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  1. I don't seem to display either of my badges but they are both listed on my profile page?
  2. I'm wondering if the higher levels of backing ($250+) will have access to one of each? I'm probably going with Steam for my first code but I wouldn't mind a GOG copy for ease of Modding. *P.S. My Backer Badges seem to be missing?*
  3. Please take all the internets that you have won from me
  4. Doesn't the pitch video also explain that each companion will effectively be written 3 times (As both a positive, neutral and negative incarnations) and all the art assets that this entails? So doesn't that really mean 24 basic threads/plots to write. After that you have the interaction of the party members with each other and this must also be all done in triplicate??? That is one complex plot web. I have faith that the writer of PS:T is up to the task but do we really think that all these combinations is not already quite a high ambition???
  5. In this case I think that "more is less" as time and budget mean a restriction on iteration. With 2 head writers you have to take into account that all variables must be explained to the other writer and they must keep each other updated. More individual group dynamics make this a very hard thing to scale up well without losing details or plot tightness. Is no one seeing the possible narrative angle of the number 8 ??? With the whole Eternity/infinity (with the 8 knocked on its side) and the link to soul paths it may be that the plot kinda needs the input of 8 Companion NPC's. While I don't expect the writers to be ham-fisted about it, Chris is great at subverting tropes and ideas so maybe it will have something interesting as a result??? I have to agree that 8 is enough to write in an in depth manner and that we will probably get more in the expansion (Probably signature characters for the remaining extra classes that are not used for the first
  6. Stories and sagas are driven by three basic things LOVE, DEATH and GOLD. (or Family, threats and resources to put it in more boring terms) To take any of these vital elements of story telling out and you have a lesser story. Romance is a huge narrative imperative and any good game will include it (even if it is in its subverted form like in PS:T) I found enjoyment in the Aribeth de Tylmarande story in NWN and the fact it didn't work out till much later in the series (in a kinda odd way) was a nice ending and a good story. I think the ROADBLOCK ROMANCES that bioware seemed to put into its later games would have been better if they were more subtle but they are written for the CONSOLE so have a demographic to hit. I want good stories and blood, sugar, sex and magic seem to be a good starting point for an adventure I can enjoy as more than a very pretty game of chess.
  7. The problem with discussing things people are passionate about is that they are passionate about them People will disagree with you on nearly every stance you take but to reduce it to the fact that they "HATE" BG seems a bit extreme. I've just replayed both from GOG and BG does feel dated and lacking in some area's but that doesn't mean I hate it. Just because I like torment better doesn't mean I think BG has no value and I don't think many people (Bar Trolls and the poorly educated) would try to write off one of the 2 major sources of inspiration for PE. Another thing to keep in mind is that the internet has a short memory and keeps a grudge and the developers of BG:EE have kinda left a lot of people with a bad impression of the series. While I think what they are doing is probably going to be an okay job, lots of issues have come up to bother long term fans. Charging for a game that has been rebuilt by modders but then not paying them (even if they did get permission) is not really cool and the fact that you can only buy it through them direct and not a good or well known digital distributor is also an issue (But again I think this is due to the funding model they are using not that they are doing it out of greed). This may flavour some of the responses you see (Look at how mad people got at imagined things during the PE kickstarter over stuff that doesn't exist yet). Please add a choice to your survey that says " I'm not sure there is a problem, I like both games" if you want people to be able to answer your survey properly and I think you will be happy with the response of people. Otherwise this is just a flamebait poll and you will not have your fears calmed. Keep happy and running in your habitrail
  8. Does that mean you backed out of getting the game??? Best update the Obsidian Order to show you left thread or jump on PayPal before they close it and you lose your O.O. title. I don't see anything wrong with people who didn't hear about the project having till Christmas to pledge or Upgrade. Preproduction has started and has a pot of cash that is a minimum. Obsidian has mentioned it is not doing full hiring or going into full production for a bit so a window while costs are still being assessed is available. During this period as much extra fund raising as possible helps us all to get a better game as more $$$ are gathered. Admittedly to stop feature creep, no more extra goals/Endless path can be added to from this cash but the "polish" goal is a moving target and Alpha testing and iteration are things that will always be in a shortfall state. Any extra cash can be used on this and professional external Beta testing without messing with the core teams costs and goals to much (at least early in the project). Unless Obsidian is certain that leaving PayPal open will heavily effect the viability of the forthcoming *Obsidian Store* it should be left open for a sensible "extra funding" period. ...But then again I have nothing to do with the Games Industry so guess it really is up to them. CAN'T WAIT FOR MORE INFO TO GET MY TEETH INTO
  9. Also could it be made clear how people can use PayPal to add to a Kickstarter order as it will save you guys time processing it all. (I kinda want to add the playing cards and CD soundtrack but can't do it till November as the $250 + O.O. $8 have put me @ my limit as they were more important)
  10. I think "Slacker backer" or late backing should be available for the next month and a bit (Till christmas) with the same tiers just missing Kickstarter exclusive badge and item (Green Shirt). After that the Obsidian store should be up and pre-orders and a different (lesser) set of extra's should be available till launch (whenever that ends up being). Hopefully at Launch a pre-order for the expansion (I already have it) with kickstarter like tiers to get featured in the game/design an inn etc. This is cash Obsidian otherwise wouldn't see (Only $25 for each expansion) and you already know your fans want to give you cash for stuff like this. I really want a big game with high quality and that takes cash... And this is a great way of getting it without resorting to Shady DLC tactics (not that I think they would) Long live Obsidian... For Eternity in fact
  11. What is it that is so addictive about Kickstarter Stretch Goal Maps!!! Fingers crossed for +$4 million dollars

  12. What is it that is so addictive about Kickstarter Stretch Goal Maps!!! Fingers crossed for

  13. What is it that is so addictive about Kickstarter Stretch Goal Maps!!! Fingers crossed for

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