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  1. All things considered... I have the sticky suspicion that you may have a fair point here.
  2. Quick question: If you don't have Berath's Challenge on and you withdraw, will combat end? Because I am trying this with Electric Dyslexic(my Berath's Challenge is on), and it's quite doable, it's just that the whole thing is too much of a bullet sponge with its divides. I managed to grind 75% away, but then I run out of everything. If Widraw allows me to end combat and replenish, it won't be a problem at all. Bronlar's Phalanx and Arcane Veil pretty much insure you don't get auto attack crits from it and you can summon Concelhaut on top for Enervating Aura.
  3. Story mode won't give you the neither the scaling nor the numbers of enemies you need to better grasp the idea. Not to mention that some traps that can one shot you won't be the same difficulty as on Story mode. Finishing first Pillars 'asap' to understand Ultimate is not a good idea. Your best bet in my opinion is to have a test non Trial of Iron build ready and doing everything several times, then hopping into your Ultimate toon and redoing it while it's fresh. I am soloing PoE with a Wizard right now and I have a few vids and can provide a few tips on that class, too.
  4. I think you do get achievements in story mode... but when have I played that. :| I ended up with 165 kills, but you need way less than that if you focus mostly on main story. I think you can beat the game with less than 20, but take that with a pinch of salt--it has been a while, after all. I focused on stealth only and apparently avoided most litographic sequances. Do rememeber that in first Pillars you don't die for having more than 3 injuries, so you can get a collection of those and then just rest every once in a while. Yeah, you can totally skip the White Marches.
  5. I mean, there's much better things to do in this game than ship combat. And ship combat at best becomes somewhat tedious, but it does net you cash and xp rather quickly... and easily... so if you were to ask me if I wanted it to change, I'd say there's other things they may well look into before that, and just leave ship combat as it is.
  6. Did you read that right? I mean... it all comes to taste really... but chanter by design is a rather passive class. Perhaps not my cup of tea.
  7. You have any new builds your working on? Hopefully something Melee If you check this thread --https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106376-which-are-the-two-least-optimal-or-tuned-up-multi-class-combinations/, that's what I'm playing at the moment, which is a far cry from what most people would pick. It is what I've come to enjoy in this game because it makes combat more deliberate and I need to mind my choices rather than play mostly robotically as with the 'top meta classes'(which is a ridiculous term in a single player game.) But if you're making a build, my advice is this--first think about how you can stack +5 on all stats, then think about how you will add Penetration and Action Speed, and after that think about defenses, immunities and resistances. Using these simple tips you can go far. Also, you can sink all the ships as soon as you leave Maje, which is a huge boost to xp and cash, and after that you can complete all the ground bounties. I know you don't do no rest runs, but that way you forego a number of things, most notably Nature's Resolve, which is a sick +10 accuracy bonus.
  8. Mate, I've been playing those ships over and over, and over again, and I know what I'm talking about. Get a sailor at every spot, level their ranks by sinking 3 to 4 merchant ships and visiting some spots on the map. With a rank 3 and above Navigator no ship will ever catch you. Not to mention that with two rank 4 gunners you will sink everything with beginning sloop.
  9. I haven't... noticed anything different. I think I've been running the game too much solo and always stack +5 on all stats, bonus Pen, Action Speed, Immunities, Resistances... I may have spoiled myself.
  10. It's no secret the company has weak leadership despite all the talent. It's also based in California. How's that prudent?
  11. If you flee, the enemy is quite far from you, you know. If they flee, on the other hand, they spawn right on top of you, so you can reengage. You must be doing something wrong to get the conclusion that sea battles are riggen in your disfavour.
  12. Pyrrhic victory=costly victory... considering the circumstances I think you can easily use that. ...Not that Sir Pratchett wasn't right.
  13. Ah, what the hell(!)... here's a whole video. For some reason film grain really doesn't look good on recordings. Must try without.
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