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  1. Now there is a question if speeding up the recovery wouldn't require lowering damage for weapons at the same time, else the combat could become way too fast.
  2. Reposting this from another thread: The autopause options "Party Member About to Finish Long Cast" and "Party Member Finishes the Ability" trigger on normal attacks too, which is like almost all the time, so currently they are not really usable. In my opinion these should apply only for spells and abilities (as their name suggest anyway).
  3. First quick impressions: + character models and armor on inventory screen are looking great + shadows and animations, the world feels to be more alive + loading times are noticeably faster + ability selection screen (it would be great to be able to display this screen anytime not just on level up) + multiclassing + veteran difficulty looks to be quite challenging + the writing seems to be good so far + penetration overhaul + slower spellcasting and retargetting (however, which in my opinion is not currently usable, please see below) + pathfinding is lot better than in PoE1 + I like the map:) - combat still too fast, maybe combat auto-slow and half speed not working yet? - the autopause option "Party Member About to Finish Long Cast" triggers on normal attacks too, which is like almost all the time, so currently it's not really usable. However, it is needed for retargetting to work properly, so I hope it gets changed/fixed. Btw. "Party Member Finishes the Ability" autopause suffers from the same bug.
  4. Would it be possible to implement separate audio channels (volume sliders) for sound effects and ambient sound? Or at least balance them out so they have similar audio levels? My issue is that the ambient sound volume is very low compared to other sound effects, especially combat sounds. So, every time I enter combat I have to turn down the speakers’ volume a good deal. And since combat is so frequent, you can imagine how annoying that can be after a while. I also think that few sound effects could use some EQ or compression tweaking, particularly those sounding very harsh or loud. Few examples coming out of my mind right now are blunderbuss firing or activation of paladins’ zealous aura, but I am sure there are even more.
  5. It's been quite some time since I last played the game, but I'm pretty sure there is one when you enter Defiance Bay. Anyway to keep the challenge I decided to delay leveling up, so I'm going in the following order: Do the following but don't level up past 5Act I Endless Paths until it gets too difficult Do the following but don't level up past 7All quests in Defiance Bay Endless Paths until it gets too difficult Do the following but don't level up past 9White March I Rest of Act II Endless Paths until it gets too difficult Do the following but don't level up past 12White March II Endless Paths Cragholdt Bluffs Finish the gameUpscale Act III Upscale Act IV Any thoughts on the order or levels? On what level to do the Alpine Dragon and the new wizard? Will I be able to reach max level from level 12 full exp(level 13 no exp) in Act III and IV? I play pretty much the same way you do. Based on my ongoing current playthrough on Hard with only 4 men party (using companions), which I estimate to be roughly on par with full party PotD, I'd recommend following order to maintain any challenge in a completionist playthrough: Do the following but don't level up past 4:Act I areas (Raedric's Hold final fight maybe level 5) Endless Paths levels 1 and 2 Do the following but don't level up past 5:Early Defiance Bay quests Do the following but don't level up past 6:Most of the Act II areas with few exceptions mentioned in next bullet. This is a kinda dull period because there is a lot of content with no meaningful party progress. Endless Paths levels 3 to 6 Do the following but don't level up past 7:Searing Falls and Pearlwood Bluff. Skaen Temple. Stormwall Gorge incl. Lle a Rhemen Do the following but don't level up past 9:Stalwart, Russetwood (enter WM I at level to 9 in order to scale up the content) Endless Paths level 7 Do the following but don't level up past 11:Durgan's Battery Endless Paths levels 8 to 10 Do the following but don't level up past 13:Longwatch Falls Endless Paths levels 11 to 13 Scaled WM II content? (not been there yet) Scaled Act III? (not been there yet) Remaining levels:Crägholdt Endless Paths levels 14 to 15 Scaled Act IV
  6. The enemy who triggered the proc gets Holy Meditation buff too.
  7. That's what I am doing. Usually, I stay 1 or 2 levels below.
  8. There are some that I figured some folks wouldn't be interested in. The Thaos theme is one example (the one with the cello). Oh, but that one is great:)
  9. I don't use the Tab to highlight stuff and instead I do it the old fashioned way by moving the mouse cursor all over the area. That way I actually enjoy graphics and art a lot more, because I notice all those beautifully crafted details I would miss otherwise. But yeah, before leaving a location I press the Tab anyway. Just to be sure;)
  10. The wilderness areas (east and west of Stalwart) were kinda overstuffed with unrelated encounters though. I liked it better in Baldur's Gate where you could explore wilderness without running into a battle every two steps. Wilderness should feel like wilderness, not like you've walked into a Woodstock for beasts and monsters. Yeah it was kinda overstuffed as you say, but I didn't mind. I liked the encounters were varied enough and some of them were even challenging. They also included more dialogues with background checks and CYOAs. I just had tons of fun there, definitely more than in most parts of the main game.
