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  1. If you mean the 'When will it be possible to start pre-loading' thread, the person who responded saying "Downloading now" was joking/trolling and they've since deleted that comment.
  2. Maybe someone sharing my name annoyed someone in customs and they're keeping it in a warehouse for a few weeks before sending it to me or something, but I'm not exaggerating the timings I've previously experienced. But hey, maybe this team forked out for a much quicker delivery option than the other kickstarters and it'll be sitting on my doorstep tomorrow. ...Yeah, I think I'll rely on my digital copy.
  3. I've tended to receive most of my physical items from kickstarter projects around 2-3 months after they send out a 'we've shipped your stuff!' updates (Australia here). Maybe this one will break the trend, but I won't hold my breath and I'll be installing the digital copy instead once the key comes in.
  4. Beardy McAxeInYourFace. Unless you're playing a Dwarf, of course, who needs a stout dwarvish name like Reginald Nerdlinger or something.
  5. Really? I'm looking at the Steam Forum for the game now, and the most recently posted-to topic on pre-loading (updated an hour ago) has people wondering when pre-loading will start - in other words, as far as I can see even the people who bought it on Steam haven't had the opportunity to pre-load it yet.
  6. While I agree with pretty much everything else you said, I disagree with this. I loved Battlestar Galactica but every time I heard the word 'frak' it threw me right out of the show. Sounded way too forced and contrived to me. I feel they should have just gone with the real thing and just toned down the amount of times they used it. Obviously, this whole discussion is totally subjective though. Same. Fake swear words are one of the most immersion breaking thing in the genre for me. Abso-smegging-lutely. I frelling hate that kind of shazbot. People who do that can just smurf off, right?
  7. That's great. You have any link to share? They're probably referring to this one (actual interview starts around 2/5ths of the way down): http://www.rpgcodex.net/content.php?id=9818
  8. Can I get express delivery? The Flash is available as well, right?
  9. I did something similar for Wasteland 2, minus the youtube bit, on the Steam forums. Looking at the play stats for the two people I gave them to (17 hour and under 7 hours), I do regret giving it to people who apparently didn't enjoy it as much as me. I also wonder if it's people like me, who were giving away their extra keys, who resulted in the game not selling as well as it otherwise might have. If I were to do it again, personally I'd try to find people who really, really wanted the game so that hopefully they'd get into it more.
  10. From memory Steam pre-installs often don't become an option to click on until a few/a couple of days before release, anyway, so don't panic. If they're handing the keys out on Monday-Tuesday like a few threads say, that's probably when pre-loading will be activated.
  11. Highest selling kickstarter backed rpg so far, yes. But if we're talking kickstartered video games in general we'd probably have to award that one to FTL (even if their kickstarter was to fund the fees for setting up a business to sell the game, rather than to develop it). But depending on how reviews and word of mouth goes, 300-400K sales should be a lowball (unless things go seriously wrong) and 1M or more sales is not out of the question if sentiment goes well.
  12. Yeah, I can understand not releasing the game early, but I do wonder about all the extras. We could be perusing Tim's cookbook or that novella or the almanac while waiting. Or watching that documentary, which looks very interesting based on the released tease. I mean, I'm (mostly) fine with waiting, but I'm not sure of why there'd need to be a delay for those unless it's a case of 'then the people with a physical box have to wait longer for their versions of those', which, based on previous kickstarters, they'll have to do anyway - I didn't get my Wasteland 2 physical box until long after I'd completed a run of the game from my digital copy.
  13. That a fact? It seemed like PoE was one of the biggest kickstarters ever at the time but now it is only the 10th largest. If the game is a success they might be able to do it again. Hopefully they will not need to. Well, considering that Torment's still the highest computer game pledge earner after 2 years (3rd in the kickstarter game category overall, with the other 2 in games that earned more being a card game and a console) and I had to go down to something like the 24th game in the 'most funded games' list before I found a video game kickstarter from 2014 or sooner, they may have a point. That's not to say a second kickstarter might not still do well, even if it doesn't do as well - the second Shadowrun kickstarter still got 1.2 million which is still great, even if it's not matching the original's 1.8 million. The Ultima Underworld successor didn't do as well recently, though, even if it did get funded so who knows? Our next chance to see what a kickstarter game can really make will probably be Bard's Tale.
