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  1. also if we have speaking items they should taunt too! (floating text)
  2. another thing: today, if i physically buy a game i buy it for its box art and it being a "box"! (not a cheapo plastic DVD case) otherwise i can just buy an online copy. i am now looking at my diablo iii collector's edition box and...damn, i can eat caviar out of it.
  3. Work under restrictions from licensing and publisher: Create your own fantasy world from scratch without any licensing restrictions or publisher intereference: Dull looking fighter type: Feminism-approved female fighter: >> People complaining that they ain't realistic enough. -wholeheartedly agreed. too much realism is not good for health and crpg -also i fear that we might get some generic D&D characters despite not being licensed D&D
  4. i also think the 1+1 games idea might be good sales pitch somehow but might fail at the end.
  5. they should have announced it later (after project: eternity is finished). i mean they will get little pledges from PE backers (if none at all). PE did this right. they waited after wasteland 2 kickstarter to finish. they are also way too vague about their game(s).
  6. put the both "school of thoughts" in the game. realistic armour and boob armour. win-win also, no boob armour?! that's plain blasphemy!
  7. my $0,02: is this even a question? of course big ass cardboard boxes. $65 tier already seems appropriate (plus $15 shipping fee for us unfortunate souls overseas). no need for a stretch goal. wasteland 2 had a $50 tier for a large cardboard box and it got a lot of love from the backers (incl. me ).
  8. just use combat taunts like in fallout/wasteland. they're much better than "finishing moves". way way cheaper. too!
  9. of course. i mean they can't use the word blood sausageā„¢ even if they wanted to how 'bout this taunt: sh*t like this...and change the planescape cant with the eternity's.
  10. no need to complicate the game. this is not a "tycoon" game. so, NO to all points. i came from slaughtering a dungeon and am full of loot and i want to sell it to the nearest vendor i could find. but, wtf? he only barters?! i go to another one and he pays me in a different currency? puh-lease
  11. NO to asian market "courtship"s. don't your lastschrift/bankeinzug cards have visa and mastercard capability as well? (in denmark there are direct-debit cards (not credit card!) but 99% of them come with mastercard/visa capability)
  12. i am not sure about that. what inXile does right now is just keeping the fixed amount ($20) preorders via paypal.
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