  11. Weird, I also found WM part 1 much better than anything in vanilla. Particulary, encounter and area/level design are great.
  12. I'd change the order of the bonuses, starting from the generally less useful. E.g.: Increased Consumable Duration Received Healing Multiplier Bonus Movement Bonus Damage vs. Flanked Enemies Damage Reduction Accuracy Bonus vs. Creature Type
  13. WARNING, using this tweak disables achievements! I use this workaround because I dislike Path of the Damned encounters having high amount of enemies and prefer their numbers and composition on Hard but at the same time I want to keep their stats buffed up by PotD rules for an increased challenge. It works like this: Open console by pressing (~). Type ‘Iroll20s’ (without the quotes). This command enables cheats and disables achievements. Before entering any new area for the first time, open console again and type ‘Difficulty hard’. Enter the new area. The composition of enemy encounters has been generated according to the Hard difficulty rules (of course, you can use Easy or Normal too). Open console again and type ‘Difficulty pathofthedamned’. You can do this anytime, even during the combat. Enemies will get buffed up stats but their numbers remain same. It is also possible to use this tweak the other way around, i.e. high amount of enemies like on PotD but with normal stats. So far I have been using this tweak pretty extensively and did not encounter any bugs. It probably does not work on spawned enemies though.
  14. I would actually prefer Second Wind restoring Health instead of Endurance. 1 per rest.
  15. Cut the amount of trash fights in each map at least by an half. And replace it with unique puzzles, CYOA text adventures, interesting NPCs with mini quests or mini boss fights. Often the best thing for combat is less combat. Craft combat encounters individually. Add a named/elite enemy to a pack of trash mobs and give it some special abilities or at least few lines of conversation at the start of the combat to put more character into it. It does not even have to be an enemy of the same type as long as it remains somewhat logical (for example those Skaen cultists could have had a trained elder bear or two among them). More ambush and defend-a-position encounters. Force the player to split up their group and fight at different positions at the same time. Make them to react, to think differently, use rarely used spells, consumables, traps etc. Use the environment. Place ranged enemies on hard to get positions, make the player fight in tiny rooms susceptible to enemy AoE, force him to leave the choke points. Throw in various hazards like traps, fire walls, disease clouds, everything the engine allows. And something not related to encounter design but which I believe will make the game more fun for many of us – amp up the difficulty, at least on hard and PotD settings.
  16. Well yes, if all I needed to do to win before was standing on the left side. You have said it yourself in reply to Karkarov's post: "and spam a different CC based on immunity results" - at least you need to do something differently and that's the variety I am speaking about.
  17. Immunities, by their very definition, completely limit handling choices, which is the exact opposite of Variety. For example, if there are 5 different types of damage, but an enemy is immune to 4 of them... you only have 1 choice. Immunities guarantee an increase in monotony. Goodness, Gairnulf. You hop around far too many threads saying things that blatantly disregard math and science lol I don't understand your logic. Immunities provide variety between different encounters, that's the point. It's not about the amount of choices during one encounter, its about coming up with different tactics for various encounters, which should give them more unique feel.
  18. I think immunities are a great addition to the game and should have been there from the beginning. If not only for the logical reasons, at least for the gameplay ones. The original game was too easy and repetitive even on its highest difficulty when I could utilize same copy-paste tactics in almost every battle over and over – and it got boring really fast. Immunities bring the much-needed variety to combat encounters and while not fixing their rather lackluster design completely, it definitely improves them.
  19. Yeah I wonder that too. I am afraid Act 3 will become even more boring.
  20. Same here. Running it on Windows 10, res 1680x1050. DxDiag.txt
  21. Reposting this here from the beta 1.05 patch notes thread: Can you give us more exact numbers? I don't have the numbers in front of me, but if you do all of the content before Twin Elms you should end up around level 8 or 9 instead of max level
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