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  1. Before I do something like that, what does the non-blurry map look like (ie, where's a decent close up image of one)? I wouldn't want to get my hopes up for nothing.
  2. Nah, it's always the rogue. Make the Monk companion in the expansion heartlessly evil instead. I'd prefer to see the evil Barbarian myself. I never have use for monks. When you think about a Monk in this game, though, they take wounds in order to give them out. A slightly suicidal sado-masochistic thrill-seeker who jumps into danger and loves liquifying enemy's internal organs with their punches practically writes itself.
  3. Unfortunately they sent it via Hermes, which is pretty much the "cheapest option if you don't care whether it gets there" courier; they do sometimes bother with signatures, but mostly they don't care if it 'requires' one or not. Well, that's unfortunate. It's also around 7.5 cms (or around 2953 'thou', for you imperial users out there) in depth so it'd take an impressive mailbox to handle it.
  4. Vhat is zis "SEE-EMM" hyu speak ov? Good citizen hyuse only IMPERIAL NONSENSE MEASUREMENT. Unfortunately, I left my metric-to-toad's-toe-lengths converter at home. I do apologise to the fine inhabitants of Myanmar, Liberia, and that other last country in the world that doesn't use Metric for my unwarranted use of the measurement system used by 95ish% of the world's population, though.
  5. Nah, it's always the rogue. Make the Monk companion in the expansion heartlessly evil instead.
  6. Around 30cm by 23 1/2 cms, according to my ruler. Edit: I don't know how it works in your country, but in mine the package was a 'requires signature' one, by the way, so they left a card saying they'd dropped it off at the nearest post office for me to pick up after signing for it. Check for a card if your country does the same.
  7. Well, you're probably going to just love Torment when it comes out, by the sounds of it. If you're overwhelmed with the text then just remember that you can skip all the gold name plated characters where you only have the option to 'reach into their soul', as their stories were written by backers and have no bearing to the actual overarching plot.
  8. Hmm, surely people are just being overly critical here... (opens Collectors Edition, pulls out map) Wow. Nope, that is terrible.The Wasteland 2 map wasn't all that great either, but I think it worked better than this as it could pass as something that had been sitting in some ranger's back-pocket for a few years. This one's just... not good at all.
  9. Yes, but then again it says the same thing on my page as well and I physically have the box here. Maybe they only count it as shipped when all the items (documentary, etc) are out of their hands? If they do yours anything like mine (and they may not be - I don't know if they are doing standard the same way as collectors, and maybe Europe's being handled by a different distributor to US/Aus?), you should get an email from them when they've shipped it.
  10. Welp, got my collector's edition in Australia, so that took about two weeks from posting to receiving. Which is actually better than the other stuff from projects on kickstarter usually take to get to me.
  11. And without Kickstarter there won't be backer NPCs and limericks! Or any Obsidian at all, according to the Documentary. I can take ignoring people with gold nameplates and not clicking on memorials to put up with that (I stopped bothering after finding that gamebanshee.com one. It was breaking my immersion too much to continue reading them after that). I don't know how scientific this is, but according to Steam 17.2% of players have the "Kickstarter Backer" achievement -- so we are a sizable minority of the game's Steam audience, but still a minority. I remember checki
  12. No, I got it. Just don't know what it's for. Hotfix for the lockpicking issue?
  13. I don't want to sound rude, but it doesn't matter what *You* personally never experienced. You might never have been to Nepal, but I can assure you it exists. People aren't surprised that there are bugs, but that there are bugs that outright stop/destroy the whole progress, that none of the testers found them and that some people are actively trying to deny/justify their existence. It kind of does matter, though, because if it works for others (I've completed the game, only one real bug noted in my playthrough and it wasn't a game breaker) it shows there is a chance that their internal Q
  14. Well, it differentiates between them but it still identifies things like wurms as dragons in the description text so maybe they're counting all unique entries as one type of dragon each? I've got dragon entries for Adra Dragon, Drake, Shadow Drake, Sky Dragon, Wurm, Young Drake. And are you sure you don't have to 100% their bestiary entries? The achievement does say 'kill all the dragons in the game', so it could mean kill the 3 main ones, or it could mean 100% the bestiary entries for all dragon type creatures including drakes and wurms and so on. Of course, it's likely to just strai
  15. Then they would've gotten the other achievements as well that are still at 0%. Besides, I did get the achievement legitimately so I can confirm it working at least sometimes: killed all dragons during their respective quest lines and betrayed the adra dragon. Did you progress in the Adra's quest? Because what I did was: 1) Talked to it 2) Agreed to help 3) Got quest to drop something in the titan's hand 4) Instead of doing that I just attacked the Adra Dragon (didn't even leave the room) Maybe the fact that the quest log did not give me the option to kill it (immediately) after I tal
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