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  1. From what I see during the streaming, they changed Pallegina's portrait a little bit, her jaw was not as out placed as before now. I can't get a good enough picture since they don't really show the portrait at close range.
  2. Thanks! No, I am good but I was wondering why you would even make a compilation like that when you can just have the individual files without the need of assembling or cropping. It does not make any sense to me at all. But you do you! Speaking of portraits: do you guys think that the first two portraits revealed here are of Ashley and Matthew: http://versusevil.com/games/pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire_c-r/ ? That's not Matthew's character(his character is the one on the right side of the banner) though, that's the character played by Liam O'brian(voice of Serfan).
  3. The problem of big meaty expansion is that it just can't make enough money, they lost money for making WM. I mean as a consumer I'd like developer to give me 200 hours of interesting game play and well written story with a 10 dollar price and free content every week. If they do that they will be broke before I can even praise them for being generous. So if smaller DLC means they can make money and keep making games like Deadfire, then fine I'll go with the no expansion any day.
  4. Sounds like no new companions in the DLC. Well let's hope there is more sidekicks, or maybe they give sidekicks some personal quests to make them on par with the companions from PoE 1.
  5. Anyone has any idea what the "something is incoming today" is?Thanks to the time zone I have no idea what time period is considered "today" in America, so how long is 'today' left again?
  6. Concur. I strongly doubt there will be a preload. This isn't an mmo, or even an online game at all. Since there is no "competition" involved, there is no real benefit to preloading. Just enjoy a good nights sleep and download it in the morning. Thinking about it, I also wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't release until noon or something similar on the day of. Lots of single player game allows you to preload already. It's not a bad feature, I'd like them to provide the option.
  7. It allows you to change the appearance of your equipment without changing the stats it provides. Basically it allows you to wear the most powerful weapon and armour and looking like whatever you want at the same time.
  8. Nice! Though I notice it's a big lower lip again. They seem to have a thing for that. Aren't they based on those actors faces? I think that first custom portrait is based on this actress who has natural big lower lip: That critical role portrait is Pike, a gnome cleric played by Ashley Johnson,I don't really recall she has a big lower lip though,
  9. Because: Based on Bioware's data, only 31% of people play as female Shepard. (Is 31% considered infinitesimal where you're from? That's over a quarter of players.) But yeah, for the VO argument, we don't know the hows and whys of the budget - so people saying "Full VO = no fishing" isn't a concrete argument. (Saying "Full VO is not my preference" is fine as it's not my preference ) Because it's a feature only a minority part of players use, but Bioware still develop it. Let's face it, if they just make Shepard a pre-made character with the default male face, the game would still be praised, lots of people don't care whether they can play as a female or not, but that didn't mean the character creation is pointless. My point is developers spend their resources on tons of different things and almost all of them only appeals to certain part of the players instead of all of them. There is no point to say "spending on this is pointless, it didn't add anything to the game." because it adds a lot to the game to some people out there. Especially when we know nothing about the game is good or not, complain right now seems really unnecessary.
  10. When it comes to RPG, there are things that are considered creative decision,and there are things considered standard. Pre-made protagonist or character creation is a creative choice, but fully voiced dialogues has more or less becoming a standard. When it becomes a standard, having it won't become an advantage, but not having it would be considered a huge disadvantage. It's the same with things like auto-save. Sure you can argue that fully voiced npc takes away something from the game, but the same can be said about pretty much anything: graphics with more details limits your imagination as well, and budget spend on graphics can also be spent on something else; and why make 10 different classes with only several abilities for each, instead of making 5 classes with more skills and passives? Based on Bioware's data, only 31% of people play as female Shepard, so why bother having a female Shepard in the first place? Why not spend all those money on gameplay and story? In the end all those things boils down to personal preference, you can't judge the decision as "bad" when the game wasn't even out yet. And even the game did ended up bad, I really doubt fully voiced dialogue is the major reason for it. I feel like people are overestimating the budget for fully voiced dialogue to strength their argument.