  14. Would I pledge? Yeah, sure. Would I pledge the same amount again? Well, even if the first game turns out to be everything I hoped and dreamed of, there's a bit of a problem for me and my fellow countrymen/women, and that's that the Australian dollar (which was a little above 1:1 parity when the original Eternity kickstarter came out) has swan-dived in value against the US dollar since then. The US$288 I pledged back then (shipping costs added to pledge, plus a minor add-on), which cost me a little less than that amount in my local currency, would now cost me $377 Australian dollars if I pledged today, and it will probably be even worse by the time a kickstarter came out if the local economists are to be believed. My dollar doesn't buy as much from overseas as it did a year ago, so even if I have equal enthusiasm, I don't have equal buying power to what I once had.
  15. The biggest advantage to reutilising the same main character in a sequel would be in kicking the game up to a higher level cap, with the resulting expansion of skills and spells that result from this. It adds an extra dimension to things by getting a tangible sense of your character growing in strength over a story arc. Having said that, even if this series is wildly successful and spawns many a future game there is a point where it's time (never let it go on for more than a trilogy) to move on to a new character rather than re-using the same one. After all, it's also nice to slip into a new pair of shoes - or character, as the case may be - and play someone with a new backstory.
  16. whoa thats harsh what if you kill him accidentally (like oops I cast magic missile instead of shield wall) or kill him without realizing he is so important You normally have to specifically click on an attack/special attack button and then click on the target to attack friendly targets (okay, there's some other ways for some specific characters, but in general it's true) - it's probably time for a dose of consequences if you're randomly doing things like that.
  17. Hmm, there is that possibility. The email I currently use on kickstarter is not the same as what I remember using for this kickstarter project. I changed it awhile ago (the old one is the same as what I use here) - I had to change it due to the old mail system not receiving update emails from kickstarter, but yeah, pretty sure I did that after this kickstarter ended.
  18. When you move to the second step, the gender Icon displays as male (circle and arrow) even when female was selected (it does say female in the text below). If this is intended rather than a bug, it should probably instead be a gender sign that combines male/female (circle with both the arrow and the cross), to avoid confusion to new players who think they selected the wrong gender.
  19. Just logged on due to the beta, and noticed I didn't have the badge (yep, backed on kickstarter)
  20. Ah, Arcanum - that takes me back. During its making they had a "Wordsmiths wanted" story competition running where you could write an in-universe short composition/story and win a chance for it to be in one of the books in-game (along with a free copy of the game itself). I found out about it the night before I was to go overseas for a few weeks, so I quickly trotted off something that admittedly wasn't the best thing I'd ever written (The Journal of Henry Dovern), submitted it, and promptly forgot about it until I received an email saying I was one of the ones who was selected. Good times.
  21. In other types of games you can get the feeling of "Oh my god, what is this eldritch horror I'm facing?" In mainstream rpgs, the feeling is more along the lines of "Oh my god, what awesome loot will this eldritch horror drop when my companions and I skewer it liberally with our many sharp and pointy weapons?" If I see it, and it's a monster, I have to be able to kill it - maybe with better weaponry or experience than I have now, but eventually. If I can't kill it, it's more likely to annoy me than horrify me in an rpg.
  22. How about a god so lazy that it set itself up as the God of Nothing, with it presuming that doing this meant that it wouldn't have to ever do anything or deal with any annoying worshippers praying in its ear all the time. Human nature being what it is, mortals got confused when they found out about a god that didn't appear to be the god of anything at all, so whenever they came across anything that didn't obviously fit into another god's domain, they naturally assumed that this domainless god was the right god for whatever thing they were worried about. So the lazy, doesnt-want-to-do-anything God of Nothing quickly found itself being worshipped as a god for every small, annoying, niggling and useless little thing out there that the other gods didn't take care of.
  23. I'm not sure why there's even a thread on this. I can see how people could worry and discuss about the combat system or the armour system or the classes or the lore or the races, but the one thing most people agree to on Obsidian, even their detractors, is their ability to write good characters. If there's one section they don't need tips on, it's how to make interesting antagonists.
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