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  1. I think creating your own teammates works better with the kind of dialogue system in DoS 2, where they only describe what you say in general, but not the specific sentence you say; and you can choose one of your teammates to start a certain conversation and NPC will react differently based on which one you choose. Combine that with DoS 1's personality system, you can very likely play a whole team of newly created characters who can actually interact with each other to a new level. I hope they could do something like this in the sequel.
  2. They should let you write a small paragraph to describe you character, and any character you create for you team, like in XCOM 2. It won't have any influence on the game play but it will helping a lot for players who like to create a team of their own adventurers.
  3. i don't know, on one hand voice everything will be very expensive and kind unnecessary, on the other hand it will prevent one of the problems I have in PoE 1, aka 'if this NPC didn't talk with a voice he/she is probably not important". My expectation is they will have every companion fully voiced and maybe most of the major NPCs, and that's it.
  4. Delaying your game will be considered a bad sign by lots of people. Just look at Bioware, they delayed Anthem and everyone is screaming "the game is going to be ****" instead of "good, they have more time to polish the game". OBS is kind lucky because their fan base generally has more confidence in them comparing to other companies, so no huge negative buzz will be generated. But it's still a risky and unnecessary (probably useless as well) move if you want to get people hyped for the game.
  5. Another month to wait, kind painful, but I'm ok with that as long as they can achieve something with the extra time.
  6. For higher damage? I feel like what Josh trying to say is you don't wear light armor and complain about "not tank enough", because light armor wasn't suppose to be tanky. You get higher DPS but dies more quickly.
  7. You know there are languages that didn't use roman letters. Thus I always remember the Dyford village as the D(something)d village. But I think that's enough of this topic. One of the articles says that being attacked on the sea will cause your crew members be killed, so if I lost too many crew members during the fights, will there be a chance that there won't have any crew members left for me to recruit? Because as far as I can tell, all the crew members have their own name and portrait, it will be a little strange to find two different crew members sharing the same portrait (and one of them is already dead). Or maybe you will create them like you create a hireling?
  8. Funny that you say that because the companions you meet outside of the Dyrwood are typically the last companions you meet! What I mean is Dyrford, I have a hard time remembering all those names because English is not my first language.
  9. I imagine it would be like ME 2, you can make most of the important choices, but import a save will give you little more than that. For example if you use the DLC to choose the decisions in ME1, several minor NPCs will be dead no matter what you choose, but if you import a save, they will be alive and actually show up in the game. So I'd say import save is the better choice and actually worth an play through if you have time. But I'll start using the choosing section during my second or third play through, since I don't have 5 different saves to import.
  10. I say this because in my first play through of PoE1, I didn't get GM until I almost finished Act 2, and getting Sagani even later(somehow I didn't see her when I travel across that map). It was OK in PoE 1 because I don't really miss anything. But based on the relationship system they talked about, I imagine that companions will have more reaction to the main quest and each other. So if I get a companion after one third of the game, I'm missing part of the content. I don't need to get all the companions right away, but maybe not put them in a place like Dyrwood, where you normally won't go there until the half into the game.
  11. When choosing classes, my first character almost always is a heavy armour front line character, and from a more different race. so my first character in PoE 1 is a paladin godlike. But since I have lost that save, I'll have to go with my second character, a elf dual wielding barbarian.
  12. Player-sexual companions can co-exist with companion who has his/her own sexuality. For example in DA:I Ironbull is bi-sexual and Josephine is player-sexual. Sometimes the sexuality didn't really influence the character's story or personality, so it didn't really matter whether they are player-sexual or not. So I'm not against the idea of having one or two player-sexual companion in the game, as long as not all of the potential love interest is player-sexual. It opens up more options for different play through, which is always nice. Besides having romance in the game, but restrict it into only straight romance(or only gay but no lesbian,or vice verse) would become a PR problem, and having a player-sexual companion is one easy way to avoid that problem.
  13. Anybody think getting all the companion in the about the first third of the game sounds a little too late? That's likely around 15 to 20 hours into the game already.
  14. I always feel like they had the side kick as a test for some of the minor characters they think has potential, bud didn't really has enough source to fully develop them. If players like some of the sidekick, they might become full companion in the DLC or the sequel.
  15. I actually like the Pallegina and Eder portrait. But really hate the Xoti one, her portrait seems really out placed.
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