  11. Battlemage is the name for fighter/wizard multiclass. Come to think of it, in Deadfire you can make Eder a squishy rogue while make Aloth a tanky fighter/wizard, it's quite a role reverse.
  12. Well, he has spoken about that before so it's really no news. He's said there will be gay romances for both male and females as well as straight romances. I think he only states that there will be companions attracted to the same sex before. This time he says "Yes. There are female companions who will respond favorably toward romance from a female Watcher.", which indicates that there will be at least two out of the female companions will be available for the female watcher to romance.
  13. I think they said the companions have their own sub-class based on their background, you can't choose for them.
  14. White March's story will have relvance in the Deadfire(which is expected).Wonder how that will play out though, since lots of people didn't really finish white march. I doubt they get to choose what happens in the DLC separately if they import a save without finishing the DLC but only the main game. Also Josh confirmed lesbian romance being in the game, kind strange, since they have been keeping things vague on the romance topic.
  15. During the steaming, the player talks to a spirit, and it has a text wall of description with several short dialogues like "murder!" in it, and it's not voiced. So I'd say whether they voiced all those repeated dialogues just flows on the screen is not clear yet. Also partially voiced never works for me since you choose what dialogue option you choose, unless you only voice the first sentence and nothing else, you'll ended up having a dialogue where one sentence is voiced, the next don't, then the NPC suddenly starts to talk again. It's feels way to strange.
  16. This multi class thing is killing me, I have a hard time to choose a class in the first game, now the choices has becomes five times more and I probably need a dice to roll for what class I should use.
  17. PoE has the potential to have a MP mode, but so does almost every other RPG that have different class and builds. Technically DnD is a multiplayer game, so it's not really surprising here. But potential means nothing if they can't pull it off. And I don't think Obsidian can make a MP mode without serious comprising the single player experience, their budget simply can't afford it.
  18. You can play the game with German text(and any other localisation for that matter) and English voice, what are you talking about?
  19. It bothers me a little that all the offical fire god-like portraits in the first game didn't really match the deadfire fire god-like model. The portraits mostly has human skins, while the model looks like metal on fire,
  20. I can tell English accent from American Accent, and Southern American accent, maybe Australian if the accent is really thick(which sucks for me because I lived in Australia for several years). On the other hand I can't even tell 70% of my native language's accents, so I guess I'm just awful at this.
  21. I can imagine the RPGCodex forums are already screeching "SACRILEGE!!!!11". They have been doing that for days already, no need to "imagine" it.
  22. Different people has different priorities when it comes to RPG games. Some people think spending resource on fully VO is a waste, others think adding romance is a waste and there are others believe balancing the combat is waste. So in the end it doesn't really matter what they do, people will complain, a lot. Like I mentioned above, fully voiced is clearly not their plan at the very beginning,the stretch goal was "double the VO". So how is it possible for them to cut the content because something they didn't plan to do back when they write the game? We don't know how they plan the budget, but there will be a budget for voice acting, whether they increase it to make the game fully voiced is unknown to all of us. However since the voice acting is done at the very end of the production, they can't really use these budget to do something will make a big difference to the game, hire an extra writer to write 5 new characters when the game is one month away from releasing? That would be crazy. Also I think their partnership with CR is the reason they are able to go fully VO, it must saved them quite a lot of money on the voice actor part.
  23. I imagine their partnership with CR help them a lot in this area. They probably get a much better price comparing to hire voice actors alone. Also I don't think they reduced the dialogue to achieve this, fully voiced is clearly not their plan from the very beginning, so when they write the dialogue, they did't have thoughts like "Oh crap, too much dialogue and we can't afford to voice all of them".
  24. I'm calling it, the main story is to find 7 secret ships to summon a Adra dragon, and control it to fight the huge statue Ethoas possessed. And that's the reason why we have to have 7 companions because each of them will control a ship during the final battle.
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