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  1. Definitely Yes. kicking it forward is an important step into changing the industry (at least supporting the alternative). also, say, they made a million $ profit. it would be only 50k $ they should contribute back. 5% is not much.
  2. 27. i dont know how that happened. after the highschool time kinda flew. damn!
  3. if you didn't see this: Nick K: “Romances, are you planning on developing them in Project: Eternity as well?” Feargus Urquhart: “Romances take a lot of effort, and I don’t want to be cagey on romances at all. We don’t want to make them a stretch goal, it’s just a question of if we feel comfortable with the funding. We have to do them right. Some people were giving us flak about, you know, the goal to get to the first companion, class, race, and things like that. They weren’t completely wrong in their criticism, but we don’t have nefarious reasons behind it. If it’s a pretty in depth co
  4. excuse my ignorance but wtf is a player house? is it smth like the private room in upper ward in PS:T?
  5. So don't worry, they will be looking into translating the game, presumably the more money they have, the more languages they can afford which is logical. So lets not argue about the translation. Obsidian will do their best to get the game translated, and that's that. there goes my extra NPC manly tears will be shed
  6. maybe you buy a gigantic beast that can bear all your party on its back. purely for transportation purposes (and carry extra loot). but still overkill.
  7. half-breeds should be special (odd and interesting) and reserved only for your companions (which you recruit) like a half abishai half thokola freak as your companion (should you choose to recruit her ) i am tired of half orc, half human etc.
  8. although i lean toward 2nd option i also like the 1st one. i mean the 1st option is brutal and actually forces you to make a hard choice. however, the drawback of it is that how the hell are you gonna know if the new members is better/worse than the old one. hmmm
  9. i don't know much about other cRPGs but in PS:T i always liked to "find a use" for my companion or just kill him/her anytime i want. "find a use" being sold into slavery either ignus or fall-from-grace
  10. mounts can only be the justification for travelling long distances (like in fallout 2(the car), arcanum (the train)) otherwise NO!
  11. personally i don't care for localization. if obsidian cares about it they should (naturally) do a market research (a.k.a a forum poll ) i mean, there might be more fans from poland and russia than FIGS (i think this was the case for wasteland 2.).
  12. also on a related note: one should not underestimate the power of the "finishing parties" b. fargo regrets that they didn't have one for the end of the wasteland 2 KS campaing. for it ended at an awkward time ( ).PE ends at Oct 17, 3:00am CEST(wednesday) hope that obsidian can exploit the last minute pledging frenzy.
  13. here, if you want to compare it with wasteland 2 KS progress and make kangaroo mathematics: -------------------------------------------------
  14. i highly doubt that this project will get more than 3,4 million $.
  15. i was able to finish torment with evil alignment but chaotic evil (cost dear xp and quests. not fun!). as i was bitching about it on this forums, it's nearly impossible to finish the game lawful evil (or even lawful good, i guess).
  16. i really hope we can get a proper evil playthrough. almost exclusively in every cRPG you are punished for being evil: botch the quest, lose the xp and forced to kill the NPC etc.
  17. the zerth blade (from PS:T) seriously awe inspiring with the the unbroken circle of zerthimon (though not a weapon)
  18. i don't see the harm in one cosmetic item. $25 tier is the bread & butter of this project. gotta have an incentive for people.
  19. tux be praised! i wish in the near future majority of games will only be released for gnu/linux. it's a free OS and can pretty much run on all architectures (incl. toasters). no need to abandon your dear windows or mac os, just install linux on the side (ain't rocket science).
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