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  1. You know that P:K has a "slow mode", right? You use the "v" button for it... It has a slow mod, but Pathfinder's whole combat system was supposed to be played as turn based, all the classes, feats and such are designed around the idea of turn based combat. No matter how slow you make it, it won't change that. Deadfire on the other hand, is designed for a computer, as a real time game with pause.
  2. Pathfinder Kingmaker could really use a tunr based mod, Deadfire, with its ultra slow mode, not so much. But it's great to have one, I'd definately try it out if they put it in.
  3. No romance is not a good thing, but also not a bad thing. It just depends on whether the devs want to do it or not.
  4. The combat isn't really impressive here but they only show the basic in the video. Only using a pistol and barely any skills used. One thing I can say needs improving is the pistoal shooting animation. It looks like you have only one hand because you never use the other when shooting.
  5. A option to go to third person mode when out of combat is good enough for me.
  6. Only one question left before I pre-order it: will there be a character creation system?
  7. Also since Deadfire is nominated by TGA as Best RPG, it would be glorious they win and annouce a new game at the same time.
  8. I hope it's a single player rpg with a character creation. If it is I'll pre-order it with a season pass.
  9. The other nominees include Monster Hunter World(weird choice, should be in the action adventure section),DQ 11, Ni no Kuni 2 and Octopath Traveler. I don't think it will win, but getting nominated is pretty great.
  10. am not certain what difficulty you are playing, but it is a good idea. crpg, particular with reload, is a whole different animal than pnp. a living dm may adjust difficulty as needed. a living dm is gonna play the boss battle smarter than computer ai. etc. if kingmaker encounters were same as pnp, there would be widespread complaints o' game ease. does owlcat need adjust the difficulty o' a few encounters? yes. definitely. even so, am thinking compare to pnp stats is not a valid comparison. when happs bydon attacks the trading post at start o' the game, he should have a group o' three bandits with him and he has a mere 11hp. using pnp stats, the first post tutorial noteworthy encounter would be over before the player even had a chance to draw weapons as the four bandits would likely be dead with the initial alchemist fire blast. ain't fair to compare to pnp. HA! Good Fun! Yes, DM is gonna player the game smarter than AI, that's why you need to adjust the difficult accordingly when it comes to PC. But simply giving every enemy bigger numbers is just lazy and probably the most boring way to do it. Bandits with 30+AC at level 5 or 6 sure make the encounter harder, but not in a challenging way. Give them new abilities, have more different kind of enemies, not some bandits whose only trick is auto attack and only hard because the devs give them 10 extra AC and AB. Also the game has tons of difficult settings, you can even make enemy only does 20% of the damage, but none of them allow you to set the stats back to normal. Even on easiest difficulty the enemy still has huge boosts comparing to their pnp counter parts.
  11. Also the no hunting in dungeon so you can't rest unless you bring rations with you(which is heavy as hell) is god awful design as well. All it did was making me walking all the way from the front door of the boss, to the entrance of the dungeon, rest and walks back to fight the boss. It's like 10 minutes of the characters slowly walking around, while me playing with my cell phone. Seriously, I like this game, it has huge potential, but some of the design choices are killing my mood.
  12. Just finished chapter 2 and I have to say the stats in this game is load of rubbish, The boss of chapter 2 in pnp only deals 2d6+9 damage, with a +16 to hit,CR 8. The boss here does 2d6+25(or more, cant remember the exact number) damage, with a +27 to hit, and has a 31 ac kobolds helping him. Even on story mode he can destroy your 32AC tank in three rounds. Who thinks this kind of stats bloating is a good idea for a game based on pathfinder system?
  13. I'd prefer a NG+ system where you get to start the game at level 20 and out of Port Maje right away.
  14. So, what if somebody finish the game on Expert, Trial of Iron, and Path of the Damned modes while not taking any new companions and without wearing any armor, boots, gloves, helmets, or accessories in combat. Do they get another achievement?
  15. I find it interesting that from what he says when we first goes into his realm, Rymrgand already knows what Eothas's gonna do while the other gods has no clue. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that he lend the power to bring Eothas back so he could destroy the wheel in the first place.
  16. Either you found a way to harvest thousands of souls and absorb all their power(you should be able to try it at the end of PoE 1),or you persuade Eothas gives you all his power. None of it seems possible in Deadfire though.
  17. I feel like this game was supposed to play like Elder Scroll or Fallout series. You get a major story, but stopped doing that the moment you get the chance to travel freely.
  18. Whether you like a companion or not is a very subjective thing. To lots of people, saying the companion bland is just another way of saying "I don't like these companions/this game."
  19. Nekataka alone has more content than the two cities in PoE 1 combined; and Deadfire also has more smaller areas comparing to poE 1. The main quest is much shorter other other hand. So I'd say deadfire has more content than the base PoE 1, but not that much, definitely not as much as the latest version of PoE 1, with a expansion and several other quests added.
  20. Online survival and basement building sounds like the worst direction for a fallout game. I doubt any of the current fanbase will embrace this. Fallout didn't become popular because of "survival and basement building", and slap online on it only make the whole idea sounds even worse. I don't really understand their motivation here. Fallout 4 sells extremely well and word of mouth isn't really that bad,all they have to do is making a New Vegas style spin-offs with a little tweak,it will be guaranteed financial success. Yet they decide to tap into a genre with billions of other competitors and facing inevitable coming fan backlash for what reason again?
  21. I'm not sure about this but I feel like Pallegina's personality drastically changes between the first game and the second. She becomes way more aggressive when it comes to faith and gods, and support everything Vaillian related to a level of blindness. In the first game she questions the Duke's order, and can disobey the order even when watcher just told her "do what she want". I feel like in PoE 1, Pallegina's attitude towrads the Vaillian was more like Maia," I support my home country, I'll do what it takes to benefit it but that doesn't mean I like everything they did, and I should try to change the country to be better." Also I was hoping to see a Kind Wayfarer Pallegina and I was very disappointed.
  22. I like Heroes of Might and Magic 3 best, simply because it's much faster to finish a turn, without 20 seconds loading time. 4 on the other hand, I'd say it has tons of potential and fresh ideas, but in the end they never pushed it far enough and decide to go full Might and Magic 3 in Heroes of Might and Magic 5.
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