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  1. I'm playing @ 2560x1600 with no issues at all. What problems are you referring to? Look at the links I posted.
  2. Are you saying you truly don't have the bug described here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/71809-ui-scaling-blurry-font/ ? This thread is the first time I've come across anyone playing above 1920x1080 who said they don't have it. By the way, the text is certainly plenty big enough to read. From orbit. The issue is that it's been egregiously upscaled when it should have been left alone or - at worst - re-rendered at the absurdly large size that it ends up at rather than being rescaled. Even setting UI scale to minimum and sitting well back, there's no getting around the fact that it's atrociously blurred as an artifact of the scaling. It's possible that the Linux version of Unity might handle scaling differently, so I might install Linux and try it out, because when I say the game is unplayable for me, I'm not exaggerating. I've played in a 1920x1080 window for a while to work around the problem, but it's too frustrating so I gave up. This thread also describes it: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/68289-v278-ui-issues-when-running-resolutions-above-1080p/ but it also covers some 3d rendering problems that were fixed, leaving only the UI to have this problem. I had a couple of screenshots attached to my post, but they don't seem to show any more for me, and I no longer have them to re-upload.
  3. The game is basically unplayable at resolutions over 1920x1080 because of the UI scaling problems that Obsidian haven't even acknowledged.
  4. Well, I got mine today: Honestly, I thought the Wasteland 2 one was alright. This... is pretty bad though Edit: Believe it or not, I'd say the camera is probably doing it some favours.
  5. Okay, so it's arrived! It turns out it was delivered to somewhere unknown, who redelivered it to our house number in the nearest group of houses, who redelivered it here this afternoon.
  6. In practice, it looks like the game was designed to force you into giving your main character high int + perception. I think things are a bit better in the full game than they were in the backer beta, when per+int+res were useful for conversations, and might+con+dex were for combat. If you can't tell, I think this is extremely poor game design, just like everything else Josh Sawyer touches.
  7. Unfortunately they sent it via Hermes, which is pretty much the "cheapest option if you don't care whether it gets there" courier; they do sometimes bother with signatures, but mostly they don't care if it 'requires' one or not.
  8. Okay, thanks. There is a street near us with a fairly similar name, so I'll have to investigate there next.
  9. Anyone who's received their CE box: is it small enough that it could plausibly fit through a letterbox? I'm wondering because Hermes claim "08:56 Delivered to Letterbox", but there's no sign of it - no ticket or anything. The phrasing 'to letterbox' (rather than 'through') makes me think that it might mean 'left outside', but I had a look at the nearby doorsteps and didn't see anything, so I'd like to get some idea if it might have actually been posted through the letterbox, but to the wrong house.
  10. You can work around this by setting your desktop resolution to 1920x1080 before starting the game.
  11. They look about the right size to me on my 13" laptop at 1920x1080. Can't imagine how big you must be wanting them if you find them too small when stretched to 27". The good news is that this is moddable, though obviously it's too early for PoE mods to be very numerous. Google for the Infinity Engine UI mod - they've added some UI customisation. Now I don't think they've added the kind of resizing you're looking for, but the mod might give you some idea of how to switch out the icons for bigger ones.
  12. Where did you find a copy? Here is a link to the manual from the Steam page of my game: http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/apps/291650/manuals/pe-game-manual.pdf?t=1427302221 Thanks, I had somehow never noticed the manual link in Steam until you pointed it out.
  13. While obviously rendering the text at the final display size would be best, I think it would get most of the way there if there were a way to persuade the game just to render the text exactly the same regardless of resolution. I mean, the upscaled text is no only badly blurred, but it's absurdly large: Even at 70%, the lowest font scale size, it's still not exactly small: I'm hopeful that disabling the UI scaling completely is within the realm of moddability, so that even if the root of the problem doesn't get fixed any time soon, then at least the game will have resolution independence on a par with BG2. As it is, I'm not convinced I'm going to be able to bear playing with the text looking this bad, at least if there's as much text in the game as I'm expecting .
  14. For what little it's worth, I genuinely believe that you're lying when you say that. Actions speak louder than words, and Obsidian's actions over the past year or so have strongly indicated that you see backers as nothing more than a disposable money source, that's become an inconvenience. Engagement from Obsidian has been by far worse than any other Kickstarter I've ever backed, and PoE is really the only Kickstarter I can think of that I regret backing. I can't help but compare Obsidian to InXile, who have been consistently exemplary, and wonder where it all went wrong. Wahahaha, are you trolling or being serious? Sometimes it's so hard to tell. Regardless, it must really suck to be you and pissed off at the entire world. Don quixote had nothing on you. I'm absolutely serious. I can't see any other rational interpretation of the facts. I confess I was pretty pissed off at one point last year, but that feeling has long ago turned into a general weary disappointment.
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