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  1. As mentioned in the opening post, I understand that if the game is tuned around friendly fire, that turning it off would affect game balance. I said that would be acceptable for me. But is the objection that others wouldn't be as informed and so could unintentionally make the game "worse" by choosing to turn it off? If so, then this just a presentation issue, correct? If it were clearly labeled that the game was designed with friendly fire in mind, or a hidden option, as Luckmann suggested, then would that be a problem? I don't really mind how it's implemented just as long as you d
  2. It's great that you like friendly fire, but there are people that don't. Why not let everyone get what they want? This is one of my problems as well. You cast a FF spell thinking that your allies are safe and that it hits a lot of enemies, but by the time it goes off, the enemies have moved out of range and your companions have moved into range.
  3. I would like to suggest that a friendly fire toggle be added to the game. Currently combat isn't enjoyable for me, but I think a toggle would help improve things. Now there are some of you who are leery about adding a toggle. The main concern being balancing issues. You don't want the game balanced around the assumption that there is no friendly fire. I agree. The encounters in the game should be tuned for friendly fire. That's probably what the majority wants. Yes, combat would be unbalanced with the toggle on, but that's acceptable to me. What I wouldn't like though is friendly fire
  4. Yes, I know, way, way too early to talk about. But let's do it anyway. My laptop has an Intel HD 4000 Graphics card (Integrated Card? Boo. Hiss.) What are the chances of me being able to play this game?
  5. Regardless of the system, a magic user should always be able to use magic. They should never have to resort to crossbows or darts or anything like that.
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