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  1. Always keep Scrolls of Protections and Defence ready to go. Petrification should always be at the back of your head, and you should always have means to deal with it.
  2. Maerwald is considerably easier if you use Bulwark against the Elements Potions and/or spells. Increasing reflex/fortitude defence is also very helpful. Here's a way you can grind a few guard at Raedric's for cash. I like doing that, because I like using scrolls. Essentially stacking Blind into spells that target Reflex most of the time.
  3. This will derail the topic from what should be discussed, but I will share my thoughts with you, regardless. Recovery, particularly in Deadfire, is no less an arbitrary abstraction than it is in the earlier Infinities. You may favour one over the other because of what you already described, but that was not what I was talking about to begin with. I am not arguing about that at all, actually. Some actions, like a needless closing of a spell book after a spell cast(essentially a stun effect on your mage), are there for nothing else than a balancing factor, one that was necessitated by the community-the opinion that casters are too strong, no less. You're given some control over Recovery, and because of that I believe people would end up favouring that system over the older one, but we do lose some very interesting spell effects that were balanced around the idea of 'one per round.' Also, and interestingly so, two handed attacks attacks were a lot more meaningful but balanced in similar fashion. I just don't see how one is less abstract/arbitrary than the other . Why not have no Recovery at all? It is a single player game after all. PS: random banter about PoE to appease the Moderator Gods.
  4. I can't know the dynamic of the encounter, but to me it seems that If you had to choose between Borrowed Instincts and Psychovampiric Shield, Borrowed Instincts clearly comes on top despite it's higher cost and Will reduction by 4 points less than the Shield. I also don't know what your Int situation is, since you want to be using Disintegration, but if not for that, I imagine you should be pretty stacked on it. There's one food that adds duration and Int, and in case your defenses are high you could forego the rest of the foods. I don't know if you're using Nature's Resolve, too. I also think Coral Sniff might be worth taking a look into. Speaking of Disintegration--it doesn't leave a body behind?
  5. BTW, on the point of your Cypher. Can't you use Kapana Taga(an excellent solo weapon, btw) to lower Will, followed by Borrowed Instincts and that together with the Cypher passive for another 10 Accuracy vs Will should give you enough to Crit. Speaking of which, a Cypher/Ghost Heart may actually have the tools necessary to complete this boss that way.
  6. Good to see this thing taking off . I don't think I'll be able to make another PoE/Deadfire run ever. I am playing solo wizard at the moment, but chances are after I am done with him that'll be it for me for the entire franchise. I can still post a vid or two, maybe it will give you an idea on how to manage a particular fight x).
  7. Well... I hope you're not taking any of this seriously, but you can do Gouging Strike unarmed. It is a bit ironic, though, in a way.
  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again, even if it were fully 2d without any voice acting, I'd still sit down and play this thing. To me Deadfire is a product of conflicting priorities. It has covered it's tracks well, but I can see the steps in the mud still.
  9. That really depends, though... Obsidian has shown itself to be badly managed at times--some of those cases being during Pillars and Deadfire development cycles. It has gone as deep as people not getting paid and once the money came in, them being spent elsewhere... It's a bit suspicious he mentions house costs. What has he seen during his time on Obs? Doesn't that raise your eyebrows a bit? Trash him for what he says all you want, but to me he comes across as hurt from the whole fiasco. Maybe they had an excellent team going on for a while, one with which they could really create something good, but then money stepped in and... whad'ya know?
  10. Well... yeah. I think you probably want to not rest that much if you lean towards marshals... but I really don't know how they play in solo. Scrolls are more robust in the first as opposed to bullet sponge equalizer in the second, but you'll still get a lot of clear speed out of pretty much any class if you utilize those. There's also some nice Spellbinds on top, albeit you'll have to rest more often if you decide to use those.
  11. The thing about that fight is that the enemies are also very easily dispatched.
  12. Oh yeah... that's right. I think Concelhaut is the only item summon that can be controlled in that matter. The oozes wander as well... so it's not that easy to split them, too, although you could use them to keep one of the oozes in place and run away while drawing the other?
  13. I think it's down to the individual person. Some people may have cheesed their Ultimate, but I actually trust that most of the people who post here didn't... unless we're talking about a crash or something.
  14. I haven't done any praying. The last two times I started a new game--that was after the 3.x patches, the blessing appeared... and I cannot really track it down to anything. Perhaps it's a bug x). Or maybe it's a good disposition with Onda or something.
  15. I was getting this: I don't exactly know how(I think it might be after the first scripted meeting with the gods), but it is a permanent +2 Con bonus. I've heard that you can get them to stack, albeit you have to rest several times to try and get the bonus to stack.
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