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  1. I am fine with torches, so long as the light radius is reasonable when exploring dark areas. I hope Eternity will get some stealth elements affected by light, where we can extinguish fires and torches in the environment or bightly light an area to reveal sneaking foes.
  2. Forton is a bundle of problems, I have already talked plenty about it in the past and my opinions have not changed. He and the class he represents needs an entire reworking, at the moment he is the least popular and most complained about character. That alone demands that the character needs to be worked on more.
  3. I love anything with snow covered mountains forest and landscape. One of the reasons I love Icewind Dale, Skyrim and The Lords of Midnight. What I can not stand is swamps, they are almost always dark and dreary, it is always a relief to get out of them.
  4. "Punch the dolphin of choice out of the ocean." Such a statement can not be followed up, it speaks for itself. :D
  5. Looks like you guys at Obsidian have your priorities right, nothing to worry about. Not that any of us were worrying, I for one have complete faith.
  6. The legal complications involved probably mean they would not want to make the effort, but if they did I would like it. So long as Obsidian properly evaluates the work and the work itself is only superficial, notes, books, drawings in said books, small props. Nothing major and the sole reward is a mention in the credits. This all said, Eternity will be moddable and there is nothing stopping the community putting together such a project after release to flesh out the game world.
  7. If they have an obese character, I would like it to be represented visually for continuity. But if they do that we should also have thin, tall and small people, no need to discriminate.
  8. It is a bit early to be talking about an MMO, apart from that it takes millions to produce one and even if you do, the market is so saturated these days that you are unlikely to have a commercial success. Apart from that, personally I do not want multiplayer thrown at every decent single player role playing game, lets keep that nonsense where it belongs, with the idiots at EA.
  9. You guys are doing great at keeping the community updated and listening Obsidian. Nothing worse than when a successful Kickstarter ignores its fans once it gets the money.
  10. It should be realistic within reason. I would be fine with letting some inconsistency slide for the sake of making a more interesting landscape and if landscape was changed for magical reasons it would also be perfectly acceptable. So long as things do not get too ridiculous, it should be fine.
  11. One should never listen to so called `reviewers´ they know nothing more than the regular person and if anything they almost always pander to publishers or popular opinions, which colours their view far too much. It is always best to make up your own opinion by trying yourself. Alpha Protocol is a fantastic game that did not deserve the atrocious score and reputation it got, why it was trashed by people on release completely boggles the mind. Everyone I know that played it enjoyed the game, the people that complained possibly never actually played it but went by general opinion, which was negative. I have noticed a few gaming websites have went back to Alpha Protocol and now claim it is a `diamond in the rough´ when their first review was plainly disgusting. it is enough to make one angry.
  12. I don't have 500 dollar either. I do hope OE would include it out of the goodness of their heart, since it's such a poetic thing to do for a lost hard fan. I certainly hope it gets in, since it's so beautiful a memorial. We can always hope (or try making OE aware, not sure how though). As a matter of fact I was contacted very recently about adding my brothers persona name to a memorial stone by way of remembrance. It is an exceptionally kind offer which genuinely deserves a lot of recognition and +rep for. Ink Blot is too modest to even mention it, but he really deserves credit for such a altruistic gesture. It is very sad my brother will not be able to see it, but it does bring joy knowing how much it would have pleased him to have his name mentioned, he really was a massive fan of the genre. Thank you Ink Blot, you deserve a million reputation for this!
  13. In many ways Obsidian described a drug fuelled flagellant, but what they gave us was quite obviously a kung-fu monk. I get mixed signals from Obsidian over this class, they really need to clarify their intentions and give us more detailed lore.
  14. I am actually fine with sharing treasure and a fair cut of the gold to be given as a form of severance. But I chose `The hell you are! I'll die before I give up a single gold coin to your likes!´ because that kind of answer was just too hard to resist! :D If we do have a form of sharing and leaving penalty in the form of gold, an option would be required to bypass it. Like telling the NPC to go away and when they ask for gold you can say no, they will obviously take umbrage over this and are less likely to join you later, or perhaps may attack you in the late game with their own party. What we need are dynamic companions that react like people get insulted like people and have needs just like people. Otherwise we might as well be walking around with six emotionless golems that carry our loot and punch our foes, simple desires such as payment is a start on the path of depth required to make convincing characters.
  15. Hmm, is a hard poll to answer as it needs another option to cover my opinion. I would not want it strictly turned based, but neither would I shun the project if it was. Unfortunately I can not pick the third option because I do care as I like real time tactics. Turn based is good, but as an additional option not replacing real time tactics.
  16. Crossbows would give them a nice ranged choice for for a typically close combat class, sort of how people imagine witch hunters. But I think I read somewhere that crossbows will not be in Eternity, unfortunately, if I am wrong someone please correct me.
  17. Whatever voice actor they pick (David Ogden Stiers, hint, hint.) hopefully it will be the same person they pick for the narrator for the game. The continuity would be nice and quite fitting, the bonus would be it would be cheaper hiring only one person.
  18. "We want a tarrasque type creature" I assume you mean the `royal´ we. Honestly I do not care much, I prefer the bestiary to be handled by Obsidian, if they take everyone's ideas on this matter, it would be an eclectic mess.
  19. That is funny, because what I have learned from this very same topic is that many people have a very strong aversion to bad music sung atrociously.
  20. Eternity is not triple A, not that even half of current triple A titles ever deserve the name. Eternity will not be overly expensive to make, they are not relying on cutting edge technology or full voice acting with massive marketing campaign. They have a dedicated and experienced team, so the process should be streamlined and they are not having to spend a lot of money of middlewear as the engine they have chosen is inexpensive and flexible. Is four million a lot of money for current big budget games? No. Is it enough to make Eternity a great game? Yes, definitely.
  21. Eight is more than enough, they are not going to be shallow additions but fully fledged complex characters with their own story to tell. Additionally any classes/races missed will be found in the adventurers hall.
  22. This is a hard question, do I take something that gives endless re-playability? Perhaps a game that has such deep story that I could read over again for ever. Or perhaps a game with such diverse choices which have great meaning where I could revel in how the world is affected around me. I think I would kill myself, a world with only one RPG is not worth living in.
  23. Well, I do not like cats, why should I and people like me suffer? We should get dogs.
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