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  1. It works, it's great, thank you a thousand times Mychal .
  2. Good evening to all brave warriors . Mychal you're going to hate me. I managed to open the assembly file but I do not know what to change. If you can change the version from the latest patch ( 3.01 ) . I speak to you at length to Crom . A big thank you
  3. A big thank you Michael, I am the happiest . Crom protect you
  4. The download does not work for me Michael : the file has not been found
  5. Thank you Michael but I did not succeed . Can you give us a file "Assembly-CSharp.dll" with 50% increased exp required . A big thank you .
  6. Thank you Mychael26 . I tried but I'm not very good . Could you give us the file Assembly-CSharp.dll with 50% increased exp required for exemple . A big thank you .
  7. hello to all brave adventurers . I intend to start the game with six adventurers in path of the damned . I used IE mod to lower the experience gained. I like to do all the quests. But I'm afraid to get to level 16 before the end of the game. Should I wait until the last version of the mod or can I play without . I like everything and take my time. A big thank you for your advice and I'm sorry for my English.
  8. Hello all brave warriors. Sorry for my english, i'm french. Is that the lifetime of the part 2 will be higher than part 1 . ( more area, big dungeon ) . This game is a jewelry . Congratulations to the development team and the entire forum community.
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