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  1. If we go by the real world standard, men will have extra bonus on both strength and dexterity, and there is no proof that female should have a higher max intelligence or perception or resolve. So in the end female just becomes a worse choice when creating a character. There is a reason patriarchy exists in the history, and we are leaving that era behind, there is no reason to reflect that in a fantasy world setting.
  2. Even codex won't talking about "too many females were in positions they weren't suppose to be in".
  3. What's so hard to believe that men and women are physically the same despite looking different in a world where you can summon a big ass dragon out of no where just by singing songs? Real world physics rules was never important in any fantasy world, otherwise it won't be called fantasy.
  4. Also I don't think new voiced conversation is out of the window yet. They have to record new voice lines for the DLC anyway, so adding several dialogues during the recording session is very possible.
  5. Well you can get a lv 20 Pallegina if you recruit her at level 20. It's just a gameplay mechanics, don't think too hard about it.
  6. The best option would be new voiced dialogue, but having more dialogue is better than no dialogue at all, whether voiced or not.
  7. Here it comes again, people demanding men to be superior to women in a fantasy world because "the real world use to be like this " etc. "If this fantasy world overcame this, how did it do so? And no, it's not ok to be unrealistic here, because they're pitching for a mature, 'serious' tone everywhere else, so they are striving for realism." You know there is no proof that in Eora men are physically stronger comparing to women, so does tons of other fantasy world. If my memory serves me right, Balder's Gate's character creation screen right out says that in the forgotten realm, women can do anything just as good as men, or something like this. They never overcome this, because there is nothing to overcome. Fantasy world is based on reality, they are not reality. Why does people shooting fireball out of their hand is OK, but males and females are physically equal is not?
  8. There is no proof that in Eora males are physically superior comparing to females. Same goes with most of the DnD setting. Fantasy world is based on reality, they are not reality. By your logic they should not even let you create a female Watcher in the first place.
  9. People tend to forget that you can interpret a story in different ways, and how you see it was based on your view, not the writer's. Let's take an example: Barbara Gordon, who gets shot by Joker and has to retire being Batgirl, and becoming Oracle. You can see it as "Women in Refrigerators", where horrible things happen to female character just to push the male character's arc forward; or you can see it as a strong willed woman who overcomes all the awful things life throw at her and still being a hero, even she can't even stand up. And that's the problem lots of people have, they have their own "agenda", so whatever the games shows them, they always interpret it as what they want to believe. Why is purposely making women not good looking while making male characters looking very handsome is "hating men".
  10. So Wael is just a bunch of eyes stitching together, Ondra is a fish with ****,Rymrgand is a rotting bull,yet somehow Skaen is the ugliest one? Also I found it really funny that whatever the devs do, it's always "they hate men". Making female not so good looking,"they hate men"; Making male not so good looking,"they hate men". Just look at ME:A, I always thought that games proves the devs really hate female players, the female protagonist's model is worse than the male one, female has less romance options and the romance cut scene is also worse, yet somehow the internet believes that Bioware is men-hating sjws.
  11. on my second play through I basically ditched Eder and Aloth (besides their personal quest)since their personal quest didn't really relate to any faction. I only keep Xoti because I want to see her romance with Maia and I need a priest in the team. It's generally more fun to bring faction related companions with you because they trigger more dialogues everywhere.
  12. Finished Modwyr's quest again, this time giving her back to her former owner. Hearing her saying thank you is pretty touching to me. But damn it why can't I just invite that lady to live on my ship so they can be together and I don't have to lose the sword. Just let her be a sidekick. Come to think of it, there is a bunch of times I was thinking "hey why don't you just come to live on my ship?", like that little kid in Queen's Berth who is watching the show. Or that family that want to leave Deadfire but don't have enough money. Also Maia talks to me three times about her relationship with Xoti, pretty sure it's bugged.
  13. I'd like to side with VTC, but that makes Maia leave and I really like Maia. RDC is awful but Rauatai doesn't seem that bad, considering they listen to Maia and change their ways.
  14. 1 and 4 is possible, can't really say about 2 or 3 because I haven't tried them yet.
  15. I think I still hear her voice after meeting with her former owner, but much less comparing to before. Also it bothers me that her attitude stays the same no matter you finished her quest or not, except in that conversation after the quest. She should be more kind to the watcher if you keep her around. Also why can't I invite that woman to be my crew member! I want to keep the them together without losing the sword!
  16. Maia's personal quest reminds of Anders from DA 2. Except she actually tells you about being an assassin after finish her mission and make it very clear that she hates it, and tries to change things during the ending slides. While Anders just goes with the "I'm sorry but there is no other way." bull****.
  17. They're bisexual. Or at least Tekehu, Maia, Xoti and Serafen are all bisexual - don't know if Aloth ever expresses any interest in anyone other than the Watcher, so he could be playersexual. But everyone else is is explicitly attracted to both men and women and can mention this during the course of the game regardless of whether or not the Watcher romances them. I mean, I don't think making playersexual character is a sign of moral decline anyway, but that's not really what they did. Most of them would literally go after anything. It doesn't matter if you are the most hideous death godlike they'll ever know, because the only thing that matters to them is that you are the Watcher. It's just the laziest, cheapest way to introduce "romance" in a game and I honestly think that it would be better without this. Maybe, probably due to bugs in the relationship system or I don't know, these romances develop way too fast right now. I would prefer a game without these makeshift romances and more "true friendship forged in adversity". “Most of them would literally go after anything. It doesn't matter if you are the most hideous death godlike they'll ever know, because the only thing that matters to them is that you are the Watcher. ” Every game with a character creation system is the same in this regard. You can make your character looks as ugly as possible and no one will batch an eye.
  18. Only the new companions. And they're not bisexual, they're playersexual. Which is way worse. Xoti shows no interest at all in women unless it's a female watcher that's coming on to her. That's not true, she flirts with Maia and could ended up together with her. In this game all the romanceable companions are bisexual instead of player sexual, they all present interest to both sex when it comes to characters other than the Watcher. I don't necessarily like the choice, if you ask me Maia should be a lesbian(she even says she prefer woman than man, but man will do if they think with the right head) and Aloth should be a straight.
  19. Xoti can ended up with Maia if you didn't romance any of them. Not sure about Xoti and Eder, in my ending they just become really good friends, which is kind wired because Xoti becomes a murdering psychopath later.
  20. not if you join the pirate . didn't lose anyone . If you side with the Valliante , Maia will leave . Don't know about the rest . And I was romancing her too! she still wanted to leave . Side with the queen and she leaves as well. Have a conversation but not being able to convince her to stay, maybe choose the wrong dialogue.
  21. So unless you go alone, otherwise you will lose at least 2 companions no matter which faction you choose?
  22. It's the same with Skyrim or Fallout 4, you can travel around in your ship the moment you leave the first island, and the main story is completely optional from that point. Personally I have 0 problem with this, the gods want you to pursue Ethoas, whether the watcher want to do it or not is competely up to you. In PoE 1 you will become crazy if you don't find Thaos soon enough, but this time you yourself won't be dead or anything if you just running around being a pirate.
  23. The relationship system is bugged, like I imagined, they confirmed it in a post on reddit.. That's why Maia and Tekehu's romance conversation triggers so fast. And probably why Xoti and Pallegina will start arguing with each other when you just recruited her 5 minutes ago. No idea whether it will be fixed or not in the upcoming patch.
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