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  1. This statement is quite correct about the training. It took years of training to use a bow and it was quite deadly at long distances, even when people wore adequate protection arrows could easily piece shield and armour. Early firearms were inaccurate and often large volleys failed to hit anyone at all, plus at long distance they did little to no harm due to not having the force required. Regardless of the disadvantages firearms became the norm. The quick training was important as it let armies be placed on the field quickly and armed, not to forget a line of men repeatedly firing and reloading, though inaccurate could be quite fatal. Best of all was the noise and smoke, it was terrifying as people never experienced it before, especially to horses, which ruled the battlefield at that time.
  2. Exactly what I thought. Additionally related to the topic at hand I think the perspective looks fine.
  3. That would be a good concept, your background defines who you are and what kind of monk you start as. It does not stop Forton from being a goofy Shaolin wannabe, but it does open up other avenues to those players that want to be a different kind of Monk.
  4. If they do make it, it will be by the skin of their teeth. If 3.5 million is not achieved, but it is substantially over three million then I hope they use the excess money on something just as ambitious, or even add something the community has been craving for.
  5. Yes, most definitely David Ogden Stiers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67FuWzixduc Also, get him to read the audio book! :D Edit - I would prefer not the Betrayer guy, his voice sounds slightly forced, I prefer the older and wiser voice of Stiers.
  6. The Baldur's Gate two portraits are not hideous but far from being very nice, At the end of the day this is all subjective. Justin has a great artistic style and is one of the big things that I loved about Icewind Dale and as Obsidian have stated they want to mimic the artistic style from that game, those that love the BG2 portraits should be prepared for some disappointment... dlux. I feel the campaign to get Justin on-board is pointless at the moment, due to the campaign being close to closing. But Obsidian have great artists that can pull off his style well, Dwarven ranger being a good example, I would like to see more of that art soon though.
  7. That does not make what he said less wrong, comparing a game developed in 2004 with a game developed in 2012. It is obvious I do not appreciate your threat, his extraneous post was purposefully inflammatory in an attempt to bring up a complaint that has no baring on this situation, which by definition is a `trollĀ“. You may not appreciate the internet slang, but the fact remains.
  8. It was one of the very first things revealed, I take it you have come very late to the campaign. The world has gunpowder, one shot guns that are powerful and slow to reload. It is not far fetched for the fantasy setting due to the historically based time frame that inspires it. Basically do not expect anything exotic or engineers popping out turrets.
  9. The artist is great, but the image is rubbish, from posture and physical appearance to attire, it seems like a bad joke compared to the other companions. As for being a kung-fu monk, I hate the concept as it is so ill fitting, but that is essentially covered in the quite long Monk Class topic. Edit - Personally I would have found a Flagellant or Hospitilar class far more acceptable.
  10. Must have taken you a while to find a video which has almost every graphical setting turned off. You are just being utterly ridiculous now, especially with comparing a game developed in 2004 with a game developed in 2012. Go troll somewhere else, it is not needed or appreciated here.
  11. I read the post, the cut quote to `snipĀ“ is to reduce quote spam. Anyone interested in reading your post can, they do not need me quoting to do so. As to expecting me to reply and counter everything you say, I only reply to what interests me, just because you feel compelled to write on and on attempting to justify everything you believe is right, does not mean everyone else is expected address your opinions. You want a fight that I have no interest in giving, it is evident by the fact you misquote and misread what is said. You made your point and I made mine, we do not agree, their is little else to talk about with you specifically beyond. "I disagree" Though things seem to be more and more set in stone I think the topic still has uses, I am quite interested in other peoples opinions of what a good alternative could be and how to not make monks stereotyped. Great suggestions have been made so far that are much better (Personal opinion) than the kung-fu monk.
