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  1. Hi all. So I noticed that while managing my rewards, I have the option to select a higher tier, as well as some additional add ons before confirming it (any pay the extra cost of course) I'd like to know, if I just set my reward to the original tier I paid for right now, will I have the option of upgrading or add ons later? And if not, how long I can hold off confirming my reward? (so I can wait till I have some money to upgrade, lol) Thanks
  2. Exactly A video game still has to focus on being a video game at the end of the day. QFFT
  3. Such comparison doesn't have a common ground for it to be valid. that very same old man would have been beaten by his 30 year old self. Its a biological fact that physically, our body peak at about 25-30. After that its a decline. There's a reason why most sportsmen peak at that age range. Certain demanding sports is where you really see the effect of a person's physical capabilities and its very rare you see a sportsmen above 40 doing well in physical sports like Formula 1 or football. Of course, with everything said, we should always remember that video game is not a simulator of
  4. Thank you for the fulfillment site. I believe its the best way of handling the pledges and rewards, better than through email. And I love the ability to upgrade our pledge, which I hope will be there for awhile. I certainly am aiming for higher tier once I can afford. Thank you all. PS: Congratulations to Darren Monahan for his first kid.
  5. Completely ok. They will later contact you and everyone to ask how we want to divide the total amount of money we donated, and that's where you tell them this money for what tier, and that money for shipping, etc.
  6. Mathematics is not a belief system. It doesn't require you to have faith in it. When you do your taxes you are using mathematics. You can't say you don't believe in mathematics and so you are not paying your taxes. When you drive you car, it was design using mathematics. When you use your computer, its mathematics. When you use your GPS, its mathematics. Its a tool of pattern. Science is another fact that you cannot avoid regardless of whether you are religious or not. When you are ill, you don't stay home and pray to god, you go to the hospital, that's science at work. When you want to g
  7. From what I've seen in other kickstarter, they will usually announce it to make sure everyone is aware that they are closing the Paypal donation, for example a few days before they close it down. Personally I hope it stays up for a longer time though, I'm still trying to squeeze in some extra money to upgrade my tier. Or at least get the strategy guide, Heh
  8. I see some people mentioned about ensuring the game would stand the test of time, which is a great point. Games like Baldur's Gate shows us that if its great, people will still want to play it many years later. Only problem is that it didn't scale well with certain technology such as the text are hard to read with today's display standard.
  9. Just because there are certain thing we don't know about the universe, it doesn't mean there's a need for a higher being or intelligent design. To invoke intelligent design is merely an argument from ignorance. I don't know what it is, so it must be so and so. It makes no sense. If you don't know then you don't, the discussion ends there. In science, we follow what nature tells is. We work from what we know, and we push the boundaries into the unknown as we progress. And until we get there, we do not have any preconception of what is there. We do not guess, we do not invoke intelligent
  10. I think its referring to the pen and paper D&D where you do need to read the rule book and learn them before you can play the game at all. In cRPG, the rules are handled by the computer, you just need to play the game, the computer will handle the mechanics.
  11. Max Payne 3 is about 30GB if I'm not mistaken. Not that I know if its the biggest ever, but I don't recall it ever being a issue. Didn't come across anyone complaining about it. Most probably it can be easily changed in one of its parameter files. They have said they plan to make stuff editable by simple text edits for modding. So, everyone can have it the way they want it. I hope it doesn't bothers you though.
  12. Its funny I was browsing this other Kickstarter project Star Citizen which I think many may have heard of by now, and they actually made "monthly dev team webcast" as a stretch goal. I thought to my self, so if no 4 million you're not going to be as enthusiastic in keeping the supporters up to date? I'm so glad Obsidian is keeping us up to date with these video after the project finishes and the real work begin. Looking forward to next week's update.
  13. Right now, I'm playing both Diablo 3 and Guild Wars 2. I am actually working through my Steam backlog too, HL Episode 1 and 2, and just installed Portal 2. But for this week, I'm focused more on Guild Wars 2 for its Halloween event. Terraria is also another game I'm playing during evening when I'm free, before dinner time. Where I live here, its way too hot to play any 3D games in the evening with the PC pumping out severe amount of heat into my already hot room. But I actually enjoy Terraria though.
  14. Exactly. How many people here have experience in managing a video game project? We don't know how the funds should be use, how much is needed, what's realistic, etc etc.
  15. 2 years is my bet. Ok, I admit is more of a wish. I'll die if we have to wait for 3 years or more.
  16. Personally I don't mind if its as big as Max Payne 3, which was the biggest game I've encountered. I hope they do not compromise too much the quality of the background images trying to compress the size.
  17. LOL, do you guys know what are the resources you guys kept mentioning about? Doesn't sound like people actually know how it works. 3D games are rendered in 3D already, before being transformed into 2D space to be displayed. 3D vision is simply displaying as it is, by taking the image from 2 different angle and interlace them on the monitor at 60 frames per second each. All of these are done on driver level. You don't go out there and make 3D games. Games are already 3D. That said, 3D characters floating on a 2D background is probably weird, so I don't see it happening.
  18. They will send out an email survey to everyone. They will tell you what is the total amount you have pay, and ask you how you wish to divide your money. Thats where you can tell them $20 for this, $20 for that, and so on.
  19. I really wished I could find a couple of $100 notes in my sofa right now and upgrade my tier before Obsidian stop taking pledges. Anyway I hope Obsidian will share updates and maybe even screenshots with us from time to time throughout the development to ease the wait. Congratulations again.
  20. I watched the video post live, and I thought the girl sitting in the middle, white top, is the most attractive. Whats up with the green in a top girl? When I was watching the stream of Adam playing ID2 and the D&D session, I thought the crowd were pretty cool, but I guess that's because most if not everyone was a backers here and not some random strangers. Personally I felt it should have just been advertise here, and there's no need to put it on the front page attracting all the mentally inept kids.
  21. Any chance of a fulfillment site where we can upgrade our tiers in the future? I understand we can do it at the moment for a limited time, but I'm hoping for something that is still open for us for a much longer period. Perhaps something similar to Wasteland 2 project where backers are still allowed to increase their pledge and this will be open until they are prepared to ship the stuff out, which is still a long time more to go. Thanks
  22. From my experience in Wasteland 2, backers will have a chance to pay through Paypal for extra shipment once they set everything up and you can review how much you have pledge and what reward you want. Its normal for people to forget shipping. You can't change anything on Kickstarter now, but you should be able to do it directly with Obsidian later on. For now, lets wait for the official word from them. Your problem will most definately be address and we'll see what are the instruction to pay for shipment.
  23. Not sure about you guys but I pledge because I wanted the project to happen, I wanted the game to be made. I'm not doing this to feel special. I couldn't care less if Obsidian wish to allow others to back the project later on. If it allows more money to help Obsidian in any way, I'm all for it. The ultimate goal here is the game itself.
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