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  1. OK on my second play through I'm going to make Aloth a battle mage and be my main tank while Eder be a squish rogue.
  2. I leveled up very quickly on the first island, but much slower after I leave there. It took me 5 hours to get level 7.
  3. I don't know, yesterday I encounter two situation where I can use spyglass, and I use it in the first one but can't pick the option in the second.
  4. I trigger it at the Queen's Berth, near that Ethoas priest. My guess is you have to have a positive relationship with him and being near a dawn of fivestar NPC.
  5. What did you do with the souls? If she disobays the ducs orders but you choose to distribute the soul essense to strengthen the people of the Dyrwood (galawain's choice) the deal she negotiated ends up benifiting the republics in the long run and she recieves a pardon. So I assume either you did that or there is a bug where whatever you did was replaced with that outcome. She joined Kind Wayfarers in the ending. So not sure what happened, could be a bug since the save import at the moment is buggy as hell.
  6. I think that's called "being a Paladin." If she were any less than "too consumed" with the things she believes in, her belief probably wouldn't be strong enough to generate magical powhahs. I'm not sure if it's a bug or intended, but in my PoE 1 save she ended up banished, and in my playthrough the NPCs mentioned she was banished and her task in PoE 1 didn't work etc. But she still ended up working for the ducs and even have five sun as subclass(even the symbol is scratched from her armor). Also Xoti seems romanceable for my female Watcher, so is Maia. Although I haven't been able to find the food for her bird yet. The companion relationship system seems a little broken at the time, with the relationship points gain a little too fast. I recruit Maia, 10 min and two talks with NPCs later she has one positive relationship point with my wathcer and trigger a flirt conversation. Similar things happens with Pallegina, recruit her, talk to her once and Xoti suddenly has a breakdown and saying she has had enough with Pallegina constantly talking **** about her religion.
  7. There is a auto-level companion option you can turn off, I think it's under the difficulty level menu?
  8. Yes, the streamers has already have them in the game. I've heard all of the voice sets from the streaming already.
  9. this reminds me of the pre-release time of ME:A, where bunch of different sites shows conflict information regards romances and people are getting crazy because Bioware never confirm them.
  10. I'm going to make the talking sword falling love with my ship, and no one is going to stop me.
  11. Well I have to disagree though. I'm all for more portraits, but portraits are easy to add, but voice acting is not. So you want more portraits, just use mods, but for those who wants more voice acting they can't really use the mods to achieve that.
  12. It's not a movie, where the embargoes lifts at least several days before it hits the theatre.
  13. There are two female portraits that are almost the same, except the skin color.
  14. I find it quite a disappointment that Deadfire has roughly the same amounts of portraits comparing to PoE 1. Especially for the Aumaua, because even the portraits mods usually didn't include much choices for them.
  15. Also curious about it, guessing it was the same time as the game released.
  16. Have to wait until Wednesday since the game releases 1am here. Curse you time zone.
  17. Isn't that the whole purpose of non-competes clause in the first place? To prevent people from working for the companies' direct competitors? Is Chris tries to hint that the clause will last forever if he signed it? Because I strongly feel like he is trying to make people believe that without actually saying it out loud because that's not the offer he gets.
  18. Does anyone know at what point he shows the map? I watched very little of his videos, just enough to check the graphics and a little bit of the boat. But I would like to see the map. He spends quite a lot of time just wandering around and check whatever he finds on the way. So if you are more focused on the story, you probably won't explore as much places as him in your first 15 hours. Also he made only a little progress on the major quest line, and didn't met all the companions yet, let alone recruit them.
  19. Which CPU and how much RAM do you have? i5-600U @ 2.30GHz 2.40GHz;12G RAM I'm guessing you mean 6200u or 6300u? In which case you should probably be able to get stable FPS on Medium. Do you have D: OS2? If you can run that game, like at all, you're good to go for Deadfire lol. 6200U, missed a number there. I can play DoS2 just fine, except that one battle in Act 2, where it basically becomes a power-point for me.
  20. Which CPU and how much RAM do you have? i5-600U @ 2.30GHz 2.40GHz;12G RAM
  21. Get a 940m on my laptop, should be ok to play, just hope I don't need to tone done the grappic too much.
  22. They definitely encourage Empower usage. Whether or not that equates to “lacking” remains to be seen. From what I remember from the stream, most of the classes has the exact same high level passives, that's why I say lacking here.
  23. I think they will add more high level abilities in the DLCs, right now several classes didn't really have that much choices on Lv 8 and Lv 9. And the high level passives are really lacking here.
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