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  1. Hear, hear. I know Drizzt was popular but haven't guessed this much Even he started to use Taulmaril a lot lately. I have no problems about rangers being only ranged if we can choose from different animals and skills are diverse enough. I'd like to some ranged animal companions too, if possible. Like a dire porcupine or a similar animal special to Eternity lore.
  2. A final stab to Bethesda
  3. I don't think it'll be something like Arcanum. They can easly create an Arcanum like with Pillars of Eternity 2, just advancing time a bit(30-40 years?) and technology. I'm adding Ravenloft and White Wolf to my list.
  4. By "dark gods" you mean CDPR? Well, Cyberpunk 2077 will be FPS/TPS game, what I'm looking for something like PoE style game too One can't have too many cyberpunk games!
  5. I have started my offerings to dark gods for a cyberpunkish game. Or some modern time setting. OR DARKSUN!
  6. Testing 1.2. Heya folks I messed up at pledge screen so pledged a little more, lets see if everything is in order. Edit: Hımmm, seems like I'm missing a "K"
  7. -A good&deep battle system with realistic blood&gore. I like to see my enemies annihalted by powerfull spells or giants stomping poor souls with effect. İt has to be a balanced system where me and my party share same stat system with enemies. -Meaningfull batltles/encounters, fights with less (or even zero) cannon fodder, ambushes, ruses, moral playing its part, deadly traps, neutral NPCs/animals can switch/take side while battle rages on. -Less epic scaled story line, saving world/universe gets boring after 1000th time. -NPCs should not allow to wander us in their houses/areas. Like Gothic&Risen games, they should have some memory of us, a better reputation system, mostly local, only truly heroic deeds should have spread nation/country wise. Edit: Eh, that make 4 things
  8. I need a bigger update :/ This kind of smaller ones can't satisfy mah hunger T_T edit: this kinda sounded very wrong.lol
  9. There is nothing to worry... It is not like that they are going to run away with all that money to Bahamas or Fiji.
  10. Nice update, thanks! I wonder if we can use cipher powers (or any other classes powers) outside combat to solve quest or such. Like Jedi Cipher mind tricks, druids getting help from local plants/animals, figthers overpowering the weak, priests giving devout lectures and putting NPCs to sleep etc.
  11. Blowing up stuff in GTA V Loving Trevor and his responses also the things hes been doing when you switch to him.
  12. +1. I want stronghold of evil lord. I want this kind of thing sort of, if possible
  13. It'll probably be like D2, each difficulty level having its own Act 5. I'm still not interested anymore D3 news, while it seems like they are fixing some core mechanics game need more than that. A proper league or ladder system for starters and timed events with fresh characters. Also they should have added 2 new PCs not only 1...
  14. I don't mind cosmetic visuals, in most of games my characters covered in armor and (magical!) helmets after a while which makes me forget how my character looks like I don't mind race of my characters in CRPGs because in most cases they are purely cosmatic or just add little stat differences(Arcanum, Bloodlines and DA:O are the only games races really matter imho) so I just roll with dwarves if they are in but when it comes to classes I'm torn. While I probably end up playing with all classes if I like the game, I always wonder how could other classes/combinations perform in most of the situtaitons and after a while I reroll a new class ... A really bad habit, just resurfaced when I was playing shadowrun. Left my dwarven shotgunner alone for a dwarven mage.
  15. Did this one yesterday night. Crazy Adventures of Yes the Kobold would be a more fitting name ^_^ And those pigs(cannon fodders) are no laughing matter when you face them in dungeon. Having fun with foundry stuff, me and some of my friends decided to do a chain of quest involving assasination contratcs(if we can stay away from alcohol...). Probably going to have tons of easter eggs from AC, Hitman, Thief series and some from Dark Brotherhood.
  16. That second daily you mentioned is a beast even more if you pair it with the mass-puller encouter. But I generally spend my daily on Slam, numbers everywhere Another thing, I always ditched gear with recovery on, boy i was so wrong. Recovery also helps to get action points faster which means more daily usage! GWF have some beastly AOE potantial but I first need to get 60 for experimenting with gear
  17. Game definenitly needs more classes and gear options. Same classes look very similar even if they are from different races. Really need more varierity. Some ranged characters like ranger/warlock. Melee control or tank like druid/spell mage/paladin. Or leader classes like warlord/bard. It is funny when a MMORPG dont have a "XxLegolazzxZ" class :/ And some larger PvP battle areas which don't reward losers... Really got sick of afk "players" in arenas...
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