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  1. Got it. Just to check; if I copy the entire saves folder, that is all I need for the saved games to be copied, right? Also, is the bug mentioned in the linked topic above fixed in the latest patch? It seems I was not alone in having it...I guess Durance is tricky to debug, with all those conversation trees...
  2. So the safest bet might be do to a fresh re-install and then apply the patches one by one without adding that fix?
  3. Hi, So because I encountered the bug with Trials of Durance, I downloaded this fix, which worked for the vanilla version of the game. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73209-the-trials-of-durance/page-2 I have since decided to try and patch it up (with the GOG patches, since I have that version of the game). However, when trying to patch it to it says in the patch_log.txt "incorrect versions of (the files in the durance fix). But the game still runs, so I decide to try and patch it to the latest version. Then it says "there were some errors", and the log file is full of the
  4. Too bad they didn't just decide on what they wanted, though.
  5. Personally, I would really like a backer site for the simple reason of organisation. Some of my kickstarter projects, I was a late backer to, and the backer sites that pop up in every project is very helpful in keeping track of what I backed, how much etc.
  6. Still hasn't seen anything about it. Did they drop the idea entirely?
  7. I think he might be talking about the non-Fallout Fallout games.
  8. Oh, that's a shame. Arcanum's manual is a real piece of work by itself!
  9. I agree. It is almost essential in some games (Yes I'm looking at you Bethesda) to have access to the dev console.
  10. I love game manuals. Even if they are not really needed to play the game sometimes, it is still a very nice way to get to know the game world, and more than anything it's a testament to the effort and love developers put into something. Just go read any manual for an old game...Fallout and Fallout 2, System Shock, Darklands, Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, Arcanum, Redneck Rampage, Syndicate and Syndicate Wars...they all added something extra to the experience and it was a joy to read when the game was installing. I think Betrayal of Antara even had a couple of pages by the game producer describing
  11. The product doesn't exist when you're seeking funding for it. So you're not a customer you're a backer. So people who pre-order games that aren't done yet are "backers"? As the other guy said, if a game is cancelled when pre-ordered the customer gets his money back. People need to understand that not a single one of us has "pre-ordered" a game. We have funded a game and hope to get something in return, provided everything goes as planned. We are not customers in any way, and there is not even any certainty the game will even be made. That is the preimse of Kickstarter, you take
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