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  1. oh yeah i remembered, this is actually way better than graphic animations! (also saves $$$) also "his head exploded like a blood sausage™"
  2. why not upload the savefile to google drive/dropbox etc. then download it to your local dir and keep playing?
  3. i don't know much about the new cRPGs but in the old ones when you killed a creature it pretty much fell down in one piece. can we have chopping of limbs and whatever appendages? the foe might still come at you, say, even you chopped both its legs. also it would be nice to see gore and gushing of whatever bodily fluid they have. i dunno, maybe this is fallout and wasteland 2 territory. but some of us sick souls would like this.
  4. afaik the translation of PS:T to italian took 15 months to do, during that time they translated 68510 dialogues and a total of 1,4 million words! i am not saying quantity is equal to quality but that was clearly the case for PS:T I think translation is always harder than the actual writing because if you want to do a good job you have to translate it in a certain way and style. If you write it you have often this flow mechanism when you can write a ton of stuff in a very short period of time. yeah sure but i gave that example to have an idea about the humongous text size of PS:T
  5. afaik the translation of PS:T to italian took 15 months to do, during that time they translated 68510 dialogues and a total of 1,4 million words! i am not saying quantity is equal to quality but that was clearly the case for PS:T
  6. one way i see that can justify the investment on trap skills is that they should be quite deadly. then you are forced to have a thief character in your party. but this doesn't mean that they will not be a nuisance to you. "go couple of yards and omg deadly trap! disable and carry on. then again and again and again"
  7. almost exclusively every cRPG has traps and trap detection/disable skill. i have never seen traps implemented in an ingenious way that we actually care to bother at all. do we have to have them?
  8. i guesstimate that we're 90% male as customers. ½ skanky broads and ½ decent clothed broads would be nice deep inside everyone is a horny teenager
  9. absolutely. one can definitely afford a quite decent PC if already has money to spend on tablets. then one should sit his ass down, grab the keyboard & mouse and start playing.
  10. c'mon man we are not that old of geezers. are we? come to think of it, i think we are i'm 27, not that young
  11. afaik this is a new IP and they don't use any licenses like planescape or ad&d
  12. although i like them they shouldn't be "adventure" genre hard. I have no preference as long as they don't become a nuisance. option is fine, like in ps:t.
  13. the way that FNV had skill check on dialogues was retarded (a.k.a if you have 70 persuasion you will pass this dialogue option).
  14. yes. it is as hard as writing a novel and that was the case in ps:t. forget about editing of the text for now, just writing a coherent piece is very hard. sure one can put a price on it in terms of man hours but it takes passion, dedication and authorship skills. relentless text made ps:T so special and still is to this day.
  15. No. Tablet, smartphone, toaster etc. ports should come after the game is released.
  16. i disagree. may be cheap in terms of $ but definitely not cheap in terms of time and creativity (brainpower)
  17. honestly i doubt that many of us will have motivation to play after the end of the story. it should be like in ps:t...i.e. remember before diving into fortress of regrets you could visit previous locations and there were interesting stuff (adahn, mercykillers in the bar talking about vhailor, coaxmetal giving you the torment blade etc.)
  18. this quote from the KS page got me a bit worried: ok, i understand that it's a nice sales pitch but you can't win 'em all with limited budget and time. wouldn't we rather have epic writing and compromising on combat, graphics and many levels? and by epic writing i mean...remember the sensory stones and raven dialogues from ps:t? that's what i mean
  19. we have to wait and see if we really caused any change in the game industry. i mean, let's see how the major KS games (wasteland 2, dfa, shadowrun, project eternity and some others i cant remember now) do when they come out. "the revolution will not be televisedadvertized" (i hope it will, actually )
  20. you've brought up good points. especially #4. we know for sure that there will be a mac os port so that means they have to use openGL. this was actually the "hardest" decision part anyways. as d3d does not work anywhere but windows. after this point a linux port is less painful. "just" need to "adjust" it to use libraries that linux has (this is not some library chaos as many people think because of many distros). also #7 is a good point regarding backwards compatibility. linux (the kernel) is always backwards compatible (i.e. older libs will run, too). people running win7 cannot even run
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