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  1. Hear, hear. I know Drizzt was popular but haven't guessed this much Even he started to use Taulmaril a lot lately. I have no problems about rangers being only ranged if we can choose from different animals and skills are diverse enough. I'd like to some ranged animal companions too, if possible. Like a dire porcupine or a similar animal special to Eternity lore.
  2. A final stab to Bethesda
  3. I don't think it'll be something like Arcanum. They can easly create an Arcanum like with Pillars of Eternity 2, just advancing time a bit(30-40 years?) and technology. I'm adding Ravenloft and White Wolf to my list.
  4. By "dark gods" you mean CDPR? Well, Cyberpunk 2077 will be FPS/TPS game, what I'm looking for something like PoE style game too One can't have too many cyberpunk games!
  5. I have started my offerings to dark gods for a cyberpunkish game. Or some modern time setting. OR DARKSUN!
  6. Testing 1.2. Heya folks I messed up at pledge screen so pledged a little more, lets see if everything is in order. Edit: Hımmm, seems like I'm missing a "K"
  7. -A good&deep battle system with realistic blood&gore. I like to see my enemies annihalted by powerfull spells or giants stomping poor souls with effect. İt has to be a balanced system where me and my party share same stat system with enemies. -Meaningfull batltles/encounters, fights with less (or even zero) cannon fodder, ambushes, ruses, moral playing its part, deadly traps, neutral NPCs/animals can switch/take side while battle rages on. -Less epic scaled story line, saving world/universe gets boring after 1000th time. -NPCs should not allow to wander us in their houses/areas. Lik
  8. I need a bigger update :/ This kind of smaller ones can't satisfy mah hunger T_T edit: this kinda sounded very wrong.lol
  9. There is nothing to worry... It is not like that they are going to run away with all that money to Bahamas or Fiji.
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