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  1. I do not disagree with you, however I assume it is common for studios to have 2-3 games in development at once, in various stages... So that the 2-4 year development cycle of each game allows for a game release every year or 2.
  2. Or maybe save the money for buying and slaying all the elks (Well i guess with the proper surgery you could write with a beating elks heart and keep it alive.) and get one of those devices that are in musical birthday cards, so every time you press a button on the shirt, the "Update" Song plays.
  3. I would be happy with either, but honestly.. I am not sure which I would prefer. "Project of Eternity" - Showing off my "I was there from the beginning" attitude. - Representing being a kickstarter supporter. - Plus sometimes the codename is cooler (Sega Katana, Windows Longhorn, Nintendo Revolution) "Pillars of Eternity" - Much more Relevant - New comers to the game will know what the T-Shirt means, not just early backers. - Sometimes the real name is better than the codename (Nintendo Dolphin, Blue Harvest, The Burly Man) Disclaimer: I like both names just fine.
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