should be correct.
  13. I asked Josh on Twitter and he confirmed that Pallegina is indeed always member of Brotherhood of the Five Suns despite her ending up as Kind Wayfarer: https://twitter.com/jesawyer/status/994683014549393408
  14. I can confirm this bug too. It happens with level scaling option turned on. However, it does not seem to be related to the difficulty mode, because I have this bug both on Veteran and PotD.
  15. The enhancements to the UI feel good. And kudos for the combat speed slider.
  16. Thanks for the detailed patch notes guys, really appreciated.
  17. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/64010-too-much-loot/ Anyway, I share the OP's complaint.
  18. I'd guess that's because Obsidian wants the normal default speed to be comfortable for most players and tweak the combat mechanics around that speed. If a majority of players, or even a substantial amount of them, prefers speed slower than the default one, then it is a failure in design (and the default speed really can't be called normal).
  19. It would be nice if we could get an expanded enemy tooltip showing not only name of the buff or debuff spell but also exact effects it has on enemy stats (or their total summary which would be even more awesome), similiar to the tooltip on party bar. Attached is a picture with an example. It could be toggable (for example by the Shift key which has already been implemented). I guess the reason for this is self explanatory: I often don't remember all the effects of my own spells (and it can be burdensome to check them everytime) or I do not know effects of enemy casted spells. I would like a toggleable option to always show enemy defenses and armor. I understand there might be roleplaying reasons to hide enemy's stats before you "discover" them, but personally to me, the combat is more enjoyable when i can asses the right strategy from the get go. The icons hovering over enemies heads showing which spells are currently being casted are handy, but then again, I often times do not know what the icons mean. It would be nice if the enemy tooltip would display which spells are being casted, preferably with their effects as well. And it could display not only spells, but all types of combat actions the enemy is currently doing (like movement or attack) and their intended target too.
  20. I'd like having a slow mode instead of relying on manual or auto-pause. I prefer combat to be fluid (albeit slow) than fast and chopped by pauses. Not that I am advocating against auto-pauses, they certainly have their use in more difficult encounters. On a side note, I have a suspicion that PoE combat needs slow mode not because the combat itself is fast (i.e. animations and recovery are fine imo, maybe with the exception of movement speed) but because it is generally hard to follow due to other factors. Amongst them I'd name in particular: chosen camera angle for the isometric view where in PoE characters can disappear behind others quite easily (as compared to the more top-down angle of IE games) more elaborate 3D graphics of characters, spells and stuff (however PoE2 is way better than PoE in this regard) a relatively short range of spells and ranged weapons complex combat systems, many abilities and spells flying around, now also toggable weapon modals, multilayered defenses etc. which all demands to pay closer attention to each moment of combat.
  21. This. I liked that in IE games the spells too had often long cast times but their impact on combat was always noticable. Now in PoE2 the spell power of many of the spells is not good enough to justify the hassle to cast them and get them through the various defenses.
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