  12. I disagree and no one has justified anything, just excused.
  13. I am unashamedly a pack rat, I collect everything in games. Skyrim I collect books, weapons, armour and even miscellaneous items, same with Fallout 3 and Divine Divinity. Seems we will likely have a stronghold we should get some nice collectables to spice the place up a bit, especially rare things that cost a lot or give bonuses. How enjoyable this all is to the pack rat fan like myself depends if we are going to get Divine Divinity like items scattered everywhere or Baldur's Gate style minimalistic approach. I can not express enough how irritated I was when playing Neverwinter Nights 2 when I attacked the bandits camp and they had tons of loot scattered on the floor of their hideout, but every bit of it was static props which my character could not pick up. It was a complete immersion breaker. Here is to hoping for Divine Divinity style item assets rather than everything being static background, Project Eternity could learn a lot from that great game. Edit - Granted it takes more time to create art, but the immersion it adds is worth it.
  14. If half the people here got their way we would be getting Infinity Engine style sprites and no models at all. I should think yourself lucky Obsidian are giving us fully 3D characters Obyknven, detailed or not, they could have gone truly old school, but they wisely made concessions to technological advances of the last ten years. Edit - Also like the others I do not like the look of the game you are posting, more videos is not going to change that.
  15. -Sure-, people making music inspired by video games for sheer pleasure is just being a "hipster" or "jumping on the bandwagon . I can only roll my eyes so much to such comments, people have been making fan music for years, just because they suddenly hear of such now they think it is a fad. The Nevewinter games alone has hours and hours of fan music, might be hard to do but ignore such people Armand, they know not of what they speak. As far as I am concerned, good music is good music, even the developers like what you made. You have four days till the end of the campaign, you better get get cracking Armand! Been too long since your last Eternity piece, we have a lot more lore for you to be inspired by.
  16. The new monk image does nothing but reinforce my concerns. He fits the exactly into the dire stereotype as if cut and pasted from another popular class based roleplaying franchise. Semi-naked fist fighting idiot, he totally undermines the other companions who wear realistic armour and wield actual weapons like a normal person would. I fear his inclusion is nothing more than to satisfy kung-fu fanboys who think of it as some sort of magical movie land art form that can dodge bullets an punch through walls. *Sigh* What a wasted opportunity I think, they could have done something truly original with the class. Especially because Eternity is a land without the printing press and during that time Monks are the ones that most often wrote books, they were educated, devout sometimes healers or zealous warriors in battle with chain-mail and shield. We could have had something like a flagellant or an inquisitor, crazed with devotion or fierce in conviction ready to smite the unbelievers, but no we get a boring ill fitting Shaolin wannabe. I know who is going to spend all his time in the Adventurers Hall... Forton. Just a shame that would never remove all reference to them from the game, but I will not let that stop me enjoying the rest of it. I am disappointed in you Obsidian! But only with this lapse of judgement.
  17. No seasons or snow, but wind, rain, and fog would be great, they would not need more than some fancy shaders and particle effects. Not seasons (Or snow) because then every region would need four versions of the same map with a lot of fiddling to create transitions, that would require new art assets for each area which is too big a stretch. Perhaps the expansion can be set in a snow laden landscape to make up for it though.
  18. You do not even need to be nominated for Game of the Year to even release a GOTY version... Two Worlds Two. Regardless, it is far too early to say, who knows what other games will come out in 2014.
  19. First, it does not look terrible, so I can not take your opinion seriously. Secondly Project Eternity is an isometric game, what exactly are you expecting to see? We do not even know if we will get a 3D paperdoll so the discussion is rendered essentially pointless at the moment.
  20. I have to say the artwork for the dungeon is intriguing a giant stone head and body. Could be a statue, but with natural caves surrounding it, it could be something more exotic than a statue. I am eagerly looking forward to the story behind the place and various lore fragments one can discover when venturing through it. I hope we get a couple more levels before the Kickstarter ends.
  21. Uh, no dinosaurs thank you it does not fit the setting. I would much rather see classic monsters taken from legend, much more preferable.
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