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  1. I'd prefer they hire the person they feel is right for the job, should they need a Narrator. We don't need to micromanage their every hire.
  2. Pet - anything but a dog. Seriously, it's been done, then done again, then done and done and done. It must be time for a cat to have its day.
  3. I doubt there'll be a huge amount of stat customisation (beyond choosing the major strength, intelligence, etc stats) at the character creation portion due to you having to select a class (if the game was classless I'd expect more at-the-start-stat-customisation) - I'd expect the majority of that to come later on when you start to level. I suspect that people expecting fallout levels of starting selections will be disappointed.
  4. Not sure I'm a fan of one segment of donaters being given special mention in the game over other segments that may have also donated all that they can and may have encouraged tons of friends and family to donate without any recognition, but very well I'll jump on the bandwagon - pledge increased. I'll go for the title: Irritable Art Critic of the Obsidian Order.
  5. It may be unrealistic for gold to have no weight, but I'd usually prefer that than having to micromanage what i'm carrying.
  6. Voicework isn't a complete waste of money - would Minsc be remembered as well for his "go for the eyes, Boo!" line based totally on the text and not the voice actor's voice adding nuance to it? BG2 did it best by having the opening paragraph/introduction of a character voiced, as well as combat and movement acknowledgement text being voiced - it gives enough for flavour without completely tieing the game to the expense and limitations of full voices.
  7. "Where's Chris today?" "He's dead. His beard reached a length where it gained sentience and choked him to death."
  8. Printed image books cost a not-insignificant amount of money to make, so the lower the tier they're in the more that have to be printed (as the higher tiers also get it), and the less money is left to the developers to spend on the actual game. So I voted no, not because I think you have to be 60 to like physical books like the not-so-neutral poll text said.
  9. If I sit down in a paper-and-pen rpg, I'm not controlling my teammates - the people sitting either side of me do that. I like it when a team member does or says something unexpected (so long as it doesn't result in a party wipe ala Leeroy Jenkins), and that's not going to happen if I'm the one in control of everyone.
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