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  1. Legendary Spiked Chain of Kossuth sounds an excellent piece in any pen and paper adventure. I also love sentient weapons and items, R.A Salvatore - Crystal Shard is an amazing book regarding a sentient artefact. With the souls theme to PE hopefully we'll see a few sentient items, not loads as I think it takes something away from awesomeness. Taking what you love... Balrock Strongmirth, brave paladin, was tired from the fight. The chain expertly swung and thrown continued to bite into his armour. Every hit, he felt his strength seep out of him. The chain was black and dull, it reflected
  2. I'd go nuts for a book / short story by R.A Salvatore, Brent Weeks or Joe Abercrombie.
  3. Woah, hair on arms raised. Sounds like the sword could be sentient, totally skewed by the thousands of souls that it's devoured. Could make your protagonist do things unwillingly... mmmmm! Great post. Ahh, I remember completing this quest on one of my play throughs, though I never played Throne of Bhaal Weapons with long history and allowing you to create new history is something that is really missing from a lot of games. Far too many 'randomized' weapons. All this talk of BG2 is making me think we should start a 'Let's play' thread and in book club style we could all report ba
  4. A white haired man appears at the top of the next sand dune... ...he waves at you and your adventuring party, in a half bouncing, running motion he bounds towards you. You and your party look at each other, eyebrows raised. The man is wearing an oversized backpack, nearly twice his height, the bag is overloaded with swords, bows, poles, staves, and various other weapons. All sticking out from various pockets at odd angles. A flails head swings precariously close to the man's head. As the man reaches your party, in a single swift motion, he swings the bag round and it unfolds into a large
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